PeterPalooza Final Hours!!!

FYI: We discussed this here before when it was BETA, but with iOS 9 now going live for more… BEWARE!!! It has not been friendly with pretty much every App I use. Including both games we write on. Lots of issues.

So before you Update that operating system… you may want to think twice and hold off until Apple works the bugs out.


Hey there Toady Lickin’ Roadies!

The Dancers have sweated off all their makeup, the Glowsticks are losing their lustrous glow, the T-Shirts are starting to go on sale, and the garbage piles on the ground are piling up high. PeterPalooza is wrapping up.

With all the really cool items that were offered to us throughout this Event, I wanted to quickly run them all down. Remember to pick up what you can BEFORE the Event Ends, as it all will go.



I will break down the items in each Category along with the Phase they were brought into the game by, so if you do not see an item… it is likely you did not reach that Phase that offered it or already picked it up.

If you want more details and information on any of these items, it can be found in the many posts detailing them further on the Main PeterPalooza Event Page.



Here are the Buildings throughout the Event that were offered. Some were required to get through the Questlines, others optional.


Guitar StoreSam Doody’s Guitar Store: 20 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Glamping TentGlamping Tent: 40 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Punk Junk BuildingPunk Junk: 80 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Ear Piercing KioskTalkin’ Bout Holes Piercing Store: 50 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Kwik Pick KioskKwik Pick Kiosk: 140 ClamsClam Icon

Toad PondToad Pond: 180 ClamsClam Icon

Neon ScorpionNeon Scorpion: 200 ClamsClam Icon

Neon RhinoNeon Rhino: 400 ClamsClam Icon



Neon LionNeon Lion: 700 ClamsClam Icon

Beehive TreeBeehive Tree: 160 ClamsClam Icon

Cannabis ClubCannabis Club: 70 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Quahog School For DeafQuahog School For The Deaf: 60 GlowsticksGlowsticks



Mascara ShopMascara Shop: 250 GlowsticksGlowsticks

HostelInternational Hostel w/Belgard: 4000 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Platforms AplentyPlatforms Aplenty: 300 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Nature Gear EmporiumNature Gear Emporium: 135 ClamsClam Icon

Ticket KioskTicket Kiosk: 145 ClamsClam Icon



Zoopi Lighter DisplayZoopi Lighter Display: 130 ClamsClam Icon

Mau5 Head StudiosMau5 Head Studios: 45 ClamsClam Icon



Vat O GreaseVat-O-Grease w/Greased Up Deaf Guy: 200 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Ranger StationRanger Station: 900 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Ranger StationRanger Station: 200 ClamsClam Icon

Meats & PleatsMeats & Pleats: 115 ClamsClam Icon

Rick and Roll Hall of ShameRick and Roll Hall of Shame: 100 ClamsClam Icon



Grease FactoryGrease Factory: 120 ClamsClam Icon



Here are the Decorations throughout the Event that were offered. Some were required to get through the Questlines, others optional.


Fan GirlDancing Fan: 150 GlowsticksGlowsticks

PeterPalooza Art InstallationPeterPalooza Art Installations: 20 GlowsticksGlowsticks


Mayor BeeMayor Bee: 50 ClamsClam Icon

Ranger StationRanger Station: 175 ClamsClam Icon

Pot FlagPot Flag: 20 ClamsClam Icon

Snoop Dogg's LowriderSnoop Dogg’s Lowrider: 130 GlowsticksGlowsticks

First Aid TentFirst Aid Tent: 35 GlowsticksGlowsticks



Shoddy FireworksShoddy Fireworks: 30 ClamsClam Icon



Mud PitMud Pit: 1000 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Starbright Roller RinkStarbright Roller Rink: 1500 GlowsticksGlowsticks, this one is HUGE


Blue Paint CannonBlue Paint Cannon: 20 ClamsClam Icon, this is animated and sprays a straight stream of color out when tapped.

