Boomsday Is Here!


It looks like we have been transported back in time to 1999, or is it now? With all the times I hear on the radio or see on the TV “THE END IS NEAR”, I just never know when the world is actually gonna end. Guess I will just have to keep on waiting to kidnap “friends” for my underground shelter. Wait to take out a bunch of Zombies with my real life Maze in the back yard. Wait to see if Twinkies and Cockroaches really do survive anything (well Twinkies almost didn’t survive a company going under”.



Giant Stewie First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on App Version 1.21.0 so ensure you go to your App Market and download the latest update when it hits. Available for iOS and Android users now! Facebook and Amazon soon to follow (usually Amazon and Facebook take the longest to release from their Markets, so be patient and watch for it.)
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s completed
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incompleted Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit.

The First thing you will notice once you updated and reloaded the game is the cools new splash screen, then the game floor (more a desert), and just an overall apocalyptic look to it.



Custom Shirt8 Custom Shirts (Common): Jerome Invent Apocalypse Drinking Games OR Bruce Be a Leatherworker OR Center for Disease Control OR Abandoned Train Station (Stockpile Tanker)
Bone Saw4 Bone Saws (Rare): Quagmire Giggity Strut OR Peter Play Peacemaker OR Bonnie Flirt with Mutants OR Stop ‘N’ Shop
Irradiated Bath Salts14 Irradiated Bath Salts (Always): Train Rubble (Stockpile Tanker)
Two for One Meal12 Two for One Meal (Common)Lois Shoplift OR Diner at the End of the Apocalypse (Stockpile Tanker) 


Neil Goldman & Son Trading PostNeil Goldman: In order to get him, you first have to place Goldman & Son Trading Post (Stockpile Tanker). Once placed, he will appear in front of it with his Bubbles of Materials to collect.

Clevemire Small    Task~ Have Clevemire Binge & Purge 2 Times: 
Prescription Lenses21 Prescription Lenses (Common): Plane Wreckage (Stockpile Tanker)
Pocket Knives16 Pocket Knives (Uncommon ): Peter Eat Other People’s Rations OR Bonnie Wear a Lot of Leather Or Center for Disease Control 
Frizz Shampoo19 Frizz Shampoos (Rare): Moonshine Distillery (Stockpile Tanker)
Acne Cream12 Acne Creams (Extra Rare): Joe Write Up Vagrants OR Herbert Get Nostalgic about Rations OR Quahog Mini Mart


cleveland-animation-actionmodal-001@4xCleveland: $1000. For those of you that did not yet have Cleveland, he is being offered for coins. More due to he is REQUIRED for this Event. So if you do not have him, go to your Shopping Cart to get him and his home placed into the game so you can use him for the Event.



Endless Water TowerEndless Water Tower: 250 Clams, +100CP on placement, Earns $45 & 2CP every 8hrs, Always drops 12 Water Bottles

Unstable Reactor CoreUnstable Reactor Core: 250 Clams, +100CP on placement, Earns 6 CLAMS & 25xp every 12hrs. CLAM DROP EXPIRES 5/5/16 (End of Event)

Center for Disease ControlCenter for Disease Control: 100 Clams, +100CP on placement, Earns $40 & 1CP every 6hrs, ALWAYS drops 1 Custom Shirt (Clevemire) AND/OR 1 Pocket Knives (Neil)

Quahog Bait & TackleQuahog Bait & Tackle: 120 Clams, +50CP on placement, Earns $30 & 2CP every 4hrs, Always drops 1 Fishing Net


One Man's JunkyardOne Man’s Junkyard:  $1000, 30sec Build Time, +4CP on completion, Earns $90 & 1CP every 24hrs



Trash Can Fire: 7 Toilet Paper, +5CP on placement

Dead Trees: 2 Toilet Paper, +2CP on placement



Chris Radiation Sickness

During the Event, Characters can get Radiation Sickness (Chris will by Peterpocolypse Part 4). If your Character gets it while they are on a Task, the Task will keep timing down to completion, however you will not be able to collect or complete the Task until the sickness is cured.

You will need Clevemire unlocked to cure Characters of Radiation Sickness, so work on getting them as soon as you can. Tap on “SAVE” to start the process of helping Chris.

Payout: Varies, but my game seemed to pay me about 20 Water Bottles.



Crisis Point

This will be essentially the Event “XP”. Points that you will earn throughout the Event to hit a specific Level to unlock New Content as it is released each Phase of the month long Event.

