Sunday Candy Time!

It’s about that time again… CANDY O’ Clock…

Ooooooooh piece of Candy…Ooooooooh piece of Candy…Ooooooooh piece of Candy…Ooooooooh piece of Candy…Ooooooooh piece of Candy…

Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Bars Not-a-Finger Kookie Nut Pops

For more detailed information, you can find the full rundown on this here, but this post is more just a reminder.  A reminder that at 12pm PDT the candy will reset and another piece will be available to collect at a random time starting AFTER that.  So make sure you log into your game BEFORE 12pm PDT if you haven’t already collected your candy from the previous days release.

It’s almost time to find Candy #3. Per our test games and what we have seen via your comments, it seems most got the Bat Bucket/Candy first, then the Pumpkin Bucket/Candy second, so we can only assume that the next one may just be the Glowing Ghost Bucket/Candy. But still, this may vary by player. So look for any of the 3. (You may need to force close/restart your device to get it to show.)

Not-a-Finger Black Bat Candy Bucket 2 Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Bars Pumpkin Candy Bucket 1 Kookie Nut Pop Ghostly Candy Bucket 1

Candy/Buckets will only appear by the sidewalks/roads.  So if you’re having trouble finding it (BEFORE 12pm PDT) try removing some of your roads to make it easier to find it on the NEXT drop. It is VERY small and can easily hide behind things, so I removed any sidewalks that run behind objects and most down to only a few sections. Just look out for the sparklies. They are narrow but go quite high up.

Day 2 Candy

Also, remember you ONLY have 12 hours from time it drops in your town to find it. So as soon as you enter your town and trigger it AFTER 12PM PDT…that time will start.

The candy is triggered each day by collecting rent from a building.  So, if it’s after 12pm PDT and you’re not seeing candy, try collecting $ from all buildings. Once you do this it should signal the candy to drop.


You must have Brian unlocked in order to start the Jack-o-Lantern quests. Brian is in District 6. You will not be able to unlock Pink Brian and/or collect candy unless you are past this point. 

If you are past that, then look to see where your Jack O Lantern is. Just go to the task bar and tap on Pink Brian quest and open the info. The details will pop up right over the top of where it is. Tall buildings can hide it. I was able to move it to better spot.


Candy Pumpkin

So again…

1 Candy/Bucket per day will appear in your Quahog and there will be ONLY 1 in your Quahog during that 24 hours window. That Candy Resets every day at Noon PDT. So if you trigger the candy at 8am PDT today and don’t have it BEFORE 12 noon PDT…no mater the time left… it resets at Noon PDT. So the closer you start to just before Noon, the less time you have to find it.

If a Candy Bucket is available, it will appear randomly in your Quahog after you collect rent from buildings. So keep a close eye out for it on ANY sidewalk. Even those you have hidden by buildings. It can be one of the 3. Also, it is easy to accidentally tap it… so watch for just a candy too. Both are very small in size and check your Pumpkin to see if you already collected without knowing. Force close / restart AFTER collecting from all buildings to make sure it shows. 

If you do NOT collect the 1 Candy within 12 hours of it dropping in your game (or until Noon reset. Whichever comes first.), it is gone and you have no way of getting it back.  So make sure you find it and snag it up right away. That means if you collect from your buildings at … let’s say 2pm PDT and the candy bucket is triggered…you will ONLY have til 2am PDT tomorrow to find it. 12 hours.

(Side note: some have tried putting their town in build mode to find it. Mixed results of it being helpful. I just look for sparkles and don’t “hide” roads behind anything. )

The Jack O Lantern drops ANYWHERE. Candy/Bucket drops by sidewalks/roads.


Psst…if you need help with Time Zones check out this site…

PDT (for those that don’t know) is Pacific Time USA.

Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar BarsNot-a-FingerKookie Nut Pops


UPDATE: rebmatevol asked me to test this out, so here you go. I went into my game. No bucket.


So just as suggested and in the FAQs, I tapped on a few buildings to collect money. After about 4 taps, BOOM…CANDY BUCKET. (See how lil it is?) It was right on one of the only pieces of sidewalk I have left. Sparklies floating out.

Candy Bucket Find

Now to test a few theories, I put the game in “move mode” and moved buildings around it. I could NOT see it in move mode.


Once the building was in front of it, all I could see was the tip top of the sparkles coming out of it. (Accidentally tapped it when moving building, so I couldn’t get a shot of the sparkles above it. But here is an idea of what I COULD see. (As you can see, only a lil bit of sparkles up top showed above the building. So if it is a taller one, you may not see them at all.)

Ghost Bucket Sparkles 1 Ghost Bucket Sparkles 2

Again, this is a small item, so for those of you with “hidden” roads and sidewalks BEHIND objects, this will be a lil more challenging. Zoom in to find it. To give you an idea of just how small it does look, here is a zoomed out glance. So here is a lil test….can YOU spot it? 

2014-09-21 20.28.02

So in short, make sure as soon as the timer for candy resets you go in and tap/clear/collect ALL rent from buildings as you do not know what building collection will trigger it. (Was a building yesterday, trailer today for me.) If you still do NOT see it, force close and restart your game. (If your game is saved to an email or Facebook…you can even go as far as uninstall/reinstall.) Then try again to locate the sparklies.


What do YOU think of the event?  Are you enjoying it? Thoughts on the Candy/Bucket Scavenger Hunt? Excited to get Pink Brian?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


151 responses to “Sunday Candy Time!

  1. I havent had candy drop in 2 days:( I’be been down to 1 small strip of sidewalk for weeks and know I haven’t missed it! I am 1 piece from pink Brian. Grrrr!


  2. I’m not sure if I’m in the right place but I have the plutonium and it won’t let me activate the blimp. Anyone with this issue or am I missing something? I have no active tasks at the moment. I’ve also tried delete and reinstalling the app to no avail.


  3. I have 4 pieces of candy so far. Guess I’ll reduce my road to make it a lil easier to find them.


  4. I have 4 candy. Idk how


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