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Raid To The North Pole Phase 4 Is LIVE!!!

FYI: Keep in mind that everyone is well aware of the issues going on in the game right now, that being said… the Event still has to go forward as it was scheduled months ago. That can’t be stopped. Hang in there, they are hard at work on the issues. In the meantime, here is the information for the New Phase. 

Hey there Holly Jollies!

Looks like we are getting our next Phase a lil early. With Christmas just two days away, TinyCo decided to go ahead and offer up the goodies for us tonight.


T600 Terminator

First up… requirements.

  • 1.15.5 Update on device
  • Escape From the North Pole Pt. 9 completed
  • PETER HAS TO BE FREE!!! (If he is on a Raid, you will not have North by North Pole trigger)

For those waiting for Snake’s questline, mine triggered with the update. Will have more on that in another post.

There will ALWAYS be a timed item in Santa’s Headquarters at the end for 24hrs, so beware.

I will get the details finalized as fast as I can, but honestly right now my current condition is really in bad shape. I will try to keep up and do what I can tonight. The rest may have to wait. Please be patient while I pull the stats.

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Family Guy Help! Raid To The North Pole “Issues” (Part 3)

UPDATE 12/24 9PM EST: Per TinyCo

“We’ve just deployed a patch that will restore missing prize catalogue buildings. This automatic restore does not include vehicle buildings; players who are missing the vehicle hangars will see a modal on launch telling them to find them for 1 coin in the shop. Their hangars will be level one, until they force close and return. On return, their Hangar Levels will adjust to meet their progress in the event.”

I’ve seen some still can’t battle and passed that on. It’s holidays so not too much more can be done tonight and tomorrow, but will update when I can.




Hey there Holiday Humma’s!

Bouncing by really quick to go over some things I am seeing in the comments over and over. Take a peak below and see if these issues apply to you.

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