Character Overview: Mort

Hey There Clammers!

With the introduction of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff there’s a whole cast of characters to unlock in your rebuild effort of Quahog!  These overview posts are designed to give you a quick breakdown of the characters, how you unlock them & their tasks so you can play FGG more efficiently!

Of course there will be those players who don’t want to know the details of unlocking the characters so for that reason we’ll post all of the details below the fold.  So if you don’t like to know what’s going on before you play don’t click read more…CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD

The next character we’ll tackle on our character overview is Mort. Mort is the sixth character that you’re introduced to in FG:TQFS and is the first character you’ll find in the Shopping District.  So now let’s take a look at Mort and his tasks…

Character: Mort
6th character in game, with quest prompt from Peter
Building: Goldman’s Pharmacy
Voiced?: Yes
Required to Unlock: Build Goldman’s Pharmacy, $500.  The “stuff”: Collect 300 Coins, 3 Coupons, 3 Antacids, 3 Jewels, Place 1 Quahog Bank ($500)
Phrases: “What are you doing here?” “It’s good to be up and gouging again” “Can I help you?” “Oh god” “Oh my” “That’s right”
There may be some missing.  So if YOU catch a different phrase feel free to note it in the comments below and I’ll update the post with it 🙂 



Task Length Earns Requires Character Level
Feeble Flail 1m $5, 3xp n/a 6
Restock Ipecac Syrub 1hr $20, 10xp n/a 1
Retreat Cowardly 2hrs $30, 20xp n/a 1
Swallow Jewels 4hrs $50, 20xp n/a 1
Do Peter’s Taxes 6hrs $165, 115xp Peter 1
Scrounge for Coins 8hrs $80, 50xp n/a 3
Jetpack to Safety 10hrs $90, 60xp n/a 10
Obsessively Count Cash 12hrs $100, 65xp Quahog Bank 2
Snoop on Customers 20hrs $135, 90xp n/a 8
Leer at Money 24hrs $150, 100xp n/a 4

During Christmas 2014 Mort received his first costume…Hanukkah Mort!

Hanukkah Mort

Task Length Earns Visual
Make Wine Kosher 1hr $20, 12xp N
Gorge on Holiday Duck 2hrs $30, 20xp N
Spin the Dreidel 4hrs $50, 30xp Y
Watch Movies Alone 6hrs $65, 45xp N
Buy Eight Presents 8hrs $80, 50xp N
Safeguard Gelt Coins 12hrs $100, 65xp N
Flip the Latke of Justice 16hrs $115, 75xp N
Hide from a Robber 20hrs $135, 88xp N
Light the Super-Menorah 24hrs $150, 100xp N

So there you have it, the break down of Mort and his tasks in FGTQFS! What do YOU think of Morts’s tasks?  Have any favorites?  What level is he currently on in your game?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

5 responses to “Character Overview: Mort

  1. There is one task where mort doest earn the usual money and xp but instead he ears 999 dolars or something .what is that? And what can i do with it?


  2. I have also heard him say “just give me the money”.


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