Where The Hell…? Giant Crab, Peterdactyl, Lawn Tiger

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

decoration_giantcrab_thumbnail decoration_peterdactyl_decoration_lawntiger_thumbnail

In this post, I will be covering the Origin of the Giant Crab, Peterdactyl, and the Lawn Tiger. These were brought more to our attention during the Exotic Animal Event. Now the question is, did these actually come from a TV Episode?  Let’s take a look. (For you Netflix & Hulu veiwers, some of these episodes are listed as one off.)

Giant Crab
Season 10, Episode 6: Thanksgiving
The Griffin’s are getting ready to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner with Bonnie and Joe. Peter is glad they can finally have guests over now that the Giant Crab is gone. Cut away to a scene of visitors attempting to come to the door but are blocked by an annoying Giant Crab that just won’t let them pass by. It just keeps repeating over n over, “Nope nope nope nope nope…” as it goes side to side preventing anyone from reaching the front door.

Giant Crab

So a strange lil crab that popped up for only a few seconds in an episode, and it is now in our game.


Season 10, Episode 10: Quagmire and Meg
In this Episode, Quagmire is trying to hook up with a now Adult Meg. Peter wants to stop Quagmire from taking her to his cabin as he knows what goes on there. Peter takes the Pterodactyl that looks like him and rides it to save Meg. As with all the other things he attempts to fly, he crashes it …into power lines …and kills it. He then realizes that it had babies and now has to take care of them. So he expels some “food” into their mouths from his stomache. Yummy!!

Peterdactyl 1

You would think by now people would stop letting Peter take flight with random objects, then again…it is humorous. Makes you just wonder…where on earth is he getting/keeping all these items?


Lawn Tiger
Season 12, Episode 19: Meg Stinks!
This one is a kinda inside joke item. The White Tiger it is actually mimicking is the one called Mantecore owned by Seigfried & Roy’s Las Vegas show. The same one that attacked and nearly killed Roy during one of their shows. In this episode, Brian is sprayed by a skunk and forced to live outside until the smell goes away. As he is an inside dog, he flips out he won’t make it. After several days, he is looking very wild. Stewie points out his smell is gone and he can now go back inside, but Brian refuses while snarling and biting at him. Stewie says he has turned wild, just like that Tiger that attacked Roy. Cut away to a scene of Roy laying in a hospital bed torn up. Mantecore enters and asks if he needs to get checked. (Hinting that Roy has a disease and he now has it after biting him.)

Lawn Tiger White Tiger


Season 11, Episode 21: Roads to Vegas 
In this episode we also can see an animal that represents Mantecore. Stewie and Brian are in Las Vegas. During a montage scene of their adventures around Vegas, we can see Stewie and Brian in the audience at a magic show. Mantecore is in a cage on the stage. He is covered, but when the tarp is removed it is Stewie in the cage and Mantecore is now sitting next to Brian in the audience.

Lawn Tiger White Tiger 2
So another animal that only had a few moments in the TV show is now in our lil game.

Did you take advantage of the Exotic Animals sale and get any of these animals? If so, where did you place them in YOUR Quohog? Worth the Clams? Sound off in the comments below.

Til Next Time


35 responses to “Where The Hell…? Giant Crab, Peterdactyl, Lawn Tiger

  1. how can i get the beta items


  2. Hey I just seen a Mount Rushmore in someone’s town I have it screenshotted and all . Is there any way to get it or is it exclusive for premium players ?


    • It was released in error when the Asian district was made available. Some players saw it and bought it before TinyCo could remove it. Right now they don’t have plans to re-release it (lol..or I guess “officially” release it).


  3. Unfortunately I started playing the game when this items only had about an hour or two left on them to get and didnt get them. But on a side note I would kind of like to see a post on what the next premium character maybe even if its just speculation or a poll on what character the players may want to see put in the game. Personally I want to see greased up deaf guy put in the game!


    • We don’t like to post speculation, we try to put up posts right after something is actually in the game. TinyCo makes changes right up to hours before new content is released. Example: during the event, stands that dropped “shots” were going to be made available (they even spoke of these on their official Facebook page). But, as most know….they never released them.


  4. Would love for these to show up again as well as the chance to get the resteraunt
    Perhaps if they did it with more animals aswell


  5. So when do the new districts come out I’m sick and fed up with waiting


  6. Did anyone else get screwed out of king butt by the inconvenience that occurred Monday evening around 11Pm? No mummies came out of the pyramid until 8AM the next morning! Missed King butt by 4500 golden butts!


  7. I didn’t get these as I play free only but that crab is cool 🙂

    Side note–I have king butt unlocked but when I browse through facespace he isn’t pictured?


  8. My game is crashing constantly since the event ended to the point that I can’t open the game! I hope the update will fix this :/


  9. I have Cleveland house in storage as well as the Egyptian museum, no time building needed. As for the rest, I got no quests… Nothing special to do.


  10. HisNameisJames(quagmire)

    Is the party camel supposed to be big? Mine is really small but I’ve read in the comments that it was big for some people


  11. Bought all 3, items with fixed prices at least let you choose what you want. Crab was the coolest of the bunch.


  12. Tadmire Giggity

    Gawd, I love this show! A Million Ways to Die in the West was fun, too.


  13. “where on earth is he getting/keeping all these items?”
    Well, you can stop wondering. They explained it in the breaking bad episode: As peter said to the farmer – “Usualy FOX calls and then I get to do stuff”


  14. Man, I hope they add the fancy restaurant sometime I only got the tiger :/


  15. Buggah 😦 missed this event. Just curious … How often do events like the AWESOME Full Moon occur?


    • Hard to say since the game is still so new. No release pattern set yet.


    • Dixie, you didn’t miss much with this event… Well, you missed pulling your hair, screaming at TinyCo at random times, scratching your head, getting angry.. Feeling used and betrayed….

      Cleveland was the only nice thing to come from this event. Most of the other stuff… We could have done without…


  16. I noticed that clown peter dissappeared but it seems I never got the opportunity to open him. I’ve completed every task and am waiting for the next release but in the mean time, it would have been nice to use him. Did I miss something?


  17. I bought the set as well didn’t know they appeared on a episode I watch a lot of family guy but haven’t really seen all the seasons yet especially the latest ones I’m thinking bout starting all over from the beginning 🙂


  18. I purchased this set. It was worth getting them purely for self vanity as they look good. The free restaurant that came with them hasn’t really come into it’s own yet but I’m sure it will have been a good addition. I put the crab on the beach by Asia Town, the Lawn Tiger outside the restaurant that Tricia came with. On the Play store TQFS app has a screen shot of boats on trailers outside the houses, have we missed the opportunity to get them as they don’t seem to be in the shop?


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