Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Phase 4 is LIVE!!

Party On Dudes!

The Telephone Booth is active once more (it’s not the Doctor’s sadly), and this one will take you on an Excellent Adventure with two Wyld Stallyns. It’s time to go on our final phase journey in Quahog’s Excellent Adventure!


You can find the overall event page HERE

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to have completed Pt. 8 of the Phase 2 main Questline Bogus Journeying
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.48.3  in order to see the event. (Live so far on iOS & Google, the others take about 24hrs+ to update… iOS may need to search for it on main App Page)
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.


***The Buildings for this Phase can be found for in the Future Playspace – you’ll find full details below***


***The Decoration for this Phase can be found for in the Future Playspace – you’ll find full details below***


After starting the New Phase, a Clam Offer did appear in my game.

Fusion For Thought
Joe Starts

Buy $9.99USD or More Worth of Clams, get 6 Fusion Fuel for Free!


You will find the option to buy Future Time Capsules with Mayan Time Capsules in your Shopping Cart, the costs are as follows:

10 Future Time Capsules: Cost 40 Mayan Time Capsules
30 Future Time Capsules: Cost 100 Mayan Time Capsules


There are no timed characters in this final phase so star working on them straight away.

Jetpack Joe: New character costume for Joe, you’ll find this in Al Harrington’s – can clear Jetpack Kids & has a 10hr task to drop Fusion Fuel
20 Unitard (Common)Joe Pack For Travel OR Bruce Update His Style
16 Jetpack Remote (Always): Stewie OR Jetpack Joe clear Jetpack Kids
18 Goggles (Uncommon): Seamus Clean Up OR Future Clam
9 Battery Pack  (Uncommon): Chris Recharge His Batteries OR Jetpack Park

Rufus: Will appear to unlock once you repair the Future Clam – do this as quickly as possibly as the event ends on 14th June.  
22 Trench Coats (Always): Use Fusion Fuel To Fix Time Rifts
14 80’s Sunglasses (Common): Meg Follow Future Trends OR 3D Printing Shop
15 Guitar (Common): Dr Hartman Operate A Guitar OR Fountain of Youth Cryogenics Lab
18 Phone Headsets (Common): Tricia Demo Future Gadgets OR Tehuantl Cat Call OR Weapons Museum
14 VIP Pass (Uncommon): Mort Get VIP treatment OR Cleveland Explore Future Council Perks OR Wyld Stallyns Concert Hall

Future Council Cleveland: Main prize in the Blast From The Past Mystery Box, see details below. Drops Future Time Capsules


This Mystery Box will contain several 1 new Characters Costume and as well as materials. Keep in mind all Mystery Boxes are OPTIONAL. It is up to YOU to decide if it is worth the gamble of your precious Clams to take a risk each spin to earn the items inside.

Here is what you can take a chance on for the cost of 130 Clams a try…

Future Council Cleveland
28 Jetpacks
8 Future Time Capsules
9 Tea Bags
5 Tea Crates
28 Plague Rats
8 Plague Wines
28 Feathers
9 Mayan Headdresses
135 Clams


You will trigger them and learn about them once you reach Be Excellent To Each Other Part 1, You will find them in the Future Playspace and you will need to use Character tasks to clear them.

Tap on one wandering around to bring up the Payout and Character used info, and tap on GO to be taken to Character. Or… just pull up the Task on the Character themselves. Please note you must pull Stewie from Tan Lines or the Inventory to use him.

Characters Used:
Jetpack Joe

Task Time: 3hrs

Chance Payout:
+5 Jetpacks (Always)
+1 Jetpack Remote (Always)

Spawn: A few times a day up to a MAX of 8 at a time on your game play screen


You will trigger them and learn about them once you reach Be Excellent To Each Other Pt. 4. You will find the mini game in the Future PlaySpace. It looks like this.

Tap on the building to bring up the mini-game screen, you will see you need 4 Fusion Fuel to heal a Time Rift. Once you have these simply move the target to cover a Time Rift, or more than 1 if you can and fire.

