More Comic Con Clarifications

Hey there Clammers, Hopping on by to give some more answers to the questions being asked. You can see a lot of them in our previous Clarification post HERE.

Iron Baby 11


So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Iron Baby 7Minion 4

If you want to get Iron Baby or the Minion Stewie costume but do NOT have Stewie unlocked, no worries at all. For Iron Baby, you just need to have completed Iron Baby Part 1 (Collected ALL 20 Demonic Plating & 10 Reactors). For the Minion Stewie Costume, you just have to purchase it for the 20,000 Blam!. This MUST be done BEFORE the Con Event ends. Both of these costumes, if completed as just stated, will sit in “limbo” and wait til you unlock Stewie. Once Stewie is unlocked, you will see the Minion Stewie in Al’s to create and you will see Part 2 of Iron Baby trigger to build his helmet really quick then create that costume. (Keep in mind you need to be to Demon Child Part 5 to see the Minion Stewie costume in your menu.)

As stated above, you MUST be complete with Demon Child Part 5 in order to be able to see the costume for purchase in your menu. If you are past that part and still do not see it, or it was there and gone now… try to force close and/or restart your device to see if it returns. Secondly, if you are already creating a costume right now (like Multiplier or any other character) Minion Stewie will NOT show up in Al’s until the creation of the other costume is done. This is to help avoid the glitch like that with Red Hot Lois that happened. Once the other costume is done creating, the Minion Stewie will show up again to create. If you still do not see it and have gone through all above, please email us your Player ID (Menu, Account, Long number in lower right corner. NOT from load screen) to

Stripper Bonnie 10

As of this moment I am writing this, the info is STILL this… Stripper Bonnie will go when Quahog Comic Con does. So if you do NOT have all her materials collected by then and she is unlocked and walking around town, you will NOT get her. 

And of course after I write this they did push the announcement to extend her. Lol. Like we always say, constantly changing and listening to players. Lol. Here is what TinyCo says:

Need more time for Stripper Bonnie? You’ve got it! Thanks to player feedback, we’ve decided to extend this costume past the Comic-Con event. To continue working on Stripper Bonnie past September 8th, you’ll need to start her quest “Hostess with the Mostess Pt 1.”

As long as you’ve started this quest, you’ll have all the time you need to finish collecting items for the Stripper Bonnie costume. This means more time for dancing on bars and lap dances, which is what we all really want.

Thanks for the feedback and keep collecting those fishnets and stripper heels!

So make sure you complete Part 1 of Hostess with the Mostess BEFORE the event ends to be able to continue collecting for her costume.





If you were one of the players that purchased the Reactors for 5000 Blam! before the price dropped to 2000 Blam!, make sure you have an open ticket with TinyCo. They combed through them before and will do so again this weekend to make sure they were taken care of. This is why it is critical you have open communication with them if you have an issue. Also, make sure you allow them proper time to get back to you on issues. They deal with tens of thousands of messages daily.


Hope this helps to clear up a lot of continuous questions for the game. Again, we have another Clarification Post you can look into if the answer is not here. Let us know if this helped you out.



198 responses to “More Comic Con Clarifications

  1. I feel so dumb I did not know it was an requirement to have the minion stewie costumd from comic con so as it turns out I will not be able to complete iron baby… 😱😱😱😪😪😡😠


  2. Since the comic con event ended and I needed to update the game back to the ‘basic’ game. I did so on my HTC no problems, but on my ipad, the game says i need to update the game, but when i click on ‘update’ it takes me to the store to update it, but the only option is to ‘open’ and nor ‘update’, which then takes you back into the game saying you need to update the game, which you click on, which takes you to back to the store etc etc etc…. Tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling, but it doesn’t help… Any ideas?


  3. My comic com event said it finished at 8pm pdt not 3pm pdt what can I do to resolve this?


  4. Was Rollocop not available for iPhone players?


  5. Any word on the last page event ends in a couple hours


  6. Will we ever get to see the 7th and final comic book page for this event?


  7. Crossing my fingers for an extension. I’m trying to save up for reactors. I only had 10,000 blam yesterday morning, so in desperation, I went for the blam boxes. Didn’t get any reactors. I was ready to give up hope, then I got a super lucky streak on giant mutant stewie and I have another 10,000 blam now. (If only I’d waited…) Not gonna do that again. Gonna hold out to the very last minute… Is that last minute still 2:59 PDT?


  8. Well I beat all demon child parts have 20k blams still don’t see the iron baby costume


  9. what’s up with the comic book? i’ve got page 6/7 and no more quest to do, when will they show the final page?


  10. I’m uninstalling this thing.
    A week ago needed only the last microchip to get Rollocop.
    Kept maximum number of characters non stop on the task. Now it’s less than eight hours till the end of event and I’m still stuck on the same four chips. That lame excuse about ‘honest randomness’ that makes a joke of any attempt at planning things got old sooo long ago.
    Can’t wait for the end of event survey now…


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