New Feature – Alternate Quahogs is coming….

The guys at Jam City have released a pop up in our games to confirm Alternate Quahogs are or their way, you might have seen it in your game today already. I’ll post more information as I get it but until then you’ll find some info in the teaser post by clicking HERE.

21 responses to “New Feature – Alternate Quahogs is coming….

  1. After reading the prompt, you’re asked if you want to place the time portal. Once I did,my game reloaded and I have not been able to tap on any of my buildings or characters who have completed tasks.


  2. Matthew Goodall

    I started this last night.

    Word of warning… Every. Single. Character. is needed.*

    There’s an awful lot of tapping required.

    *Not quite every… but 99%.


  3. Is this the same as the Winterland, Grassland and Nightland Districts that have appeared alongside my Citizen and Guest Character collections?


  4. Is the Quakea building part of it? It appeared as a new item to buy today but so far nothing else


  5. I have the new alternate Quahogs and it has locked my game up completely. Uninstall and reinstall does not help. When game loads now, I get an error and cannot even get back to regular game. Be very careful when accessing new parts as the bugs are not worked out. Unfortunately, my time playing this is now over since I can no longer access the game.


  6. I got it. I think it’s pretty useless :/. You just get 3 new areas 2 for coins and one for 400 clams. The only advantage of transporting to these lands is to put more buildings. I doubt many people have their whole map full completely but idk.


  7. An “Alternate Reality Portal” appeared in the store today. I bought it ($10k) and placed it (no build), but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Do you know if it’s part of this new feature?


  8. It looks like 3 of the alternate Quahogs will be added to the “districts.” I can’t click on anything yet, but that’s where they’re at in my game.


  9. I’m have the alternate Quahog available in my game. After placing a teleporter for maybe $10k, there is a Grassland and Winterland available for game cash. Sorry I didn’t note how much. Another area is available called Nightland but that costs 400 clams. I’m just clearing land now and will see where this goes.


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