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Raid to North Pole Side Questlines: Holiday Humma & Santa’s HQ Phase 2

Hey there Mistletoes!

With so many Questlines going on in our silly lil games, it may be hard to focus on just what you need to.

During Phase 1 & Phase 2 of Road to the North Pole, there were various Side Questlines released. Questlines that took us through the Headquarters, Battles, or other areas of the Event.


Let’s take a look at Come Here, Hover Boy & The Best Exotic North Pole Hotel and all that you will encounter along the way Continue reading

Raid to North Pole Main Questline: The Elf Empire Strikes Back (Phase 2)

Hey there Tooominators!

Phase 2 is just about to round up in our Raid to the North Pole Event. To help you to know where you will need to be to launch into Phase 3.

With Phase 2, a New Main Questline was added to the game. The Elf Empire Strikes Back. There was also some additional Questlines added too.

T600 Terminator

Let’s take a look at The Elf Empire Strikes Back, Santa’s Little Helper, Inglorious Banter & More Inglorious Banter and all that you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading