What is your favourite task in the quest for stuff?

Hello there Quahogians!

How are you all? Now that we are all settling into the game and familiarising ourselves with some of the quests, I thought that I would ask you: What is your favourite quest in the quest for stuff?

There are some pretty cool animations for quests, here are some of my favourites:


Peter getting Chris to try and “Get a TV signal”.

Bonnie “Twerking it” and Peter and Quagmires “Nap Time”.

Quagmire’s “Giggity Strut”.

But I want to know your favourite! Do you like any of the tasks I have listed? Maybe you like some that I haven’t listed?! Well here is your chance to say! Just leave a comment below telling us which ones you think are the best!

Keep Questing,



11 responses to “What is your favourite task in the quest for stuff?

  1. Consuela and Peter’s task “Have Heated Argument” I love it so much! By far the best character in the game!! 🙂


  2. Brain damaged horses magestic galloping


    • Still lots of animations to unlock but bought the brain damaged horse last night and I would agree, that animation made me genuinely LOL.


  3. Mine has to be peter & Lois. So far anyhow.
    I sincerely hope to eventually see stewie and Brian. Too many dual tasks I could think of. Although I do hope to see a “where’s my money?” Reference between the two. Such a funny episode 😀


  4. i think i like the leap frog


  5. thelittleprince

    Also saw a dual task with Seamus and Mermaid Peter in one of my neighbors. That was hilarious, too!


  6. thelittleprince

    Love the dual tasks– Bonnie and Lois, Peter and Quagmire, Jerome and Lois, Peter and Lois, Bonnie and Joe, Consuela and Peter– there may be more that I haven’t seen yet. I think there’s one with Herbert and Chris, too. This game is just a riot! Can’t wait for Stewie to be in the game and what tasks he will do.


  7. Meg’s scarfing down hot dogs.


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