Random Free Stuff Contest Winners!!

Well hello there all my lil minions… errrrr… readers. Getting a lil anxious to find out if YOU won some Free Stuff courtesy of Alissa and Bunny? Wanna now RIGHT NOW??!!! Well too bad…

Limited Edition Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Comic Con poster

GOTCHA!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! Of course I am gonna announce the winners. So start biting your nails and pulling out what hair you have left. Lol. (FYI, for your patience you will notice there are MORE than 45 Winners. You’re Welcome!) Here we go…

(For those of you wondering, the Posters are 11×17 inches and the Cards are 3 1/2 x 5 inches) 

20140827_165312 20140827_165304 20140827_165257

Winners of One 3 pack of Quahog Comic Con Cards (Captain Hammered, Red Hot, and the Multiplier). ~26 Winners~

Saupa: When my friend showed me this game for the first time I never thought that I would be so addicted to it, It’s just an amazing game. Thanks a lot for your support, all your post are very useful, you are great!! Greetings from Spain


Angela Williams: I love this game. Even wake in middle of night to complete tasks and restart characters’ tasks. Only complaint is that the clams should be easier to get or maybe some of the buildings could have a choice of clams or coins to purchase. Eg 100 clams or 50,000 coins or maybe you could buy clams with coins


Nomen: One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.


Alexander Veen:

This game is so awesome and this forum makes it even more cool,

I love the posters i like to win one of them if possible vecause i am a 100% fan and i have all the dvd’s, some t-shirts and even a mok with peter and if the mok gets hot then peter gets hot how hilarious is that hihi,

My favorite character is still stewie its like a baby einstein with terrible ideas but that is making him the most cool onee, peter is fun to i see him as my homer, stupid and brilliant at the same time, and everybody know the bird right hihi.

Incant wait untill the episode with the simpsons and family guy in one that will be released in december.

I hope this is enough to win something like the overall character poster and peter poster this so incredible cool, i wish i was there in comic-con,

Kind regards,

Alexander Veen


Chris: Love the game! Love the updates! Keep it up TInyCo! (I just need more hours in a day…)


Alistair: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Giggity, Giggity, Giggity Goo!


Michael: Great game, seriously addicting, loving what you’re doing on this site, gives great insight into various quests such as ones in which you receive a vehicle, a little sceptical about the current phase, hope tonight’s will be better and will be less of an ordeal to get the vehicle. By the way I will be jealous if I don’t win! 😉 but whoever wins enjoy the prizes, they sure are awesome!


DomTRON: I’ve had enuff of all the Blam! Looking forward to buy all the new things with my millions of – atm worthless – coins. I wonder if there will be a payout when once quitting the game. Think of all the effort and time we wasted in this silly little game. The first thing I do in the morning is collecting my endless stuff. That alone takes me 10 minutes. 10 minutes, that I have to cut away from my sleeping time…

You made me an ADDICT, TinyCo!
Greetings from Germany///


Kevin: Love this game, come on Tiny keep up the good work


NamesRex: Yay, something for people out of US to enter :p


dilon: I love this game I can’t stop playing. I just got George Takei. Oh myyy!


KENDY: Long time reader and tapper, first time poster. Enjoy all the tips you and the readers post.


mjgummi: Under “How Do I Win?”, I’m guessing you meant within rather than withing. Oh, and since this is my entry, I should let you know that I am British!


Ben Davidson: I liked the event it was very fun and Loved the prizes, But I didn’t like it when you have a timer to complete the task, And Thanks for all the Great info you’ve posted


MrsJackSparrow: You guys rock! Daily reader!


Patricia: Really into this game and this website.


Clob: Oh, he may not smell like Irish Spring, nor did he teach him anything, but he did give us the broth of his own stubby shalalie. Cheers to the town drunk of McSwiggan Village and patron of Wifey McBeaty’s Tavern, Mickey McFinnigan!! May his sweater repel the boniest fingered nun’s poke and may his companion O’Brian live forever!


I’m going to comment in the form of a poem!
Family guy addicts is the site for me,
Helpful tips from the one called bunny,
If she was to leave we would all miss ‘er,
But we also get help from the one called alissa,
Letting us know any helpful glitches,
Them two ladies are definitely not witches,
From what the hell… To character walkthrough,
Don’t stop posting cos that would be poo!