Chance Payout: (per Time Ruft healed)
+1 Trench Coat (Always)
+ 1 Future Time Capsule (Always)

Fusion Fuel: Craft in Future General Store or Jetpack Joe Fly Whilst Intoxicated


In the lower right corner of your game screen, you will see 3 additional icons next to your shopping cart. The one in the middle being the Phone Booth. You will use this area to “travel” to places and acquire items to further help you along in the game.

As the game progresses, more locations will unlock for you to travel to. The first location you will see will be Colonial America, the 2nd is Renaissance, 3rd is Mayan and is the fourth is the new Future area.

To go to the Future Playspace, just select it from the Phone Booth Time Machine screen, the button will turn to a green “EXCELLENT”, tap on green button, you will now be taken to an alternate play area.

You will notice MANY hammers to “repair” places as you progress.

Future Locations: 

General Store (Craft Area): Here is where you can trade items, such as Jetpacks to use in the Future Playspace. It will take 3hrs to turn 2 Jetpacks into a Fusion Fuel. You can create up to 6 Fusion Fuels at a time. Each one will sit until the one before it is complete, then autostart creation. (Please note you can also still trade Tea Bags for Tea Crates, Plague Rats for Plague Wine and Feathers for Mayan Headdresses in this area).

Future Clam: Here is where you will find Rufus. He is NOT timed so  repair this building ASAP as this is a short final phase. Chance drop of 1x Goggles every 2 hours
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 4 Time Capsules

Jetpack Peter Statue: This will help drop the Future Time Capsules needed for other items in the Future Area, drops 5 Time Capsules every 10 hours
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 220 Clams

Jetpack Park: Chance drop 1x Battery every 7 hours
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 30 Time Capsules

Flying Car:
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 60 Time Capsules

Bill & Ted Statue:
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 50 Time Capsules

Wyld Stallyns Concert Hall: Chance drop 1x VIP Pass every 4 hours
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 80 Time Capsules

3D Printing Studio: Chance Drop 1x 80’s Sunglasses every 6 hours
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 75 Time Capsules

Phone Booth Crash Site: This will be in the Center of the Future Area. You will most likely see Characters on tasks at this location, $10 & 10xp every 24hrs

Fun train Of Youth Cryogenic Lab: Chance drop 1x Guitar every 8 hours
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 120 Time Capsules

Weapons Museum: Chance Drop x1 Phone Headset every 5 hours
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 100 Time Capsules

RETURN TO QUAHOG: Just tap on the Phone Booth Icon in the lower right corner of the game screen. You will see option for QUAHOG appear in the Phone Booth Time Machine Screen. Select it, then the green EXCELLENT button.


Think of this as a “CHECK LIST” of items you will unlock, tasks you will perform, or things you will need to do to help earn Future Time Capsules and other items for the Event.

You can get to the current Achievements Check List Screen by tapping on the Time Capsule Icon in the lower right corner of the game screen and Week 4 Tasks will appear – please note it’s also  worth completing Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 tasks as you can trade Time Capsules in the store.

Once you complete an Achievement, just tap on “CLAIM” button next to it to gain your reward.

To go quickly to location of Achievement you need to complete, tap on the “GO” icon next to it.

Here is the list of what I currently see in my game for this Phase Achievement Check List (as you clear one or progress through Main Questline, another will appear until at least 60 show up and are completed)…

Remixing Time Pt.1
Clear 1 Mayan Tropical Bird
Reward: 1 Time Capsule

Cool Their Jets Pt. 1
Clear 1 Jetpack Kids
Reward: 4 Time Capsules

Cool Their Jets Pt. 2
Clear 2 Jetpack Kids
Reward: 6 Time Capsules

Adventures In Nuclear Fusion Pt. 1
Collect 3 Fusion Furl From the General Store
Reward: 6 Time Capsules

The Future Is Now Pt. 1
Have Joe Pack For Time Travel 
Reward: 4 Time Capsules

The Future Is Now Pt. 2
Have Bruce Update His Style
Reward: 3 Time Capsules

Be Excellent To Each Other Pt.1
Complete Part 2
Reward: 6 Time Capsules

Be Excellent To Each Other Pt.2
Complete Part 3
Reward: 8 Time Capsules

Forging The Future Pt. 1
Unlock Future Clam
Reward: 5 Time Capsules

Forging The Future Pt. 2
Unlock Jetpack Park
Reward: 5 Time Capsules

WEEKLY PRIZE: If you complete all the Achievement Tasks, you can also unlock a Weekly Prize. This weeks prize is the Van Decoration.

