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Raid to North Pole: Week 2 48HR Challenge and Vehicle Glitch

For the recent details on glitches… go HERE. 



Latest from TinyCo…

While they’re working on the issue, they’ve found that ANY item next to the Battle areas is disappearing.

In other words ANY Building or Decoration by Santa’s Village, Fake Trees, or Misfit Toys Camp Battles… MOVE THEM NOW. This will help prevent any further loss of items.


UPDATE 12/23: TinyCo still working on patches.

If you lost any Characters from the glitch, try to pull them out of limbo by another task.

For instance look for a joint take with Peter and another Character (like Quagmire or Jermoe). Selecting the joint task is helping in some cases to bring them back. Otherwise all we can do is wait. Sorry.

For those with crashing issue from update, let me know please if better now.


UPDATE 7PM EST: Heading home soon, but wanted to let you know they’re still working on issues.

Crashing issue they’re testing patch now and hope to have it done by as early as tonight.

Missing Vehicles/Characters working on too. They’re aware of the concerns. Will update when I get anymore info.


Hey there Block Heads!

Bouncing by with a few updates to things going on in the game. The 48hr Weekly Challenge hit our games last night and now this morning it seems an odd glitch is plaguing Players.

Blocko Hovercraft Hangar Humma Hangar

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