Boomsday 2016 Main Questline: Boomshakalaka (Phase 4)

It’s the End of the World as we know it… and I feel… TOTALLY FREAKED THE FRAK OUT!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Our town is now going to be overrun with Mutant Eggy Weggies, Mutant Stewies, Mutant Humans, and DARYL??!! Oh wait, no, that was the OTHER show. Get back in the house Carl! GET IN THE HOUSE!!

With the New Phases comes along a New Main Questline. One that will walk you through the different Main areas of the Event. For Phase/Week 4 the Questline is Boomshakalaka.

Boomsday Online Image

Let’s take a look at Boomshakalaka and all you will encounter along the way.

For more information on the Boomsday Event, go to the Main Event Page HERE.


Boomshakalaka Pt. 1
Cleveland Starts

Two Headed Mutants are Coming!: Tapping on “GO” takes you to the “DOUBLE THE TROUBLE” Pop up. 
Have Clevemire Shake Twice as Many Hands: 2hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin30 & 20xp
Have Apocalypse Peter Kiss Mutant Babies: 2hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin30 & 20xp

Completed Task Rewards: 15 Crisis PointCrisis Points & 2 Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt. 2
Stan Starts

Have Armageddon Stan Dish Out Justice: 4hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin50 & 30xp
Collect 4 Rockets: Maniac Pope Confess Sins to Self OR Armageddon Stan Steer With One Hand OR Apocalypse Peter Put On His Battle Face OR Neil Goldman Take Care of Business OR Imperator Lois Ride or Die OR Rocket Bunker
Create 4 Rocket Launchers: Requires 1 Rocket & 15mins to create

Completed Task Rewards: 17 Crisis PointCrisis Points & 2 Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt. 3
Neil Goldman Starts

Hit the Two Headed Mutant 4 Times: Requires 4 Rocket Launchers (previous hits will not count)
Place the War Rig Mechanic Shop: Cost 30Toilet Paper Toilet Paper

Have Imperator Lois Put Family First: 12hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin100 & 65xp

Completed Task Rewards: 20 Crisis PointCrisis Points & 2 Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt. 4
Cleveland Starts

Trade in Crispy Chicken for Twinklies: Check your Twinkly Trading Post for YOUR current options for the Fried Chicken
Clear 6 Mutant Humans: Requires 1 Cure Dart Each

Completed Task Rewards: 25 Crisis PointCrisis Points & 3 Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt. 5
Neil Starts

Place the Succulent Farm: Cost 160Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
Have Neil Write the Highschool Paper Editorial: 2hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin30 & 20xp

Completed Task Rewards: 22 Crisis PointCrisis Points & 3 Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt. 6
Cleveland Starts

Clear 4 Goldfish: Requires 1 Net Laucher Each
Hit the Two Headed Mutant 4 Times: Requires 1 Rocket Launcher each

Completed Task Rewards:  25Crisis PointCrisis Points &  3Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt. 7
Cleveland Starts

Have Clevemire Explore New Hobbies: 2hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin30 & 20xp
Have Armageddon Stan Abide by His Own Rules: 30sec, Earns Family Guy Coin5 & 1xp
Clear 8 Mutant Stewies: Requires at least 1 Smoke Bomb

Completed Task Rewards:  30Crisis PointCrisis Points &  3Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt. 8
Stan Starts

Have Armageddon Stan Collect Arch Nemesis: 8hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin80 & 50xp
Clear 2 Two Headed Mutants: Requires at 4 Rocket Launchers each

Completed Task Rewards:  35Crisis PointCrisis Points &  3Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt. 9
Peter Starts

Have Neil Clean his Glasses: 8hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin80 & 50xp
Have Imperator Lois Find Groceries: 6hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin65 & 45xp
Have Warrior Roger Accessorize: 6hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin65 & 45xp

Completed Task Rewards:  35Crisis PointCrisis Points &  2Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Boomshakalaka Pt.10
Joe Starts
Have Warrior Roger Reveal Himself: 4hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin50 & 30xp
Reach Crisis Level 13: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game.