Pink Paint CannonPink Paint Cannon: 20 ClamsClam Icon



Tricia Takagaga Tour BusTricia Takagaga Tour Bus: 2500 GlowsticksGlowsticks

PeterPalooza BusPeterPalooza Bus: 1200 GlowsticksGlowsticks



Grilled Chees Food TruckGrilled Cheese Food Truck: 2600 GlowsticksGlowsticks (Yes, it is supposed to be lil)



You can see all the Characters/Costumes offered for the Event. If you want more information on those with Free Albums, go HERE. 


Rockstar PeterRockstar Peter: Collect Items to earn

Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne: Collect Items to earn



Joe LionJoe Lion: Collect Items to earn

Snoop Dog 1Snoop Dogg: 260 ClamsClam Icon



BelgardBelgard: Collect Items to earn

Alice CooperAlice Cooper: Collect Items to earn



DJ HerbertDJ Herbert: Collect Items to earn

Deadmau5Deadmua5: 350 ClamsClam Icon



Rick AstleyRick AstleyCollect Items to earn

Tricia TakagagaTricia Takagaga (Costume): 250 ClamsClam Icon



Greased Up Deaf Guy 2Greased Up Deaf Guy: Collect Items to earn

Weird AlWeird Al: 250 ClamsClam Icon



Festival Merch Kiosk

The Festival Merch Kiosk has a lot of items to offer. Most you may have already picked up, not got to yet, or still debating on. Just ensure you spend those Materials before the Event Ends and takes the items with it.


Makeover MegMakeover Meg: (Expired in 7 Days) Glowsticks350 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large100 Skull Guitar Picks

Polar Bear Shark 1Polar Bear Shark (Decoration): Glowsticks80 Glowsticks

PeterPalooza Totem PolePeterPalooza Totem Pole (Decoration): Glowsticks90 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large20 Skull Guitar Picks

Skull & Heartbones BannerSkull & Heartbones Banner (Decoration): Glowsticks80 Glowsticks

PeterPalooza BannerPeterPalooza Fence (Decoration): Glowsticks20 Glowsticks



Rapper BrianRapper Brian: (Expired in 7 Days) Glowsticks700 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large70 Skull Guitar Picks & Concert Tickets7 Concert Tickets &Hacky Sack6 Hacky Sacks

Mort Town RecordsMort Town Records (Building): Glowsticks45 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large25 Skull Guitar Picks

Cash Rules Everything StatueCash Rules Everything Statue (Decoration): Glowsticks100 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large20 Skull Guitar Picks

Blue Doberman StatueBlue Doberman Statue (Decoration): Glowsticks115 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large10 Skull Guitar Picks

Hydration StationHydration Station (Decoration): Glowsticks170 Glowsticks

Magic Mushroom PatchMagic Mushroom Patch (Decoration): Glowsticks50  Glowsticks



Alice Cooper Tour BuzAlice Cooper Tour Bus (Decoration): Glowsticks150 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large10 Skull Guitar Picks

Burning Clam 1Burning Clam (Decoration): Glowsticks600 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets5 Concert Tickets & Skull Guitar Pick Large50 Skull Guitar Picks

Recording Studio BoothRecording Studio Booth (Decoration): Glowsticks100 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large20 Skull Guitar Picks

Rock Climbing WallRock Climbing Wall (Decoration): Glowsticks80 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large6 Skull Guitar Picks

Stage PyrotechnicsStage Pytrotechnics (Decoration): Glowsticks250 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large25 Skull Guitar Picks

Guitar SculptureGuitar Sculpture (Decoration): Glowsticks800 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets5 Concert Tickets & Skull Guitar Pick Large8 Skull Guitar Picks



Carl Sweepstakes WinnerCarl: Glowsticks2500 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets10 Concert Tickets & LP6 LPs &Headphones11 Headphones

Sweetbottom's Candy Necklace FactorySweetbottom’s Candy Necklace Factory (Building): Glowsticks750 Glowsticks