Havmol: I really appreciate all of your hard work on your amazing blogs and I love the game! I turned 26 years yesterday… Can you believe that!? Oh, so old! I enjoy your blogs and am a loyal reader although I mostly lurk in the shadows with the exception of a few odd comments now and then


spyderhawk: …and just when you think you couldn’t love a site any more than you do, something completely different comes along. Awesome contest idea, Bunny thanks for getting the Comic-con items to do this contest! Would love to win the cards, but I’ll be happy enough to just see the next post on the site. 🙂


Cleckers:  Wow…cool contest. Errrr…something random…hmmmm…pressure is on…something that will make that random generator website abandon its randomness and choose my comment. Yes, I really do believe that writing something witty, interesting and random will affect a random generator. What do you mean that is absolute *&^*$%?

Anyway, only wanted to wrte a couple of points:

The event – loving it but spending way too much real money on it. Good looking buildings and voiced celebrities relevant to the event not helping. It’s Stan Lee! Patrick Stewart has a task “Make it Sew”, come on! Lots of thought from TinyCo about the event after the moon idol one and keeping it interesting all the way to the end. Now the question is, do I spend even more money on Bryan Cranston?

This site – Love the detail, love the humour, even got the wookie to write a post, what more could you want. Not quite sure how you manage this one plus the TSTO Addicts site and have time for real life!

Thanks for giving me the opportuniity to write a bit of randomness


Family man: The best web blog as the tips are really useless (useful) and its my first game on the phone that i realy liked and stil the only game on my phone and i am a fan of your blog living in The Netherlands xd hope i win something



The quest for stuff is seriously addicting for many many reasons,

1. theres always so much to do, whether its unlocking characters, customizing your town, or collecting the event currency prizes.

2. The town is not just plain square, which is perfect for different types of designs, and i love the districts events.

3. The moon idol and the comic con events have been perfect, Love the rewards, love the characters and love the weekly updates.

4. All I need now for this game is them to add Vinni the dog, then one week later remove him because Knowone wanted him to replace brian 😉

Thanks for Your time to read this, Been following this site for a long time, this is my first comment, Will comment more in the future.

doing a great job guys 😉

Benjoni x


Helldarin: Ooooo! I may live in the UK, but I do love free stuff! Long time reader and first time commenter. Loving your work and generally addicted to the game, why else would I be here?


Emmerson: After getting the quest for stuff I realised that something was missing. A game guide. I searched for about 10 days for one then I gave up. And a few weeks later I was bored. So I searched for a game guide and I found this and the website felt like a dream come true to me so thank you for this website and I hope I win.



I am from Scotland and I don’t wear a kilt every day (weddings only I’m afraid!), only eat haggis once a year – at most, but do enjoy a wee bit of shortbread now and again.

It’s pretty freezing most of the year, rains ALL THE TIME and we’re lucky if we get one full week of summer weather.

But it’s worth all the clichés and shocking weather to live in the best country in the world – come and visit us, you won’t want to leave!

Limited Edition Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Comic Con poster

Winners of One Limited Edition Quahog Comic Con Numbered Poster. ~14 Winners~

alan nelson: This is the most addictive game. It is great to have you guys as an outlet for information on all things going on in Quahog

OSebhlen: Aren’t you a little fat for a stormtrooper ? Maybe you’d like to stay in your cell and rot

Cody: I really hope they do a blue harvest event. That would be the coolest

Jimmy jimenez: I love this game, but its hard waiting for every little thing to build.

Xarone: Thanks guys for the contest and thank you for all of the game information you provide to us on your blog, greatly appreciated! I was trying to think of a witty comment but am having a brain fart so i will just post this random comment and hope I’m selected for a prize. Good luck all! 🙂

Christina: Thanks for the opportunity! Party on Wayne Party on Garth

Ashley: Can I interest you in haiku? When bombing Stewie  Ring this out with AWESOME might,  Cry: Excelsior!!  Bunny’s fun contest  Maybe I can make them laugh  I can has a swag?

Scott Boege: I love you guys! I enjoy reading the input that not only the admins write, but all the commenters too. Here is some poetry for y’all:

From getting some blam
To earning a clam
I read this blog
To improve my Quahog

stevecttw: So if an earwig crawls in your ear, where does a cockroach go? *shivers*

TurtleJeans: This website is super helpful and the game is beyond addicting 💕

Sean: Great game and I love all the tips you guys give to help us out.

Alan: This blog is awesome!

tjbmurph: Does my email show up with my WordPress acct?

Dave: would it be possible if i just came over to your house and mowed your lawn or something to get the prize instead of leaving it to some random thing?? i pretty much suck at it and can’t guarantee i won’t end up in the hospital or that it’ll even look good when i’m done but hey it’s pretty much all i have besides my extremely awesome ability to sit here and read your blog for hours a day.




