The Basics Of Family Guy: Inventory? I Have An Inventory?

Hey there my new little friends. Bunny here with helping hands…errr..paws? Lol. Well here I am, trying to help out in the same regard I always have loved to. I will be taking you on a lil journey with me to give you a few pointers and things you may want to know when you first start out your game.

help and support

In this post I will be touching on an item you may or may not be aware even exists in your game. It is a place you can tuck and store items in while you are not using them. It is also a place to go looking if an item goes missing as it may have accidentally ended up there. (Like Chris’ Flower Bush that he needs for…ummm…Oregano…I mean his “Find A New Friend” task. Lol.)

It is your INVENTORY.

Character Shortcut Chris Bush

Chris Flower Bush

Now how on earth do you find your Inventory Box? Where the heck is it hiding in the game? Well I am here to help you locate it.

To start out, go to your Menu in the lower left hand side of the screen (lil icon that looks like a blue cracker with 9 squares.)Menu Icon


Once inside your Menu, look for the Inventory link and select it. Inventory


You will be taken right to your inventory box where you can see what items are stored inside. Like this one of mine. The Flower Bush that Chris uses for his task is in there. You just click on the item and place it back in the game. Inventory Box Chris Flower Bush


Now there is another way you can get to your inventory box. That is through the “Movement” Menu.  Lower left hand side of your screen. (Directional Arrows.) Just click on it. Movement Menu


Once in your Movement screen, look to the lower right corner and you will see the Inventory Box icon. Click on it, and you are right back to your Inventory Box again. Inventory Box

Inventory Box Chris Flower Bush


As always, the great designers of TinyCo have also integrated this help into the Menu too. Go into your Menu, Click on Help & Support, How To Play, Using your Inventory, and there it will give you a small description. Help & Support

How To Play Using Your Inventory Using Your Inventory 1

So if the Flower Bush is gone, or any other items…don’t panic. Look first in your Inventory and see if it just ended up stored away.

Did you lose items in your Inventory? Did you know you had one? Let us know if this is helpful to you. Sound off in the comments below.

Until Next Time

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14 responses to “The Basics Of Family Guy: Inventory? I Have An Inventory?

  1. The flower bush was in the inventory box – just like you said it would be. After hours of looking for it in the shopping cart area, there it was sitting in inventory. I don’t mind this game is slow – I spend time putting up stop signs, flower beds, trees, etc. I have lots of time and the game earns it’s own dollars to spend – when you get old you can afford to waste time.
    Thanks for the help with the flower bush.


  2. Hi I can t do quest chris make new friend for new year bunny pts.3 my flower bush disappear from my game not in inventory either how do I retrieve it again


  3. The flower bush is not available anywhere. There are 4 different flower beds, but none of them allow Chris to make his new friend.


  4. Awesome! Thank you!


  5. I have not been playing long. I am still in district 1, but I’m already getting frustrated and may quit playing soon. I do not like that it takes so long to unlock characters. I am trying to unlock Joe and I have yet to get any of the last two items even though I have already completed 4 of the tasks. It is too much to have to wait 6+ hours for a chance to get an item. If I wait that long I should get the item the first time. I am very impatient when it comes to games and I’m getting bored waiting for nothing! It’s bad enough I have to get 40 or more items to unlock a character wasting all those hours for nothing really ‘grinds my gears.’ Other than that I think the game has great potential. I’m still in encountering a few bugs but nothing that hasn’t been reported already


    • TinyCo is an amazing company with open ears. They are enthusiastic and love to hear from players on improvements they can make to the game to help the players. My best suggestion, contact them. Let them know your feelings on the tasks.

      Just use the Menu in your game. Help & Support. Contact them and explain what you did to me. 😉


  6. thelittleprince

    Cool! I didn’t realize they have all that info in the main menu. That’s good to know! Thanks for posting this. Also, just noticed the Brain Damaged Horse and Buzz are voiced now. I remember tapping them before in my neighbors’ town and they didn’t make a sound; now they do. I’m tempted to buy more clams and get BDH and Consuela. Waiting for more premium content in the next updates.


  7. Yeah, I have been leveling up, at 15 right now. Must be a glitch with the icon then. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted out with the next update. Thanks!


  8. This is unrelated to the current topic, but I’m finding that my characters are no longer getting an XP coin/icon when they finish a task, just the $ coin. Is this a glitch?



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