Full Moon Results and a New Poll About 4th of July

Hello There Clammers!

As we’re winding down the 4th of July Event (ends Friday 7/11),  we want to know YOUR thoughts about the event and share the results of last week’s Kingdom of the Full Moon Event Poll!

First the new stuff….this week we want to know what YOU think about the 4th of July Event.  If you don’t see your answer in the poll, feel free to mention it down in the comments below:

Now let’s get to the results of the Ultimate Kingdom of the Full Moon Event Poll…

These results I found interesting, to say the least.  But first, let me start by saying THANK YOU!  Over 7,000 of you took the poll (which is AWESOME) and over 1,000 of you took the time to write additional comments to TinyCo about the event.  We’ve sent ALL of your answers over to TinyCo so they can have your direct feedback.  I know they’ll appreciate what you guys have to say and, as we’ve seen in the past, I’m sure they’ll incorporate some of the changes you’d like to see into the game for a future event (if possible).

So now let’s get to the numbers….

Overall Did You Like The Kingdom of the Full Moon Event?
47%- Yes I loved it!
7%- No I hated it!
46%- Meh, I didn’t hate it or Love it.

Did You Win All Of the Prizes?
20%- Yes

What Prize Level Did You Achieve?
<1% -0-100 (Prizes Up to Cat Statue)
<1%- 0-750 (Prizes Up to Bronze Statue)
<1%- 0-2,000 (Prizes Up to 25 Clams)
1%- 0-5,000 (Prizes Up to Stewie Sphinx)
2%- 0-11,000 (Prizes Up to Volcano)
7%- 0-18,000 (Prizes Up to Silver Statue)
10%- 0-28,000  (Prizes Up to the Party Camel)
23%- 0-35,000 (Prizes Up the Party Pyramid)
23%- 0-50,000 (Prizes Up the Swordsman)
11%- 0-70,000 (Prizes Up to the Gorilla)
3%- 0-100,000 (Prizes Up to King Butt)
19%- 100,000+ (Kept Collecting After King Butt)

Did You Take Advantage of the Booty Box?
73%- Yes
26%- No
1%- Booty Box???  What the Heck is a Booty Box?

Did You Buy Any Of the Hot Mess Mummies?
8%- Yes
71%- No
21%- Hot Mess Mummies?!

Did You Buy Any Sarcophagi?
61%- Hell No
23%- Yes, Clams and Booty Only
1%- Yes, Imperial to Unlock 80’s Cleveland Faster
5%- Yes, Jelly-Yo Ones Only
10%- Yes, More Than One Type

Did You Unlock Cleveland and Adventure Peter?
1%- Cleveland Only
3%- Adventure Peter Only
95%- Yes, Both
No- 1%

Did You Unlock 80’s Cleveland?
81%- Yes, on my own
9%- Yes, with a little help from clams
10%- No, still trying to get that last item to drop!

Did You Take Advantage of the Premium Buildings That Always Dropped Items?
19%- Yes
81%- No

Did You Enjoy the Jelly-Yo Shot Game?
8%- Yes, cracked Up Making Butt Puke
64%- Yes, But Would have liked it more if it started sooner
28%- No

Did You Have Fun?
85%- Yes
15%- No

On a Scale of 1-10 Rate The Event (1 being Worst Event 10 being Best)
4%- 10
6%- 9
23%- 8
29%- 7
17%- 6
9%- 5
5%- 4
4%- 3
2%- 2
1%- 1

All in all it looks like you guys did enjoy the event, but would have enjoyed it more if there were a few tweaks here and there.  I did like the fact that most of you unlocked both Adventure Peter and Cleveland, but that shows that with nearly a month of playing time to get them it was achievable.  I’m also with many of you in wishing the shot game was extended.  It was a fun addition to the game & I would have liked to have seen it last longer (or started sooner). 

2014-05-31 23.39.39

What are your thoughts on 4th of July? Are you enjoying the new event? What are your thoughts on the results of the Full Moon poll?  Did your answers fall in line with most other players?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

15 responses to “Full Moon Results and a New Poll About 4th of July

  1. I liked the 4th of July but I wish they had let us know about the new blocks to clear first so I wouldn’t have spent 100k on the box gamble!


  2. Only thing I didn’t really care for in the even were the Sarcophagus in which you had to pay clams for as if you were gambling away clams for a slim chance for what you wanted. Clams should be used for purchasing in game items that have a set price where you know what your getting. The ability to pay clams to finish things to me are okay because those that have the money and want to spend it to hurry up and wait for new content is their prerogative, at least they know what they’re getting. But one could spend a hundred dollars (not how much I did spend) and is just unlucky about getting a specific item is down right greedy. I hope this idea never returns to Quahog. So far the item I probably wanted most I didn’t get and spent quite a bit of money trying. They should have at least gave the option to buy certain items out rite that were part of a game at the end of the event.


  3. wait how did 1% pick cleveland only if you need adventure peter to get him?


  4. I so want to put that damn throne away. Too important? Pshaw… whatevs.


  5. What’s really in Rupert’s mystery box? I bet it’s a present for Stewie a la the SNL/Lonely Island skit
    Loved the Jelly-Yo game, wish I had known about the glitch, not a fan of King Butt. Hoping for more characters such as Gillian


    • That was part of my comment to TinyCo. Basically that it’s really frustrating to hear about glitches, and then know that I either spent clams or missed out on something because I didn’t take advantage of it, or my game didn’t work that way.


  6. Unfortunately, I only bought the hot mess mummies (the 120 clam one) because I thought when it said “2000 to 5000 butts” I thought it meant PER mummy, so I would be able to get 100,000 from them all in total. I was super disappointed, but there’s nothing I can do. Oh well, just have to add more clams lol.


  7. Little side-note. Does anyone else think King Butt kinda looks like Seth MacFarlane?


  8. Dan not so much the man

    The next time they do a month long event I hope it revolves around a character from the show. Bertram would make a great villain for the event and the goal being to unlock him as a permanent character. Decorations could include Actual things from the show.

    Liked by 1 person

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