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Full Moon Results and a New Poll About 4th of July

Hello There Clammers!

As we’re winding down the 4th of July Event (ends Friday 7/11),  we want to know YOUR thoughts about the event and share the results of last week’s Kingdom of the Full Moon Event Poll!

First the new stuff….this week we want to know what YOU think about the 4th of July Event.  If you don’t see your answer in the poll, feel free to mention it down in the comments below:

Now let’s get to the results of the Ultimate Kingdom of the Full Moon Event Poll…

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Freebies from the Full Moon

Hello There Clammers!

Is anyone else thrilled to see those mummies finally disappear?  I know I’m just happy to have Quahog back to normal, with out stuff roaming around constantly! Anyway….

Just popping in with a quick rundown of some AWESOME freebies that TinyCo has dropped in our games with the removal of Kingdom of the Full Moon.  Some of you (actually many of you) may already be aware of these freebies, but I know there are still some out there that don’t know a thing about them….

So here’s the deal…

With the removal of Kingdom of the Full Moon TinyCo has decided to give players a few extras…FOR FREE!  What’s better than free right?

First up, the Sandy Pyramid.  This can be found in your building menu (shopping cart).  It’s much smaller than the initial Pyramid that was placed in Quahog with the start of the event, but it’s basically the same thing.  At a size of 6×6 this free sandy pyramid will either bring back fond memories of a fun event, or send you screaming for the hills!

The pyramid earns nothing and is just a decoration in Quahog, but it does look pretty cool along the beach!


Next we have Cleveland’s House!  As one Clammer said the other day…Cleveland really needs a house!  You ask, TinyCo delivered and for FREE!  You can find Cleveland’s house in your inventory.  The house earns $30, 20xp every 4hrs.

This 6×8 purplish home will also be the place where you can finish unlocking Cleveland, if you weren’t able to finish during the event.  So once you build it Cleveland will be out front, if you don’t already have him unlocked, waiting for you to finish unlocking him.

Finally the Museum.  Now I know this isn’t a FREE addition to the game, but it’s still some pretty useful info.  This cost Butts during the event and can now be found in your Inventory.  While during the event it earned Butts, this 5×6 building will now earn you $60, 30xp every 8hrs.


So there you have it my fellow Clammers, some fun additions (and FREE) to TQFS with the completion of the Full Moon Event.  What do YOU think of the stuff?  Were you excited to see Cleveland’s house?  How about the Pyramid?  Did you discover this on your own, or is this the first you’re hearing of it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

What do we think is next for TQFS?  Will they have a 4th of July update too?  Only time will tell…we’ll have to wait and see fellow Clammers! 🙂

Premium Results and a New Poll About Kingdom of the Full Moon

Hello There Clammers!

As the Kingdom of the Full Moon comes to a close,  we want to know YOUR thoughts about the event as a whole as well as share the results of the Premium Buildings Poll.

First the new stuff….this week we want to know what YOU think about all the event as a whole.  Consider this the ULTIMATE Kingdom of the Full Moon Poll:


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End Of Event FAQs

Hey there Clammers. Just hoppin by to bring you some info from our friends at TinyCo in regards to the end of the event.

TinyCo Logo

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My Jelly-Yo Strategy

Hello There Clammers,

Just a quick post because a lot of you have been asking for various strategy tips when it comes to collecting Jelly-Yo shots.  So I wanted to share with you what I’m doing in my A game….

Note: My B game is basically a game for this blog.  Where I rush every task so I can do posts giving you guys the details of an event/update.  So in my B game I used clams to rush the tasks to accumulate the shots for that post (hence why there are so many in the photos).  However, my A game is for my enjoyment.  I do buy clams, but I don’t rush things…I play the way you guys do.  I’m no where near enough idols to collect all the prizes & I’m ok with that.  

2014-06-25 03.32.46

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Beat King Butt!

Hello There Clammers!

Looks like another late night update has hit our devices….this time we must defeat King Butt!


Peter will kick off a quest where you must build the Really Fancy Throne.  It costs 300 Moon Idols and takes 12hrs to build.  Once built you’ll start the defeat King Butt tasks.

2014-06-25 02.03.59

I will cover the next part of this in great detail tomorrow, but for now…YES building the Throne takes 12hrs…BUT DO NOT RUSH IT!  Don’t waste your clams on it!  The first step to defeat King Butt is only 3 items and you should be able to accumulate them quickly.  So don’t rush it.  Build the throne and start fresh in the morning, don’t spend your clams just yet!

HELPFUL HINT: Start sending Peter, Quagmire & Cleveland each on their 4hr task to start earning the “Stuff” you need before the Throne is built.  This will help you get ahead!

Now for those who don’t like Spoilers be warned…dialogue Spoilers ahead! Continue reading

Crazy Mummy Spawn Rates

Hello There Clammers!

We’ve seen just about EVERYTHING with the spawn rates of the mummies during the Kingdom of the Full Moon Event.  Mummies spawning at a normal rate, mummies spawning so fast you couldn’t keep up with them, back to normal levels & now some are reporting, insanely SLOW spawn rates.

According to TinyCo…the mummies should spawn at a rate of 2 male mummies every 30 minutes and 2 female mummies every 4 hours.  You can have a max of 24 of each (male & female) in your town at once.  However, it’s been all over the place during this event!

So don’t be surprised if you see mummies spawning fast or slow (some reporting a rate of 3/hour)…it’s all part of the “full moon experience”….I think.

How have the mummies been spawning for YOU?  Are you finding them arriving at a decent rate or way to slow?  Are you able to keep up with them?  Or annoyed they’re not spawning fast enough?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Temple of booze 1 end

In Game Update: Get 80s Cleveland Faster…for Clams

Hello There Clammers!

Looks like we got another in-game update that hit our devices today.  Similar to that of unlocking Cleveland…3 new premium buildings to help you unlock 80’s Cleveland faster.

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Pop ‘n’ Lock Cleveland: Unlocking 80’s Cleveland

Shake, shake, shake.  Shake, shake, shake.  Shake your booty

Why Hello There Booty Grabbers!

Don’t mind me…just taking a trip through the 70’s on my way to finding Cleveland in the 80’s!  How are you all doing with the booty grabbing?  You shaking and grabbing plenty of booty?

So TinyCo dropped a little update to our Booty Event yesterday…and SURPRISE!!! It wasn’t at 11pm (est) on a Friday!  And with the update came a fun new costume for Cleveland & a trip back in time to the 80’s!  (St. Elmo’s Clam anyone?!)

I know you’re all hard at work earning the STUFF you need to unlock this pop star in YOUR Quahog, but let’s take a look at what happens after you’ve unlocked him, shall we?

So fasten your seatbelts and hop in the multiverse with me as we travel back in time 20+ years…..oh and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!

Cool Cleveland

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iOS Update is Live (Finally!)

Hello There Clammers!

Looks like the iOS update finally hit that contains the new Mystery Boxes. So hit up your App Store and download the newest version of TQFS & join your Android friends!

Will YOU take the mystery box plunge???

2014-06-14 03.29.13