District 9, Stewie’s Blimp, Things To Come

Hey there lil Minions. Lol. I spoke on this briefly in the District 9 Update post, but we will be seeing MORE things added to the game over the next few weeks in regards to District 9. Most likely around the same time too.

So what is in store for Next Week? Well the pop up in our game gives us a lil glimpse. The Blimp quest keeps on going…

Week 2 District 9 Promo Vinny

I wonder what Brian will think of his “replacement” showing up in the game. This could get REALLY interesting. No worries, we are prepared for more fun to come. At least I think I am. LOL.  (And NO…this is not all of it.) 😉

Family Guy Addict


So stay tuned for more fun and excitement in this silly lil game that keeps us on our toes.

What do YOU think is coming next? What things do YOU want to see them bring into the game? Let us know in the comments below, we LOVE hearing from you.



162 responses to “District 9, Stewie’s Blimp, Things To Come

  1. Since the phases have already happened, when I go thru here it should all be opened up right? I won’t have to do it phases either?


    • Correct… the only think still left open is the Blimp… but that storyline jumps right to District 9… then goes on from there. District 10 has only phase one open right now, but two should be coming shortly for it. You have plenty of time. No need to rush.


  2. how i can i find out about the next event before it happen ?


  3. I was really hoping to see joes son around thanksgiving but im sure he will show up eventually.


  4. To be honest, im a little disappointed. I got both vinny and the kool aid man and they don’t have audio voices. You know when you tap them or something they talk. Vinny and the Kool aid man doesnt 😦

    ~Shut Up Meg.~


    • Well, you can thank all those legal contracts and legal hoops a person has to go through to just get a clip of a voice for a few seconds. The actor/actress wants to be paid for each use of their voice…understandable. We want it in the game. TinyCo will do all they can to try and get it. Some voice actors just won’t budge or have such EXTREME costs that it is just not worth it.

      I have ran into this myself many times in one of my jobs.


      • Well, I didnt mean to act unthankful or anything. I just thought that it would be a simple process of inserting an audio clip from an episode they were in into their character, guess I’m wrong. 🙂


  5. I have no blimp hanger it says click to view but it won’t appear I have del and reinstall and updated and still no hanger, my friends who are far behind me have it when I visit, what should I do


    • I don’t have a blimp hangar either. It’s nowhere to be found. I just collected Pink Brian ( sort of )…got the kool aid man done…building mayor’s mansion. I go to my friend’s page and see blimp hangar , but I can’t get one. I was one of the people that had all my blimp mats disappear and had to wait 3 days for a fix.


  6. what does the blimp do? I can’t get plutonium anymore, the blimp hasn’t done anything after I built it


  7. I got city Hall last night and some new buildings. Is the update meant for Thursday?


  8. More character suggestions with Actions:
    New Brian (not to be confused with Vinny).
    – farting while asleep
    – mounting Rupert
    – playing “I Like Farts” song on guitar
    – play flute
    – sing karaoke (with Lois)
    – make small pox
    Lauren Conrad
    – scoot butt across ground

    Carol (Lois’s sister since we have Mayor West)
    Patrick (Lois’s brother)
    Evil Stewie (wears yellow overalls and red shirt)
    Angus Griffin (Peter’s biological father)
    All of Brian’s ex-girlfriends.


  9. I’m getting closer to D9, I started D8 last week and I unlocked Carter last night, so drop rates for him were pretty good, and I got the last item I needed for Falconer Peter this morning, which was a Leather Glove. So I only need to unlock Stewie now, I have 30/30 Jewels, 7/30 Blueprints, and 1/10 Plutonium, I just hope I get a better drop rate on Plutonium than I did with the Gloves, because for the whole week I had Joe and Lois on non stop tasks for those, and Joe dropped all 5 of them, not a single one from Lois. So I think that I’ll have Stewie unlocked for the Haloween event, and will just have started on D9.


  10. I saw a free “animal crate” in featured tab. I keep tapping, it comes into 3d screen and disappaers…

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  11. Ok, so the Blimp Hanger building is locked until District 9 opens up, but the item it drops is only good for building the blimp which is needed to unlock District 9….so why would anyone spend clams on the building after the fact?


    • I’m fairly certain you’re going to be needing to build more blimps after D9 opens, or at least collect parts for it. But we won’t know for sure until more of D9 opens…


  12. Is there a post about the new building (Tom tickers trailer and the blimp hanger) and hoe to un lock them just wondering thanks


  13. Has anyone noticed that characters are giving coins when tasks are done but not xp? I sent in to TinyCo this message. Just didn’t knw of anyone else was having problems.


  14. Maybe wrong section, but how do you add friends if you don’t have facebook?


  15. Woohoo! I need 2 soap for jailhouse Meg! And I only need a few more things for the blimp. I can’t ever remember what they are called.. I’m not in a huge rush by any means but I’m totally thrilled I am so close already. ☺


  16. Well whatever it is, I’m going to be ready. Got my last plutonium before I even finished prison meg (but now at long last I have something fun for Connie to do- get beat up by Meg)

    Just need 3 more propellers and 6 more control panels and Stewie’s mighty airship shall take to the skies!


  17. When I goto ollieland I don’t get any coins or clams any more


  18. Everytime I go to collect from ollieland it exits out of the game..


  19. Tom Tucker is going to take a loooooooooooooooooong time so settle in. He’s worth like 1100 clams and there’s 18 extra rare drops you need to boot. The 20 uncommons come off 10 hour tasks so with a perfect drop rate those alone are going to take 4 days(figure a week on average) plus Brian and Stewie are the main components for all the items so your best strat is basically to put the side people on the same task(Peter, Dr. Hartman, Chris) and then figure out what you want first and keep Brian and Stewie on them until you have it.

    I could see this taking probably 2 weeks at best and more like 3 weeks or so for the average player and 4 weeks for someone who’s not always on top of their tasks. I’m guessing it’s designed to drive us right into the Halloween event so you’ll probably be unlocking him and starting on Mayor West right when the event starts.


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