Crisis Points can be earned all over the Event. From Questlines, Tasks, Buying items, and collecting rent from Event Buildings.



Neutralization Station

You will find this on the Left Side of the Event Area. It looks like a wrecked airplane. Much like previous Events, here will be where you create an item to help you out in the Event. Each item will require specific Materials and time to create it. Once created, you can use it once.

There will be a CAPACITY (how many TOTAL you can have in Queue and complete in your game). My Game Capacity started with 8.

There will be a QUEUE (the MAX amount of items you can craft at a time). My Game Queue was 6 items total can be crafted at a time, up to Capacity.

Net LauncherNet Launcher: Takes 1 hr to Craft, Requires 1 Net

NetNets (Always): Peter Go Fish OR Quagmire Get Fussed OR More Hoard Tchotchkes OR Lois Fight for Survival OR Jerome Salvage Sport Memorabilia OR Quahog Bait & Tackle Shop.



Mutant Goldfish

These will begin to appear after Peterpocalypse Part 2. I started with two flopping around my streets. You will need to create items in the Neutralization Station to clear them (Net Launcher).

Also like in the past, you will place the Net Launcher in FRONT of the Target (aka Mutant Fish) and wait for the Mutant Fish to turn PURPLE. Once it is purple, tap the Check Mark to Launch the Net and take out the Mutant Fish. 

Payout: Chance of 12 Water BottleWater Bottles



Tapping on the Gates will tell you how often your “bad guy” will spawn, like the Mutant Fish. It will also tell you when the next Upgrade for the Event (Phase 2) will hit along with how many Crisis Level Points you will need to access the content.

Phase 2 right now will require you to hit Crisis Level 4



Twinkly Trading Post

You will find this on the Left Side of the Event Area. It looks like a thrown together Building with lots of “Twinklies” outside. Here is where you can Trade Event Materials collected for the Event Currency Twinkles. Twinkles will be used to purchase items at the Stockpile Tanker. This will be your main source of Twinklies. 

My Game showed the trade options of (they randomly appeared in no particular order):

35 Water BottleWater Bottles for 5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
36 Water BottleWater Bottles for 5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
39 Water BottleWater Bottles for 5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
42 Water BottleWater Bottles for 5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
45 Water BottleWater Bottles for 5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
48 Water BottleWater Bottles for 5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
49 Water BottleWater Bottles for 5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


Water BottleWater Bottles (Always): Clear Mutant Goldfish OR Help Chris Recover from Radiation Sickeness (requires Clevemire) OR Endless Water Tower



Stockpile Tanker

You will find this on the Right Side of the Event Area. Here is where Buildings/Decorations for the Event can be purchased with Twinkles. Prizes here will have to be unlocked in order. In other words to get to the LAST item, all the items in front of it have to be purchased first. There are 8 items total for Phase 1.

FYI- Per TinyCo, the “CHANCE” drops mean they can drop 0 OR 1 OR 2 of that item. Just keep that in mind. They are NOT guaranteed drops.

Diner at the End of the ApocalypseThe Diner at the End of the Apocalypse: +16CP on unlocking, Earns $45 & 2CP every 8hrs, Chance drop x2 2 for 1 Meals.
5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Train RubbleTrain Rubble: +48CP on unlocking, Earns $30 & 1CP every 4hrs, Chance drop x2 Irradiated Bath Salts
11 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Abandoned Train StationAbandoned Train Station: +40CP on unlocking, Earns $40 & 2CP every 6hrs, Chance Drop x2 Custom Shirts
15 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Goldman & Son Trading PostGoldman & Son Trading Post w/Neil: +96CP on unlocking, Earns $20 & 1CP every 2hrs, Chance x2 Bone Saw
24 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Plane WreckagePlane Wreckage: +80CP on unlocking, Earns $45 & 1CP every 8hrs, Chance x2 Prescription Lenses
21 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Apocalyptic Griffin HouseApocalyptic Griffin House (Building Skin): +16CP on unlocking, Earns $4 & 1CP every 30mins once enabled on Griffin House.
17Twinklies Twinkly Twinklies

Moonshine DistilleryMoonshine Distillery: +104CP on unlocking, Earns $20 & 1CP every 2hrs, Chance x2 Frizz Shampoo
12 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


TIMER WARNING!!! Once you unlock the Prize in front of Sidewalk Joe (Moonshine Distillery), ANYTHING that brings you back to the Stockpile Tanker (Quest, Tasks, ANYTHING) will start Sidewalk Joe’s ONE DAY TIMER! Proceed with caution and take your time getting the items you need before triggering his timer if you want him. Remember, these timed items are optional. It is your choice to try for them, or you can opt to skip them if you would like.