There you have the overall basics to get you through the final Phase of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

78 responses to “Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Phase 4 is LIVE!!

  1. For those who get really close to finishing Rufus but will still need a few more I just wanted to point something out. Right now I only need 3 more trench coats which are listed as 28 clams each. However, right now to finish with clams by clicking the lock its only 30. So make sure you check where you’re at via the lock cuz it may not be as ridiculous to clam finish as you may think if you run out of time (:


  2. After playing the game for two years on an iPhone 6 without incident, this latest event has caused me no end of problems. Game freezes if I have more than two characters walking around without tasks at the same time. Deleted and re-installed game, but this didn’t fix anything. I’m not even halfway through phase 3, and all I’m trying to do at this point is make sure I log in every day for the Estate Fountain clams. Don’t know if it’s local to this event or if my game suddenly isn’t going to work anymore, but I’ve given up on this event regardless.


    • RussianTigger

      I think it’s in part the event, and a clash with IOS somewhere, as its U.S. IOS players that seem be having the most issues this time round.


      • I have iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.2, and apart from a 2 or 3 second “freeze” shortly after logging in, I have had no crashing, no “15 second freezes” (which someone reported elsewhere, I seem to recall), and in general, very few glitches, even when they affect others. In fact, the one time I tried the “Install and play a game for Clams” offer, it worked! (Though I got the clams the next day, not immediately.) Since then, however, I have never been offered the “Clams for videos” option, only the “Install and play” option (which I have not tried again), and for the last couple of days, no Clam TV at all… (Glad I bought the Estate Fountain! :-))


        • RussianTigger

          That’s the thing with mobile devices, we never know if it’s a conflict with another app, or how the memory is being used by what we have on our individual devices. Unfortunately this game has had issues since Day 1 and TinyCo don’t seem to be able to get it running as smooth as they’d like, but I agree it’s a big loss not having our Clam TV.


  3. Cleveland hasn’t dropped a single (VIP Pass) since i started collecting !! Mort is the one doing all the work !!!!!!


  4. I was able to hit 4 which was crazy! My advice is to keep mini game open for awhile watching it and after awhile you’ll notice a bunch of consistent clusters of 3 coming together but sometimes that can take over 5 min or more. Also closing and reopening the mini game can help becuz I noticed sometimes the display window looks different with a black line through it or blue lights. I wonder if they run different patterns maybe?

    Secondly, I will only take a shot when there is at least a cluster of 3. Also besides big and small rifts both move either fast or slow so I try to wait for a bunch of big slow ones to cross paths. Another tactic is to put target in one spot and wait for 3 to converge on it. Hit shoot right before all lined up cuz of lag. Good luck everyone!

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  5. Well, so much for this event. I didn’t get Tehuanti because I didn’t get enough Feather Shields (several short) and there’s no way for me to continue because: To unlock Jetpack Joe I need to Clear Jetpack Kids – to clear Jetpack Kids I need Stewie – I don’t have Stewie. From what I can tell I’m weeks away from getting all the cr*p I need to finish unlocking Stewie: 9 more Blueprints, 4 more Plutonium, Make PB&J Brian Do it in Slow Motion. I don’t even have PB&J Brian yet either – 3 more Maracas to go.
    So much for not needing Stewie for an event!


    • RussianTigger

      Lots of us would like to see Stewie used more in events as he’s one the most popular characters, TinyCo made a big error not having him unlocked in an early district. I’m happy see him being used but unhappy it’s in such a way any player that doesn’t have him is left unable to play this Phase. He could have been used without being essential.


  6. Trying to claim Rufus without using any clams is going to be really tough. This has been the best event thus far and I spent a great deal of time securing all the characters. Purchased Bill knowing he would contribute over the long run. And even spent a good amount of clams on Ted when the I couldn’t get enough vests because the items just weren’t being dropped. Michelangelo is the only one I couldn’t justify spending clams on. So I am determined to secure Rufus.

