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What The… Carl?

UPDATE 8/27: If you are looking for the NEW Carl Character for the PeterPalooza Event, this is not the one you are looking for. 

Instead, go to the PeterPalooza Page for more info about him. 


Hey there Minions!

While we “patiently” await the arrival of the Fine Arts District, it seems they are playing around with a few things back at TinyCo. Many players (myself included) are seeing Carl (Originally showed up in the American Dad Event) pop in n out of their games. Carl

He usually pops on the sidewalk as closest to the Griffins as possible. Free Clams Carl

So far, no videos for me on my Android device… but definitely sparks some interest as to just WHAT else they got in the works don’t you think? 🙂Free Clams No Videos Carl


I did try it out on my iPod Touch instead and was able to activate a Video.
Free Clams Videos Carl iOS

Just a bit over 30 seconds preview for Last Man On Earth. Free Clams Carl Last Man On Earth

Then when all done, 2 Free Clams award. So give it a try if you can. Free Clams Video Done Carl iOS

What are your thoughts? Speculations? Let us know.