PortapottiesPortapotties (Decoration): Glowsticks100 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large40 Skull Guitar Picks

Abandoned Warehouse RaveAbandoned Warehouse Rave (Building): Glowsticks300 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large30 Skull Guitar Picks

Top 40 DJ BoothTop 40 DJ Booth (Decoration): Glowsticks2000 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets10 Concert Tickets & Lighter5 Lighters & Skull Guitar Pick Large10 Skull Guitar Picks



Ricardo 1Ricardo (Jasper’s Filipino Husband): Glowsticks10,000 Glowsticks & LP35 LPs & Lighter40 Lighters & Short Shorts10 Short Shorts 

Dessert You Bakery“Dessert You” Bakery (Building): Glowsticks450 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large80 Skull Guitar Picks

Run Around Track“Run Around” Track: Glowsticks325 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets20 Concert Tickets

Give You Up Second Hand Shop“Give You Up” Consignment Shop (Building): Glowsticks120 Glowsticks

Make You Cry Therapy“Make You Cry” Therapy Center (Building): Glowsticks1015 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets14 Concert Tickets

Say Goodbye Greeting Cards“Say Goodbye” Greeting Cards (Building): Glowsticks50 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large75 Skull Guitar Picks



Tie Dye ShopTye Dye Store (Building): Glowsticks800 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets5 Concert Tickets

White & Nerdy Comedy ClubWhite & Nerdy Comedy Club (Building): Glowsticks800 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large10 Skull Guitar Picks

Like A Surgeon Holistic HealthLike a Surgeon Holistic Health Haven (Building): Glowsticks2000 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets10 Concert Tickets

Flowerchild's Hippy HouseFlowerchild’s Hippy House (Building): Glowsticks1000 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets10 Concert Tickets & Skull Guitar Pick Large5 Skull Guitar Picks

Grease FountainGrease Fountain (Decoration): You can get more than one,Glowsticks2200 Glowsticks & Concert Tickets20 Concert Tickets & Skull Guitar Pick Large80 Skull Guitar Picks



This Event provided us with two Clam Mystery Boxes full of goodies inside. Here are the lists of Characters, Buildings, and Decorations that came inside along with their Materials offered.


TomikTomik (Character)

Neon PegacornNeon Pegacorn (“Building”)

Oversized Lava LampOversized Lava Lamp (Decoration)

Cleveland's Hot ChocolateCleveland’s Hot Chocolate Van (Walking Decoration)

Mind Blowing Speaker TowerMindblowing Speaker Tower (Decoration)



Foam PartyFoam Party (Decoration)
Golden PortaPottyGolden PortaPotty (Decoration)
Hurt You Acupuncture ClinicHurt You” Acupuncture Group (Building)
Tell A Lie Detective Agency“Tell A Lie” Detective Agency (Building)



Spooner Stage True Fan Challenge Prize

The Spooner Stage had a couple of Decorations to offer during the Event along with help on Materials. Here are the Decorations you could get from the Spooner Stage.


Let You Down Hot Air BalloonRock Show: “Let You Down” Hot Air Balloon

Barbershop QuartetPop Show: Barbershop Quartet



Amish Paradise Horse & BuggyRap Show: “Amish Paradise” Horse & Buggy



Leaderboard Part 2

The End of the 2nd Leaderboard will come with the End of the Event. So ensure you complete all those tasks that drop Viral Hits, Dance Sideshows on Spooner Stage, and Squash the Golden Robots for a Chance at more.

Here are the Prizes again that you and 29 Random Strangers will be competing for. (These will be rewarded 4-7 Days AFTER End of Event.)

Rank 1 & 2: Bad Trip StewieBad Trip Stewie, High Note Karoke Bar SmallHigh Notes Karoke Bar, 10 ClamsClam Icon, 1,000 CoinsFamily Guy Coin
Rank 3, 4, & 5: High Note Karoke Bar SmallHigh Notes Karoke Bar, 10 ClamsClam Icon, 1,000 CoinsFamily Guy Coin
Rank 6-10: 10 ClamsClam Icon, 1,000 CoinsFamily Guy Coin
Rank 11-20: 1,000 CoinsFamily Guy Coin


This will close with the End of the Event.



