New Content. Balloon n Cherries!! (Updated & Complete)

Hey there Clammers. Updating while traveling from my phone. So I apologize in advance for any oops. Lol

Endless Summer Boom Box Sparkles

For those of you struggling to find the Boom Box, it has been all glammed out now with pretty sparklies. Hopefully this will help you to better locate it in your town. Then you can move it to a location that will better suit you.

Now for the two new items dropped into our Quahogs.

Kool Aid Hot Air BalloonKool-Aid Hot Air Balloon, 200 Clams, $40 & 25Xp every 7hrs

CherryCherries, 25 Clams each


Also a side task that Chris will trigger that will reward you with 5 Cherries if you buy the Balloon. (Essentially giving you 125 Clams worth of Cherries and making the Balloon only 75 Clams.) Just make sure you trigger this BEFORE you buy the Kool Aid Hot Air Balloon.

Bowl of Cherries


Now for some fun Maths. 🙂

So you want Kool Aid in your town NOW! You don’t want to wait and earn him Freemium? Well now you have your chance and the new items will help, BUT it will cost you precious Clams. Here is the breakdown.

PitcherJerome’s task: This will take one hour to finish OR you can use 2 of your clams to speed it up and take the “shortcut” to get as many Pitchers as you need. (25 total).

Send Jerome on his one hour task. Once he is on it the task info bar will pop up (or if he’s already on it just tap him). Tap the arrows to trigger speeding it up. Then accept the 2 Clams buy out…BUT WAIT. Don’t go so fast or you won’t see the next part. DO NOT TAP ANYWHERE ELSE. Once you accept the Clam Buy, it will end the task and give you a “Second Chance” buy out for 2 Clams. So you can now just tap that over and over and over and over til you get all 25 Pitchers you need. This took me around 60 to 70 Clams. It may take you more or less, so watch your spending.


Next up, the Kool Aid Hot Air Balloon. If you like decorations…Trigger the Bowl of Cherries task with Chris first. Then, for 200 Clams, buy the Hot Air Balloon. This will get you 5 Cherries and a Hot Air Balloon. That leaves only 5 more to earn.


Just buy out as many Cherries as you would like for 25 Clams til you hit the 10 you need. This will cost you up to 250 Clams.

Ice Cubes

Now for the Ice Cubes. One way to do this is to get the Good Times Pier for $750. The cost to speed this one up is 16 Clams. So with the ALWAYS drop, you will spend 128 Clams to get the Ice Cubes you need. (We have seen some reports on the drops on this. Please report it to them if you have issues. Will update response to my report once I hear back.)


So for you Premium Addicts that just can’t and DON’T want to wait to get Kool Aid and want him NOW, plan on spending round 400-450 Clams to get him. (Of course it is less depending on what you already got for free.)

As always, we suggest try to win all you can for free FIRST…then make a decision if it is worth it to YOU to invest your precious Clams on this particular character.


More on Kool Aid himself in another post. In the meantime, what do you think? You glad they are giving these options to get him faster? Will you be speeding through it? Will you be earning it for free? Let us know. We LOVE to hear from you.


120 responses to “New Content. Balloon n Cherries!! (Updated & Complete)

  1. I’m still waiting on my Kool-Aid Man and the game keeps kicking me out!!! Wtf!!! Someone needs to fix this please!!!!!


  2. I’ve been having this problem since this morning. I have finished the task and have gotten all the necessary items before 3pm PCT. I’ve been looking for the Kool-Aid Man in my inventory and even the boom box has disappeared. Also, the game has been backing me out of it. Please fix this problem ASAP!!!!!! This is not how a great game should behave!!!!!!!!


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