Character Overview: Tom Tucker

Hello There Clammers!

With the introduction of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff there’s a whole cast of characters to unlock in your rebuild effort of Quahog!  These overview posts are designed to give you a quick breakdown of the characters, how you unlock them & their tasks so you can play FGG more efficiently!

Of course there will be those players who don’t want to know the details of unlocking the characters so for that reason we’ll post all of the details below the fold.  So if you don’t like to know what’s going on before you play don’t click read more…CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD

Now that District 9 is FINALLY unlocked it’s time to take a look at the characters of the Downtown District.  Tom Tucker is the first character you’ll unlock in the Downtown District.  It’ll take a bit of hard work collecting all the STUFF you’ll need to unlock him, but there’s no rush to get him.  He’s not required to move forward in the questline and unlock the other characters in the District.  So take your time with him and have some fun 🙂

So now let’s take a look at Tom and his tasks….

Character: Tom Tucker
19th Character in the game (freemium by District.  Does not include events and premium characters)
Building: Quahog 5 News (it’s the pile of Rubble in District wont’d find it in the store)
Voiced?: Yes
Required to Unlock: Repair Quahog 5 News, 20 Microphones, 12 Action Slates, 10 Satellites and 8 Mustache Creams.  
 None (as of yet..)
Phrases: “Good Evening Quahog I’m Tom Tucker”, “Come and get some punks” “Am I having a stroke” “What can I do for you” “Good Evening I’m Tom Tucker” “This just in” “What can I do for you” “That’s the end of my line” “Any other suggestions” “And now sports” “Alright this is good” “Well that shouldn’t be a problem” “How does that make you feel” “Gosh I don’t know” “And there it is” “You betcha” “Our top story” “Alright thank you for being so candid” “Let’s go Tom” 

As always I may have missed some.  If you hear any I might have missed feel free to leave it in the comments below. 🙂

Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker

Task Length Earns Requires Character Level
Prepare for Broadcast 30m $10, 6xp Outdoor 1
Have a Drink 1hr $20, 12xp The Clam 1
Buy Mustache Cream 2hrs $30, 20xp Pharmacy 1
Find Spare Keys 8hrs $80, 50xp Channel 5 1
Read Off Teleprompter 8hrs $80, 50xp Channel 5 5
Investigate Dog Waste 10hrs $90, 59xp Dog Park 2
Paint Self Portrait 14hrs $110, 71xp 7
Research a Story 20hrs $135, 88xp Library 2

For those that like visuals…here’s a look at some of Tom’s Outdoor tasks….

2014-09-23 02.15.47 2014-09-23 02.16.02

Again these are just some not all of his outdoor tasks.  Just wanted to give you all a sneak peak of what it’ll be like once you unlock him!  Although, personally I think he’s lacking in outdoor tasks…he really could use a few more.

So there you have it, the break down of Tom Tucker and his tasks in FGTQFS! What do YOU think of Tom’s tasks?  Any you can’t wait to see?  Was he worth the wait?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


15 responses to “Character Overview: Tom Tucker

  1. No luck at all with the satelite thingies, still need four, and it feels like Stewie and Peter have been trying forever.


  2. how many of the cologne bottles do i need cant wait for holloween my b-day is 2 days before


  3. I agree. Unlocking Tom Tucker is very challenging. I still need 3 more mustache creams and I have had Dr. Hartman do the hair exilir so many times that baldness should be cured forever!!


  4. I hope Tom Tucker dies in a horrible accident. Screw him and his ugly mustache. I hope he knows where to shove the 1/8 mustache creams since launch of his needing stuff.


  5. I’m still having trouble unlocking Tom:(


  6. I know this is unrelated, but have you guys checked the FGTQFS Facebook page, it’s got a really cool picture of a deco of Brian in a reaper outfit, with a coming soon caption above it. I’m looking forward to the Haloween event even more now!


  7. For Halloween I think it would be cool if we got to get Michael Myers costume cause tom played as him in tom tucker the man of his dreams


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