Sidewalk JoeSidewalk Joe: Finish creating him in Al’s for 1 sec, Comes with a Questline
115 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies



You will find this Sphere right by the Entrance to the Event Area by Apocalyptic Brian Statue. It is just an Event location you may find many of your Characters using during the Event. It also pays out Crisis Points.

Potentially Hazardous Sphere: Earns 6 Crisis Points every 24hrs, Chance drop of 6 Toilet Paper.



Toilet Paper

There are a few places you can earn this silly Material, here are the ones I am seeing so far. I found that I had to place One Man’s Junkyard first for them to appear and send Peter on his 1 minute task there. Peterpocalypse Pt. 3

Toilet Paper: Potentially Hazardous Sphere OR Questlines OR

(4hrs) Tricia Hunt for Supplies OR Hayley Smith Hunt for Supplies OR Mayor West Hunt for Supplies OR Steve Smith Hunt for Supplies OR Francine Smith Hunt for Supplies OR Peter Hunt for Supplies OR Mutant Stewie Hunt for Supplies

(8hrs) Meg Sneak into Danger Zone

(24hrs) Robocop Sympathize with Mutants OR Alien Sympathize with Mutants OR Chucky Sympathize with Mutants OR God Sympathize with Mutants OR Superdevil Sympathize with Mutants T-600 Sympathize with Mutants OR Worf Sympathize with Mutants OR Human Rupert Sympathize with Mutants


There you have it, still more details I am adding as I play along and verify it all. Should be enough to get you started though.

Thoughts so far? Like the Apocalyptic look to it all? Character or item you are most interested in so far? Tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


244 responses to “Boomsday Is Here!

  1. How many here think they are likely to get Sidewalk Joe in the 24 hours?

    Even having a full capacity of goldfish traps being made, the water plant, and cleansing Chris every hour, I have 30 Twinlies out of the 115 needed and 5 hours to go.


    • It’s a “premium” option to me. All “freaking hard” unlocks are. That means you may have to use Clams to get them. That or pass up on something else. They’re a challenge for sure, but your choice to get them or pass 🙂


  2. I’m curious as to why sometimes you need 30 something water bottles to get Twinkles, and other times it’s more? Is this decided by the number of times you’ve cashed in water bottles, or the time of day or something?


    • It’s how that area works. Same as past events. As it progresses more options and mix and match items will be added to the process to get twinklies


  3. Soooo, I just noticed Chris has a task called “Scare Chris” and it requires Evil Monkey. who i also noticed isnt in the character section of the shop as comin soon anymore. So maybe we gettin him soon?


      • Would just like to amend my last statement, but I can’t see an edit button. Decontaminating Chris was not an hourly occurrence, but for me it did happen several times a day.

        I have a technical theory as to why different people have different experiences with random elements in the game, Drops etc, but I think it would be better to discuss it privately with someone before deciding whether to post it on here.


        • The game from day one has been random. Lol. That is a known factor to many of us that have been playing since BETA. There are hundreds of variables in game play that will impact what you see.

          For instance, it seems the higher Crisis Level I gained, the more Mutant Goldfish I got to spawn. There are also “trigger points” throughout the game that may cause an increase or decrease in spawns depending on the “need” of the items themselves. Or the fact they added a “fail safe”, in a way, to drops not long after the game launched to help players not getting items. The “chance” increases after x amount of times of a failed drop. Making it so the Player will eventually get the item if they keep sending the Character on the Task.

          Lots of differences throughout the game and mechanics making it so it is rare to see two games play and function exactly the same. Makes for an interesting game for sure. 😉

          Anything else you are welcome to email us. 😉


  4. What’s the secret challege?


    • My game is having issues and it’s not triggering in mine. It’s clearing 30 Mutant Goldfish in 3 days. So keep on getting nets and making launchers to clear the challenge. 🙂


  5. This event is shaping up much better than other recent ones, so far. Actually, the only real problem I have with it is needing 12 Extra Rare items for Neil. To me, that implies that it will take at least two weeks to unlock him. Aside from that, it’s going much more smoothly than any other new events in the past few months. I hope they continue the trend for the upcoming weeks. (And I hope they give us some downtime between events. I mean, I still haven’t finished Peter’s Maxi-whatever questline.)


