Hey there Clammers. Bunny hopping in here. By now, most of you have got an alert in your game in regards to a Weekend Sale going on in your lil Quohog’s. We have been getting a few questions here on just how it works, so I am here to help out.



What exactly does this mean? What kind of benefit do you get from this?

Well the buildings on sale generate a lot of items you need to unlock characters, tasks, and outfits. So they are quite useful to have. If you did not purchase them already, all you do is go into your town, into the building list, locate the one you want, and purchase it at the low 50% off Clam cost or In Game Money cost. Simple. So a great time to get some buildings you may have been saving up for or waiting for a sale on.





Now as for the 50% Higher drop rate, as you are completing a lot of tasks in the game to earn these items from your characters…a lot of them can tend to be on the rarer side and therefore harder to obtain. That means you have to possibly do the task multiple times before it will result in you winning the Cosmetic item.

Take a look at this Materials List to get an idea of your chances to get these items WITHOUT the extra drop rate this weekend.


With the weekend discounts, they have made those rare items a lil more common now. So less time spent on tasks and more of a chance you can get that Hooker Peter or Goth Chris you have been waiting for and more. So get those characters on Cosmetic earning tasks this weekend!!!

Some pretty cool bargains for those of you wanting more items a lot faster in your game.

Til Next Time…

Bunny FG



  1. I dont think they ever fixed anything . All this commenting is dated about 14-16 months ago and im having the same issue in Mid August 2015? Why cant i get eyeshadows? And why wont the spa drop anything?


    • ??? Can you be more specific? FYI, each district will have items that will take a while to earn. That is how they’re set up. Further you go, more you will become accustom to it.


  2. I just lost all of my eyeshadow. I had all I needed for goth Chris (5) but needed heavy metal still so goth Chris wasn’t unlocked. Then I finally got the last eyeshadow I needed for speedo quagmire (needed 6) – and I unlocked him. I go back to look at goth Chris and it now says I need all 5 eyeshadow again. This sucks because it took soooooo long to get the eyeshadow – and now I have to get 5 more.


    • Please contact TinyCo right away with this issue. Use the Menu, Help & Settings, and contact them right within your game so they can take a look at what happened and resolve it for you.

      Let us know how it goes.


  3. Let’s see, since I acquired those building at the start of the “sale”, they have delivered exactly…. wait for it… ZERO items.

    Furthermore, my character tasks that WERE delivering items – stopped producing any items, even Common ones.

    Furthermore, I started characters on 6 to 8 hour tasks, went to sleep, got up 8 hours later and… they aren’t even half way done.

    Finally, I have deciphered the name “Tiny Co”, it refers to the font they use for everything.


  4. Hey Bunny! Are you guys planning to do posts on ‘Should I Spend Clams on…?’ like that ‘other’ wonderful addicts site I read? Just curious if I should take advantage of that reduced clam price this weekend, or save my clams for some other building that will become available later in the game!


    • I have been working on a few things. My opinion, the Family Jewels are quite cheap at 25 clams vs the regular 50. Unlike the other “Addicts” most these premiums have no multipliers or % that add so the premiums are going to be a bit different. Items are more their for looks and decorating the town. If that makes sense. For me personally, I want the Family Jewels Store for looks so I am gonna take advantage of the offer. The other buildings are in game cash, so I most definitely grabbed those. 😉


  5. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problems trying to get the eyeshadow one. I’ve played since the start and have never dropped one I have every character that can get them on continuous tasks for them & collecting from the buildings that offer after each time finishes. In fact since this sale I’ve had only a couple of drops from anything Have never had a drop from day spa or that ever. I understand that extra rare extra is harder but to have a few of same item on the go at the same time multiple times a day for days not to drop even one is getting ridiculous. I’ve also been waiting to unlock Joe & Herbert for ages it’s holding my game up as only now I’ve only 4 characters I can get items from.
    Sorry for the long post


    • No worries. I’m appreciating the feedback. I’d like to know too if something isn’t working correctly. I am looking into a few issues now and will check on this too.

      In the meantime, please also use your menu, help & support to contact them and let them know so they can see your game in case they need to look further.


  6. Since the start of the sale i have lost all my blush and haven’t received any items from tasks or buildings. Also before the sale kept getting hairspray now i have double the amount i need. That has worked it self out it seems. Have contacted tinyco through the big blue cracker but no response, maybe cause the weekend. I am very frustrated


    • Hmmmm you’re the 2nd reader that said that about the eyeshadow. Lemme look into this.


    • Rick, I need some more information from you on this issue as I am attempting to help resolve what it going on. Please email me the following information.

      Did this happen more than once? Or just once?
      What happened right before the eyeshadow disappeared?
      What characters or skins did you recently unlock?
      If you got anymore, did they all disappear too? Or just a few?

      Please send me all these details along with the Login ID you use for the game to and I will have it looked into further.


    • Sort of the same here. I didn’t LOSE anything, but since I bought Madeleine’s Boutique and the Family Jewels as soon as the “Sale” started, I have received NO items from buildings or tasks.

      Also, I am suffering the “rare” timer problems – where tasks don’t advance when you aren’t playing. TinyCo says they are working on it, and to completely quit the game right now when you are done playing.

      Also, I have decided WHY they are called TinyCo – it’s the font size they use.


      • Sorry you’re running into it. Yes the issues have been reported to them.

        As for the font size, please let them know about that too if you have not already. (I’ve seen many games now using that size from all different companies). They are interested in your feedback on things like that.


  7. Amazing! Really think this shows their commitment to player satisfaction.

    Also I’ve been struggling to finish goth Chris so this will make my life a lot easier 🙂


  8. If you have the cash/clams, you might want to double up on a few of these buildings. It helps in both the cashflow and getting those hard to get items. I have 2 characters and 2 building trying to get those extra rare items. It can still take more than 2 days of playing just to get one extra rare item.


  9. thelittleprince

    Talk about timing. They should have this sale last week. Already got Hooker Peter and Goth Chris. Working on Rambo Lois, Navy Quagmire, Longhorn Peter and Cop Joe now. With my luck, they’ll have a sale on the items to complete them when I’m already done with them. They should have make it a sale for ALL the items this weekend.


  10. Hmm, should I unlock Quagmire and try to buy these buildings for 50% off or continue to stay in my free District 1 land and stick to 6sec spurts of Fat Leapfrog and Bake Sale was my dilemma.

    However, seeing as I’d only be saving $1,225, I’ll keep to my strategy for now. After all, I can make $1,225 in under 15min. Thanks for the post Bunny. Can always count on you and Alissa to clear up my conundrums and queries.


    • Hehehe no worries. FYI. They have changed a some tasks now to be only 1 min ones. So if you do progress, you can still earn fast…just not as fast. I too am holding up the final part of Quagmire. I built his house, started a few of his unlock tasks, but won’t complete them just yet. 😉


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