Ultimate Nostalgia Mystery Box!!!

There’s a new Mystery Box in our games and it’s jam packed with returning Characters & Costumes. Addicts let me introduce the Ultimate Nostalgia Mystery Box.Not going to deny it, this is my kind of Mystery Box,  packed full of characters and costumes with no materials.

For 175 Clams per try you’ve the chance to win a returning character or costume from the following:

Full Characters:
Captain Hook
Michael Pulaski
Principal Shepherd
Cinderella Lois

Baby Bobble Stewie
Chemically Castrated Chris
Sidewalk Joe
Yogi Fighter Brian
Gangster School Girl Tricia
Apocalypse Peter

I’ve personally tried it  and picked up Cronus. But what about everyone else? Anyone else tried their luck? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

10 responses to “Ultimate Nostalgia Mystery Box!!!

  1. I got Ganster School Girl Tricia


  2. I ended up with Principal Shepherd. Was hoping for Death.


  3. Excellent! Love these boxes……no mater what prize you get you’re guaranteed either a full character or a costume!
    There were 3 prizes available for me: Tinker Bell, Captain Hook & Cinderella Lois and I just had enough clams so I got all 3!


  4. I’ve gotten burnt by that Mystery Box too many times.


  5. Update: It’s my luck. With so many characters in the box I went ahead and opened Apocalypse Peter. Thanks for separating them RT.


  6. Got Tinkerbell and Chronos – wanted Boomsday Joe, but not to be …


  7. RT, how many of these are full characters?


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