  6. Is there a point in using the toilet paper to buy the demolished houses? It doesn’t say it earns anything in the info. Don’t want to waste the toilet paper if I it get me something better later.


  7. So to get Neil, you need 21 prescription glasses and that is tied to one building with an 8-hour timer? SMH


  8. Sorry if I missed this earlier, but do we actually send Chris on a task to get radiation sickness? Just trying to figure out how to use him to get water bottles. Thanks!


  9. So I guess we won’t know until at least Thursday if it’s worth saving up twinklies for Sidewalk Joe, or whether it’s better to just trigger the timer and miss out on the skin, but get closer to earning Neil.

    Can’t remember how useful optional timed characters have been. I don’t think Lyle was that useful in Xmas, can’t remember if Slasher Cat was for Halloween (maybe there was 1 resource or material drop??) and I seem to have skipped a lot of other such characters. Decisions, decisions!

    Great event so far, love the early FG references and that finishing the main quest line for the week was easy – hoping that carries over. I know how frustrated everyone gets when one hard step in a quest line delays access to the next week’s content.


  10. what is the timer count for Sidewalk Joe?


    • This? (From post above)

      TIMER WARNING!!! Once you unlock the Prize in front of Sidewalk Joe (Moonshine Distillery), ANYTHING that brings you back to the Stockpile Tanker (Quest, Tasks, ANYTHING) will start Sidewalk Joe’s ONE DAY TIMER! Proceed with caution and take your time getting the items you need before triggering his timer if you want him. Remember, these timed items are optional. It is your choice to try for them, or you can opt to skip them if you would like.


  11. Hi bunny hope your feeling good today. Just wondering does anyone know how often radiation sickness will happen? Ive only had it with chris once so just wondering if its supposed to affect someone again? I hope, cause i love the 20 waterbottles.😃


  12. It seems really silly to have that many characters drop toilet paper for trees and trashcans. I’m hoping they’ll be more useful in future weeks, otherwise I’m wasting time running these characters. :/


  13. Rafael Henriquez

    I bought the unstable reactor core and since I bought it it never gave me cams or coins…every time I check it its at 11 hrs 59m and counts down….its been this way since the start of the event


    • Let me ask you this…. do you use Consuela vacuum to collect? If so, it may be collecting without you even noticing. Next time you see the icon for her vacuum… don’t tap it wait. Locate the building and tap the building. You should see the payout.

      Otherwise just keep letting her collect it for you. 🙂


  14. Ive cured Chris once. Is there any way to trigger his sickness again or is there anything I should not do that prevents him from getting sick again? like sending him on quests. Those extra bottles really help.


  15. Are we going to get the option to get the Smith family? I joined the game late last year and I really want the Smiths.


  16. Didn’t see it in the article but the smith family also has actions that drop toilet paper.


  17. Why i don’t have any mutant fishgold? I had some a few days ago but from about 2 days I haven’t got any 😦


  18. I’ve seen Twinklie exchange rate at 50 water bottles for 5
    I was also just awarded 4 Twinklies instead of 5.


  19. Forgive me if this question has been answered, but I can’t find any info on the “trading with twinkly now” questline. Is it worth it? I’m on part 2 and it requires me to send Jerome and Lois on tasks, but I’d rather have them doing other things right now. Should I ignore the Twinkly questline?


  20. What are all the **** toilet paper for? And how are you guys so far I have nothing yet and you guys are almost done with the whole quest lol


    • First, please be mindful of Addicts Guidelines and censor yourself so I don’t have to. 😉

      Secondly, keep in mind that the Addicts Site is here to help. We use or time and our dime to give you game stats. Don’t worry about keeping up with those that spend Clams if you choose not to. Regular play takes about a week to unlock all that weeks items. Just go at a pace that suits you. Earn what you can as you go along. Focus on main Questline. You’ll get there eventually. 🙂


  21. Curious how often people are seeing Chris with radiation sickness. So far just once for me.


  22. Question what is the toilet paper for?


  23. Hi Bunny, just FYI, my game says event ends 5/5 at 10 am. Not sure if this is right. It normally is 3 pacific time…

    Hope you and all the addicts out there are well. 😀


  24. So, I purchased the unstable tractor core with clams, and upon loading the next time, was offered another. If I purchase another, will I receive 12 clams/12 hours, or will I be wasting 250 clams on a useless decoration?