    I have fired two shots during the mini game and secured two trench coats each time. Even at this pace at only 1 shot every 12 hours, I’ll be 4 trench coats shy. If TinyCo planned it this way, then they did a great job knowing us premium players would cough up at least a few extra clams to complete the journey. I might purchase the clam deal just to get that one extra shot. At least I’ll be getting clams out of as part of the purchase. I have a feeling I’m going to have to come out of pocket to secure the last few trench coats, but overall, this was an amazing event and really well thought out. Great work TInyCO.


  7. Anyone elses game keeping freezing and blinking off. Cant get in to even message tiny co


  8. Should have Joe in 12 hours ish so that should speed up getting Fusion Fuels. Anyone know how long his task is?


  9. RIP Mayor West….

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  10. Wow, a lot going on, and I agree with the many who state Rufus is going to be tough given the 12 hours needed to just play the Rift game, much less 11 – 22 times…yowza…

    Not that I need anymore items in my inventory, but will the building unlocked during the different phases just drop into our inventory? Mere curiosity, there maybe one or two I wouldn’t mind having, but nothing special…


    • RussianTigger

      I’m think they might go into our inventory but don’t know for certain. There’s a couple I like also, as well as the General Stores, I’d like couple of those.


  11. Aww… looks like this phase has some of the best content, but I probably won’t even be able to complete the previous phase. Oh well, it all just ends up as inventory anyway! C’est la vie!


  12. You need 22 Trench Coats and it takes 12 hours for each four pack of Fusion Fuel to fix Time Rifts.
    At an average of one hit each, that would take 11 days;
    At an average of two hits each, that would take 5.5 days; which is what we have left.
    So basically, we have to average two hits (or more) or Rufus isn’t possible.

    I only received my first Fusion Fuel, three more to go before I get a shot at it.
    For those who have already eliminated Time Rifts, what is the best method? Corners?
    I noticed the large rift is available for 3 seconds as it passes through the gun site, the other (smaller) rifts take 2 seconds.
    How are you able to manage the lags?

    I have to make every shot count!


    • RussianTigger

      I’ve hit 2 and been awarded rewards for 2, but just there again hit 2 but it only registered 1, so I’m still working on the best plan also still, sorry not much help…

      Liked by 1 person

    • One thing that may help a bit: The “hit zone” on the rifts seems to be centred at the base of the bright white light where the characters’ waists are, so try to get that part to overlap. If only the edges of the rift overlap, it pobably won’t count. Fortunately I don’t see a lot of lag on my game so I hope that won’t be too much of a problem. Having said that, I only got one hit on my only attempt so far, so I obviously need to experiment more.


    • I spent a decent amount of time evaluating best practices after my miserable failure the first time. Before taking on the Dino, practice and notice how many areas of it don’t even register as a hit (poor game mechanics) vs all other targets. You also have to plan for the lags. Patience is key! Good luck.


    • I was able to hit 4 which was crazy! My advice is to keep mini game open for awhile watching it and after awhile you’ll notice a bunch of consistent clusters of 3 coming together but sometimes that can take over 5 min or more. Also closing and reopening the mini game can help becuz I noticed sometimes the display window looks different with a black line through it or blue lights. I wonder if they run different patterns maybe?

      Secondly, I will only take a shot when there is at least a cluster of 3. Also besides big and small rifts both move either fast or slow so I try to wait for a bunch of big slow ones to cross paths. Another tactic is to put target in one spot and wait for 3 to converge on it. Hit shoot right before all lined up cuz of lag.

      TinyCo has set ridiculous expectations during this event which to me translates to completely obvious money driven intentions.

      While I did like the set up of this event I wish they realized it takes longer to progress relying on the mini achievements, some which take a day+ to complete. Or as the weeks went on to allow another slot in general store so 2 different items could be made at once. Good luck everyone! I really hope they give us another day or 2.


