Cleveland Brownniversary Extended One Day – Now ending 15th August @ 3pm PDT

Hi fellow addicts – looks like we’ve got another unexpected xtension from our game overlords.

Yes TinyCo/Jam City have extended the end date for the event.  However it’s just for 24 hours, so you’ve only a bit more time to collect those final things before the event now ends on 15th August @ 3pm PDT.

~ Russian Tigger

14 responses to “Cleveland Brownniversary Extended One Day – Now ending 15th August @ 3pm PDT

  1. one candy bar needed just one lots of time took that long 4 game to load up long enough that i could get it by time i got in event was over grrrrrrrr so rotted right now


  2. 2:28pm PST and the event has disappeared from v1.91.0. Had 9 shoes to go to get gold Brown house and complete the event.


  3. I still won’t have enough shoes for the Gold Brown House
    I’m currently at 67 (7:30 PDT 8/15)

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  4. This irritates me. This is the second time I could’ve completed the event had I been told there would be an extension. I stopped collecting white shoes when it became apparent that it would be impossible to collect enough by the original end time. I’m an addict but like to show a little restraint when possible. Well, it cost me 15 clams between the last two events☹️

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  5. WHAT THE DEUCE. Wasted nineteen clams purchasing the last chocolate bar last night because the event was due to end before anything could try to drop. Bah


  6. This extension is the only way I finished Part 7 and got Golden Brown. I have had the Bonnie character a few days, but I wasn’t going to get enough items for the last house without at least a 12-18 hour extension. So thank you to Jam City or TinyCo for paying attention and being reasonable.


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