Limited Edition Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Comic Con poster


Winners of One 3 pack of Quahog Comic Con Cards  (Captain Hammered, Red Hot, and the Multiplier) and One Limited Edition Quahog Comic Con Numbered Poster. ~19 Winners~

Blammin!: My favorite Family Guy quote is Stewie trying to get Lois’s attention and after she finally screams “WHAT?”, he says hi and runs off. I’ve shown this to my kids, and now they do this to my wife, but she has threatened me with bodily harm, so I guess that backfired! I can’t decide if I’m more addicted to reading through this website or playing QFS:). I enjoy reading through the comments and seeing how other players tackle things. I just wish people wouldn’t whine about things so much! “I’ll never get enough Blam! I start a week later, give me something. All we get is a skin for waiting a week? How come they get a new skin and we don’t? Why do we have to unlock our exclusive skin?” Seriously, stop whining and enjoy the game! Thanks for listening!


kclovesgaming : Everyone here does amazing work. I’ve been going to this site for a few months and I’ll be honest, I’d be lost if it weren’t for you guys. My videos would be much more boring if it weren’t for FGA. 😉 So thank you Bunny and Co.

Oh yeah. Gimme mah free stuff! So I can create another vblog down the road, show off my swag and plug the hell out of this site. 😛 Am I joking? Not if the RNG Gods are on my side. 🙂


Ryder: Roses are blue, Violets are flowers, I suck at poetry. The email I use here doesn’t work anymore and it wont let me use my Gmail, wants me to log into word press. But my Gmail is the same as the one I use here just @gmail.com instead of @hotmail.com. 😉 Did I win? Huh? Did I? 😀


minicha: Im in awe of you, running two blogs on two different games so sucessfully 🙂



woo contest!

random thought about the game? um…
well my ye olde flip phone finally gave up the ghost (actually the screen did. phone itself still worked fine without issue but was impossible to get text messages with the green game boy-esque lined screen after a drop) after 6-8 years (I forget) of loyal service. at the same time my 4th gen iPodTouch fell off the bed onto my hard wood floor & cracked. So when Verizon said I could get a free (except for tax on full retail value) iPhone 5c I went for it. salesman couldn’t believe how long & got that flip phone to last (love LG phones) & didn’t even push the insurance on me because I “obviously take good care of stuff.”

Magically I can play this game now without having to restart my device everytime first! guess my iPod was just getting old & slow… but wow… so much faster. looks cooler too. I actually get little animations when I tap on things now that I didn’t before!

(is it wrong of me to want to try & fix that ye olde LG flip phone’s screen since the phone itself still works fine? or should I just toss it in the recycler? although I can’t really wipe my info off first b/c of the screen. hmmm… maybe this is a job for captain hammer!)


Pete: This is awesome!


Trevor: Thanks for all of the help and advise on the Family Guy app. It really helped


Russ: Why not, the worst that can happen is that this just goes into the big black hole known as the interweb 😉


Prince667: I love this site and everyone that runs it. Before I do anything I check here so I know exactly what to do and how to get it. Thank you guys and heres to hoping to win! Thank you,

: As you say, who doesn’t like free stuff?! I really wanted to go to San Diego Comic Con but was not able to unfortunately. I did go to the Chicago one, but that is nothing compared to San Diego! I follow this site and tapped out frequently 😀


ronni: SIGH ok, here is my comment….. I just suck..I never win anything…..:(


George Derghazarian: Always used the site. to see strategy and how to’s……Never thought I’d actually comment on this site. Come ooooon let me win haha.


Al: Big bucks, no wammies…


Sheldon: I like coloring outside of the lines because I like being myself…rules were meant to be broken. Thanks TinyCo!



I love both Blogs
I love the ppl that work them
i have a farm with Hogs
But i have to fix this Hem

I love the Characters in this game
And the other one the same
Thank you TinyCo
and thanks to other that we know

What would i do without these Clammers
Hide in the corner and cry or
Be like Peter and go get hammered
Spend my money till i’m poor

Without all you Tappers
What would i do
Play with my Clapper
and tap in solitude

I am happy to be
a part of this community
Enjoying all of the animities
Thanks Everyone from ME!! 😉


Moni’s Mom:

Bunny, Alissa, and all the helpful addicts here for making this game and event so much fun! Together you all help me get more out of this game then I would without you.

The FGTQFS game makes me laugh. I have a very adult sense of humor and there are so many parts in the game that are risqué it just cracks me up. I mean c’mon “Save Lois” and “Pretend Peter’s a Black Guy” for tasks? Hooker Peter attracting new clients? Those are hilarious in so many ways!