  13. In the quest mending the time rifts does anybody know if mending a time rift means attempting the game once or actually hitting a target, so you would have to hit two targets to complete part two


    • RussianTigger

      Healing 2 Rifts with one target cleared the 2 time rift achievement for me


    • And on a similar note, I cleared 3 rifts today, for the first time, and it counted as 3 towards my requirement to “Fix time rifts 4 times” (Mending the Rifts PT. 4). I was definitely worried this achievement would take a long time, otherwise.


  14. Im about 2 hours away from even reaching phase 4. 1 day left to unlock thr leopard which i assumed was impossible due to another secret 7 day timer but in fact just might be possible with some luck today.


  15. Well I had two targets for my fusion fuel in sight but it registered nothing, no hits at all, so I have no idea what I did wrong


    • RussianTigger

      I had 2 and it only registered 1


      • Yep, same here on my first try.
        I clearly had two in my site, I actually thought I had three (I waited for so long trying to line three up).
        My payout was only ONE, SO disappointing!
        Looks like Rufus won’t be happening. 😫


  16. The big stumbling block with Rufus will be the 22 coats. Get 1 per rift, pretty much max 2 rifts per shot and each shot takes 12 hours to get the 4 items needed. So basically 5.5 days of crafting with nothing else crafted and still not enough time. Hopefully something changes as I am enjoying the event. Msg sent to Tinyco.


  17. BTW, the Future Clam also needs to include a chance drop of 1x Goggles every 2 hours.
    Listed under Jetpack Joe, but not in the building list.


  18. I’m still trying to unlock Brian’s costume but I’m not going to get enough tropical birds cleared to unlock Tehuantl, even if I manage to get all other items.

    No Ted, no Tehuantl and more than likely no Rufus. Worst I’ve ever done in an event when it comes to unlocking characters.


  19. David Harding

    And as with all these events since became a free minute player, I’m not likely to complete Phase 2.


  20. There is no way the majority of people are going to come close to getting Rufus. I would advise people not to even try and save themselves the agony.


  21. im afraid joe isn’t as helpful as you make him seem. he prolly just gives you one fuel for a 10 hour task.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Is the final area actually in the Myan area or are these typos?


    ***The Buildings for this Phase can be found for in the Mayan Playspace – you’ll find full details below***


    ***The Decoration for this Phase can be found for in the Mayan Playspace –


  23. i am so behind in this event and am beyond disappointed that getting rufus is absolutely impossible. Why did they wait till the end to offer him? I would gladly pay clams to have george in my game,


  24. im not making it to week 4 still trying to unlock brian just need 7 more statues so probaly wont be able to unlock rufus


  25. wow look at all those items and different characters we need to collect for Joe and Rufus !! i bought purple time capsules with the red capsules i collected and ‘ve already repaired Future Clam … I didn’t pay attention that is Rufus’ building .. i’m glad he’s not timed …
    gonna be a challenging week for sure … no sleep for the wicked …
    Stewie is already harassing the little jetpacking kids .. let’s see about this fusion fuel shooting game thing .. i’ve always been bad at those .. cuz u need to focus on several of them in the same time …

    Liked by 1 person

  26. I reckon I’m gonna struggle to unlock Rufus given the fixed end date.

    I’m about 1-2 days away from being able to start Phase 4. Struggled with unlocking Da Vinci Stewie, which set me back a few days. Just need to bottle Ghengis 3 more times (the sods just passed out with a 9hr cool down) and then finish the final quest part for Phase 3.

    Even with that in mind I’ve really enjoyed this event. Had some ups and downs but its been enjoyable and less of a slog (poss because of the diff play areas). Good job TinyCo!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. 12 hours for one pull of the mini-game seems a bit steep, no?

    Liked by 1 person

  28. If you are considering taking the clam offer, wait until you have completed Adventures In Nuclear Fusion Pt. 1. That way the six fusion fuels you get will all count for Adventures In Nuclear Fusion Pt. 2

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a great tip. I always forget to hold off on certain purchases that could serve an extra perk if timed right.


  29. Time Rifts should be interesting. 22 items needed from a maximum of 13 attempts (without spending clams) assuming you keep only the Fusion Fuels building the whole time.

    Liked by 1 person

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