Reminder – Quahog Historical Society Feedback

Remember I’d like to get your comments, thoughts and feedback on Quahog Historical Society to pass to support, therefore please take the time to leave a comment on the main feedback post by clicking here.

28 responses to “Reminder – Quahog Historical Society Feedback

  1. Kim wolkerstorfer

    I think this is so cool! Basically getting all this for free!


  2. The Smith family from American Dad would be great to have! ^^


  3. I’m not sure if this just changed today or it was a side effect of me restoring my iPad from backup (clearing the game cache), but the “Go for the gold” action for all characters is now the first action in the list. That makes sending all characters on that action a lot faster.

    Now the only thing that would help is if all the characters would go to a different building than the Griffin house.


  4. once I got a character to max rank they would go to Tan Lines and only come out as needed for a questline or daily objective and be returned once completed. Now I still take characters out but don’t return them to Tan Lines but instead have them ‘go for the gold’. Therefore, I increase the number of characters going for gold gradually each day.

    What I also do is choose the character costume that has the relevant task closest to the top so I don’t have to scroll through all their tasks each time.

    This got me thinking. It would be nice if there was an option to pin a certain action to the top of the list. This would be the same when the character has an action that produces ’stuff’ during questlines.

    Pinning the Go for the gold action to the top would, at least, help with sending so many characters for medals.


  5. Good idea, good concept to unlock in “ranks”. A couple noticeable glitches which are already described here (problems unlocking ranks past the first one, disappearing clam rewards).
    1) Definitely add my vote to the mass send to “Go for Gold” task.
    2) Different location to use for the Quahog Historical tasks other than Griffin House. I think Tan LInes would work and could just auto generate medals, replacing the tickets which haven’t been used in a while.
    3) Are there any known plans specifically for QHS trophy uses other than converting to medals? (E.g. to unlock previously clam-only characters or outfits?)

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    • Some of the characters and costumes you can unlock as the Ranks go on were clam only, so you’ll definitely be able get previous premiums for medals.


  6. Idk why I can’t unlock Figure Skater Lois, I am pretty sure I have enough medals but the price won’t even show up


  7. 1. Ability to send characters on the 8hr task in bulk would be good.

    2. Ability to clear all character tasks at once would be good.

    3. The medal tasks should take place away from Griffin House.

    4. Taking a specific player out of tan lines is really annoying. If a player is in inventory they are kicked out straight away, trying to find them in tan lines takes an age!

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  8. I’m also at the point like others where I have unlocked all of rank one and two and still cannot progress to rank three. Oh well. I guess I’ll just earn more medals for the time being.


  9. Wish it was more like TSTO where you get a list of characters who can complete a certain task and a send button next to each name. No more swiping the list of tasks for each character. Just pick the ones you want. Also wish, when they were all done, there was an icon to complete all the tasks for all at once, instead of tapping on the Griffin house 200 times.
    I gave up on the Tan Lines tasks since there is no new content. Now they all have tasks to earn me some goodies.

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  10. I hadn’t had so many characters out for a while so hadn’t paid much attention to this, but it’s interesting how the characters, when you select from the button to send on a task, appear in a quasi alphabetical order, seemingly grouped by event. But not consistently.

    Also disappointed that they didn’t leverage tan lines for this. Frustrating to send off everyone to go for the gold only to have one of them needed for a 14 hour task a few minutes later.

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  11. I completed the 1st rank and collected my 25 clams but when I logged back in my clams were gone? How do I fix this?


  12. Takes way way to much time send all on same considering is it worth it,,,,no,but I’m doing it just the same.maybe characters that have legit quests get first priority for starters would be nice.


  13. Love putting all those characters to use again. Got my first two levels taken care of but now am frustrated that I might miss the fourth set because of the glitch that won’t allow me past my already-complete third level. Otherwise I think it’s a good addition. Maybe putting the go for the gold task at the top would help. But I am not so worried about the little more “work” required for a freemium opportunity to earn past. Characters and costumes


    • The glitch is frustrating but from what I’m told the Ranks once the timer counts down to open them, they stay open, no time limit to getting the content. The timers are just to stop players rushing through the Ranks too fast.


  14. The idea is good, but I only needed to unlock one character in the level 2 group, and therefore cannot progress to level 3. Also, I would like the go for the gold task to take place in a different location in game than Peter’s house, preferably at a place not used by an event. Lastly, a bulk task to send all characters to go for the gold would be good


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