I very much appreciate that you maintain standards in the comments section of your blog by not allowing people to behave badly. There are too many sites online that have become platforms for jerks to spew negativity and I’m sooo glad you won’t allow that to happen here.

I’m also thankful for the relationship it appears you have with TinyCo and even wrote them in July to thank them for helping to get Bunny to Comic Con.

Looking forward to the next ride!


Skipper, Kolowski, Rico and Private: I think change is needed.. maybe a petition! I demand that Bunny have a less flattering icon pic. How am I supposed to concentrate on learning TQFS secrets when I see that seductress smiling at me out of her pic?


txdesertrat: And then it happened. What? Well I’ll tell you. Thank you. No problem. Ok. Where was I? Oh yes. And then it happened. Finally after all this time I had hit the jackpot. It wasn’t easy and frankly, I was spent. My poor little fingers, I say little because my ex wife had often made fun of me for having girl hands. I always thought they were normal but she assured me on numerous occasions that they were freakishly small and delicate, were rubbed raw from constant poking on the infernal device I purchased to bring my hectic and stressful existence down to a calm relaxed state. Why would I put myself through such hell? Because. That’s why. Not to save the world or to make a better life for my children or the myriad of reasons I could claim to make you and everyone else feel was more justifiable. Just because. And what was the hellish accomplishment I sought to complete? The elusive 15 Stewie with one bomb. I know. I shudder at the thought myself.

Oh how I had tried. I poked as many mutants ask I could and watched them freeze and squirt ink only to scuttle away at the last minute causing my flatulence like green cloud of justice to fall short of causing them to pop out of existence with that satisfying “ploop.” I never gave up. I built fences in a circular pattern. I put one small section of road in front of the Griffin house. I even made a square of houses to block the evil spawns of Satanic octopi from exiting my Godly area of retribution.

Then in my darkest hour I had an epiphany. Was it to read the suggestions that others had used to be successful? Of course not. That’s stupid. No. I did what any red blooded hero of the modern day would do. I got lucky. I rocketed into action like Hunter S. Thompson after a bottle of Wild Turkey. With fingers flashing at inhuman speed I placed row after row of hedges in a maze like pattern, trapping the tiny ne’er-do-wells until I could extinguish their evil flame. With an angelic chorus in the background, I flexed my muscled tapping finger and delivered the death knell onto the abominations while I shouted to the heavens in a triumphant cry not heard since the destruction of Bowser at the hands of the heroic Italian plumber.

Do I seek praise for my accomplishment? Of course I do. Do I expect to be showered with money and women of ill repute? Yes. Do I want children to view me as a hero and tell stories about my exploits. You’re damn right. I know what you’re thinking. How does he manage to stay so humble after everyone realizing how incredibly awesome he actually is? It’s not easy my friends. Somehow I have found the strength to do so.

I hope this is a lesson to everyone. With a little faith and some hard work, maybe some day you too can realize how great my accomplishment was. Until then, stay strong and keep trying. Best of luck with your quest to be almost as cool but not quite as me.

That was fun lol. Sorry for the bad grammar and I have no Idea if the paragraphs were done properly. Failed English lol. This last paragraph was just for you addicts staff so shhh. Thanks guys.


Mingusdew: Random thought: if cats always land on their feet and bread always lands butter side down if you put butter on a cats back and it falls is it toast?


Winner of the $10 Gift Card (Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play)

Blackshirts: Been an awesome event..just got done using up most of my extra blam and got all of the prizes way easy plus the ten clam twice..will have Stewies extra skin soon and cant wait to get the Fabujet!! Again Alissa, bunny and Cyber(MIA) Have been awesome and been a HUGE help with my strategery (what..its a real word……now)

All Winners will be contacted over the next week to obtain proper mailing addresses to send the prizes. So we hope you gave us the right ones as any incorrect email addresses that were submitted result in immediate forfeit of prizes. See all the Rules HERE

There you have it. Alissa and Bunny (myself) would like to give ALL the entries a HUGE THANK YOU!!! We were quite overwhelmed and very humbled by the tremendous responses and amazingly awesome comments. We really do this all for YOU and love giving back to our silly lil blog community. Keep an eye out as you never know when we might pop up with another give away. 😉

So thanks once again from the Addicts

Alissa & Bunny


76 responses to “Random Free Stuff Contest Winners!!

  1. Got it yesterday! Thx again. Mounted mine on a black background with photocorners 🙂 to avoid pinmarks on the actual poster/cards. https://www.flickr.com/photos/97970323@N05/15282057560/


  2. WOO HOO! My poster arrived today! Thank you so much!


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