Daily Archives: December 10, 2015

Delay On Posts

Hey all,

Apologies for the quiet on the site. I fell really ill and had to be taken to doctors yesterday. I’m okay, promise. Just a bit of recovery period needed.

In the meantime I missed a few posts to put up. Sorry. Didn’t intend to leave you all without any information. No worries, I will be here tonight to cover the Phase 2 launch, so you’ll have those details. I will also be adding some additional help to the site while I recover. Bare with the help as they adjust.

Hang in there with me. I’m doing all I can.


Stuffed Bunny Christmas Large

UPDATE 12/10 8PM EST, There will be a delay on the Update. It will not be released until tomorrow (Friday) in the AM. Most likely around 9AM PACIFIC. Due to this, I will be a while on the details. I have some appointments tomorrow. I will try to get all the overall details I can before going, then will have to wait til I return to update the post further. Won’t know til it hits.

FYI… on Humma’s, Level them up now whenever you can. The Buildings are upgrading with or without it, so you’ll hit challenges no matter what. The Payouts will get better and better with Humma Level Up and Buildings increasing difficulty too. Leveling up will also increase your chances at destruction with limited Characters.