  25. Just a quick question, are the items needed to unlock Neil supposed to be as you’ve put in this post? I only ask as I’ve just claimed him from the Stockpile Tanker and they are listed completely differently, in my game when I tap on the bubbles to see how many I needed of each item they are listed as,

    Prescription Glasses – Common
    Pocket Knifes – Uncommon
    Frizz Shampoo – Rare
    Acne Cream – Extra Rare


  26. Greatest event ever!

    And maybe a chance for apocalypse stan,

    Im soooo happy!


  27. Hi Bunny any idea what the island is going to be?


  28. In my game, the requirements for Neil Goldman are the same as you mention in this post, but the noted drop rates are different. (Prescription Lenses: common, Pocket Knives: uncommon, Frizz Shampoos: rare, Acne Creams: extra rare).
    Thanks for your help as always!


  29. I’m really liking this event so far as it’s based off one of my faveourite FG episodes ‘Da Boom’, and I’m really looking forward to getting the new skin for Stan too, ‘Raptures Delight’ is probably my faveourite Anerican Dad episodes.


  30. I can’t enter my game, tried clearing cache and force closing, tried opening on my other device, but I simply can’t get in. A friend of mine is affected too. Are there more people affected by this? Any suggestions?


  31. Anybody else have an issue getting into the game today. Mine is saying that it can’t connect. And yesterday the whole game was glitch where you couldn’t even see the fish to use your nets.


  32. Jessica Hoberg

    Is anyone else having trouble loading their game? I cannot get past the loading screen it’s 10:50 pacific time right now. Just wondering if it’s me?


  33. Anyone else having issues loading their game? Mine keeps getting stuck on the load screen all morning


  34. Is sidewalk Joe a skin?


  35. So water bottles are the week one currency exchange, but it looks like it will change each week like Halloween… So after week 1 the water tower would be of limited usefulness, any suggestion yet on a single best premium item to help with the event?
    Thanks Bunny


    • Actually in the past you still used the material, but maybe less. It still came in handy. Lots of water bottles drop from fish and Chris Radiation too though


  36. Has anyone noticed that when clicking on the twinklies in the store the Christmas bells sound chimes? Looks like they used the same coding as for the christmas presents bazaar 😉


  37. Does anyone know what the toilet paper is for


  38. Samantha Wiginton

    What’s the purpose of the toilet paper?


  39. When the event firsy started i was able to get zit cream with Joe (i have not unlockedunlocked Clevemire yet) , now i am not able to.


  40. Grrr…I just bought Cleveland last month when he was on sale for 200 clams. I should have waited.


    • I did the same thing. I just happened to have enough clams saved and wanted him but didnt need him. But who could have known? =/


  41. Does Anyone know what the first secret challenge is?


  42. Moecyslack905

    Tinyco pushed a fix for the stockpile issue so I have the diner now ☺


  43. When I try to get the “train rubble” the game just locks up!


  44. Is anyone else having a problem with their game holding up while trying to cash in the twinklies? I try to get a building from the prize track and it just stops. Three times in a row now. It isn’t freezing because I can still things moving in the streets and the toxic waste spilling into the water. Any help would be nice.


  45. Moecyslack905

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue but I can’t get the diner from the stockpile. I tap to claim it and the game gets stuck in the cutscene. I have reset the game three times but still can’t get it. I have messaged tinyco in-game.


  46. Is anyone else having issues using the stockpile tank? Every time I trade 5 twinkies to get the diner it looks like it’s going to work, but it freezes in the letterbox format until I close the app.


  47. Anyone have this problem. I have the twinkle necessary to make the first purchase of the game but when I click get the game doesn’t give me the store. It doesn’t freeze because I see movement of the trailer but after 5 minx had to force stop and still does the same thing. Any ideas


  48. Trying to get the Diner at the End of the Apocalypse. I have enough Twinklies, tap on the “get” button to get the Diner, the screen letterboxes around the storage tanker vehicle, then…..nothing. Just stays on that screen. I’ve tried shutting down my device, tried to get the Diner 7 times now and same thing happens. Any advice??? (I have contacted TinyCo for help).


  49. Attempting to purchase the first prize, the diner, but each time it zooms in as it always does when awarding a prize then nada… Just sits frozen. Hard close, go to purchase again… Freezes 😦


  50. I didn’t see it when I scanned the posts quick but did anyone else have an issue with the stockpile tanker? I’m still trying to buy the dinner but my game locks up when I click the “get” button. It happens on my mobile and my desktop. I did message support I just didn’t know if anyone else had the same problem.


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