Viral Hits

Here again are the ways to earn Viral Hits in your game.

Viral HitsViral Hits (Common): Dance Shows OR Gold Robots Avril Lavigne Fight Polar Bear Shark OR Joe Lion Grow White People Dreadlocks OR Alice Cooper Slay the House OR Chris Research Bees OR Rockstar Peter Turn It Up To 11 OR Snoop Dog Ride Low OR Tricia Takagaga Pull a Publicity Stunt OR

Gold Robot Mecha AstleyGold Robots: Payout of 1 Tub of Grease OR 1 Viral Hit OR 6 Viral Hits OR 1 $10 Coin



As far as Questlines are concerned, TinyCo stated those that were linked and directly triggered by unlocking a Character (usually showed up right after you unlocked them, short 4-5 parts) will continue on AFTER the Event.

All other Main & Side Questlines will End with the Event.



Just like previous Events… use it or lose it. ALL Materials linked to the Event are Event Only Currency, so when the Event goes… ALL Materials will go with it. So spend your Glowsticks, Picks, Lighters, etc. They will be gone when it closes.



There you have it. A long Event stuffed full of all sorts of Musical items will be brought to a close in a few hours, so grab the items while you can.

Are you going to get any last minute items? Anything particular you are working on? Any tips for other Players? Let us know.



99 responses to “PeterPalooza Final Hours!!!

  1. Well didn’t get greased up deaf guy which is disappointing but I did get bad trip stewie


  2. At one point I actually decided there was no way in hell to get either Ricardo (which I really didn’t care about) or GUDG… so I devoted ALL of my resources to ending first in the leaderboard, which I did on a 20+ viral hits margin! I am thrilled to get bad trip stewie, this is the first time I win anything good on any of those.


  3. I’m happy with the way this event went. I unlocked all the freemium content. Had to buy Weird Al, he helped with Mecha, so I could unlock Ricardo. I did all the 24 hr challenges. I placed a close second on this leaderboard. I didn’t get starbright Peter, but that’s OK I really didn’t care for that costume. 4 new albums in my Google play account and all I spent was $10 this event.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the Events that are happening now.


  5. I hate how they end the event without letting you have that last chance to spend your event currency, or in my case pay the 30 claims for that last bloody lighter to get DJ herbert. ugh


  6. Played the entire event freemium as I’m still mad over the messed up mob event and am not ready to give the game any money again (plus I’m hoarding clams in hopes of a Star Wars event when Force Awakens comes out). Was able to get all freemium stuff but GUDG and grease fountain. By the end I still had only acquired six greasy underpants. Not getting him also kept me from finishing True Fan Challenge. Finished #1 for Dead Eye Stewie at 103 whatever’s which surprised me since I was completely freemium.

    A much better event than the mob event which screwed so many of us playing on Android. And while I couldn’t have cared much less for the free albums due to the artists I do think it was cool of Tinyco to do it.


  7. I got belgards building right before the event ended and it was still building at the time. Since I clicked on the building after the event to start collecting items my game kept crashing and belgard has disappeared but his building is still there. Was the items meant for him just from the event?


  8. I see alot of people commenting saying they were first and second in leaderboards…. glitch? Because i also ended in first on leaderboard..


  9. if i get bad trip stewie which i should because im 2nd place i could tell what he does unless you guys get him


  10. for the 3rd event in a row i had completely forgotten to spend all my leftover glowsticks lol totally my fault because i ALWAYS wait til the last minute…anyways i was SUPER CLOSE in getting Ricardo,ONLY needing a few more concert tickets! and i’m even more bummed out i couldn’t unlock Greased Up Deaf Guy as well but oh well!! s*** happens LMAO 😂😄😊


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