Completed Task Rewards:  ****This is where I stopped until I reach Crisis Level 13****


There you have it. The Main Questline that will bring you to the end of the Boomsday Event.

Where are you on the Main Questline? Liking it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


38 responses to “Boomsday 2016 Main Questline: Boomshakalaka (Phase 4)

  1. I have all the regular buildings and some of the premium buldings, every skin, I have completed all the questlines of free and premium characters. I’ve barely reached the level 12. How is possible to reach level 13? I know it’s not a big problem, but I’d love to complete all the Boomshakalaka questline…


    • It really isn’t anything big at the end. Just the usual Payouts. Nothing special. Honestly… buying Clam items that dropped large CP when placed helped, other than that… I really would not even worry about it.



    Do you think that they’ll extend the event for another week? One more week would be perfect for me as ive almost got comander jesus and now started ollie!


  3. Ambient Simian

    Only need 1 more helmet for Apocalypse Peter, then I can continue with phase 3. Yay!!!!!! Doesn’t look like I’ll make it to phase 4. I don’t like to moan, but this has been by far the worst event ever for me, in terms of both enjoyment and progress. I had such high hopes for this event during week 1, it was fun and I felt it was nicely paced. But since phase 2 arrived it’s been nothing but a horrible grind to move forward and all of the enjoyment quickly vanished.
    I wish to express my deepest thanks to Bunny et al, for providing such a useful resource of information and help. Without it I would have thrown in the towel many months ago. It is greatly appreciated.


  4. They should have it so at the end of events, we can trade our leftover items such as “tp or twinklies” for clams, doesn’t have to be a lot. But I’m gonna have like 400 twinklies that aren’t used.


  5. I currently have 32 rockets stockpiled for this week’s challenge, 350 twinklies so far, and I already have giant chicken from last event. Seems there is nothing left to spend twinklys on. My question is do you think they will give us something at the end of the event to spend our remaining twinklys on? Mystery boxes would be cool


  6. Couple of quick tips as we scramble toward the finish line, this game has gone off the deep end as far as the twinklies exchanges are concerned, gas and chicken heavy with almost no need for water bottles and cigarettes (which I have the latter in abundance, of course). I know the exchanges vary, and this has been my experience, but the balance for tradeable items is completely off now.

    Also, be careful when aiming at the 2-headed mutant to get said chicken, I’ve had *at least* 5 times now where he was in the “purple zone” when I clicked to launch (usually stationary, too), yet somehow it moved out of the zone at the last second, and the shot missed. Extremely frustrating.


    • Kill Zones get smaller and smaller as the “difficulty” of the Mutant increases. Compare the Goldfish to them and you will see what I am talking about. This is why I always state to ensure it is going INTO the Kill Zone before firing. Place it on top of its head if you are unsure. You won’t miss. Put it right in the center of the Mutant.


  7. I already have Roger from the American Dad event so trading post week 4 #1 is locked for me. I also have Giant Chicken from last event but week 4 #8 is doing a 24-hours count down. WTH? I already have him for a while and he is level-9 already. If I do get him, do I get 2 Giant Chicken or are they different characters like Peter and Sir Peter? Thanks.


  8. I need some advice.. If i get through the questline but NOT reach crisis level 11, will I be able to purchase Roger?

    I ask since I still miss helmets for peter and I wonder if it’s worth it to use clams to get him. I should be able to get through questline in time but no way I will get the crisis level… So I don’t know if there is any sense in it?


  9. How can we move ahead to phase 4? Is it after the timer is over for the rollerchicks?


  10. So helmets are supposed to be common now…I have gotten 2 out of 11. I messaged them and I got the dreaded ” we checked, drops rates are correct in your town”. I call BS on that. I’ve been stuck now for a week because everything I need to do involves Peter and I still need 13 helmets.

    Bonus issue, since I got to phase 3 4 days ago, no eggs or Mugant Stewies in town. I messaged them 3 times about that and I just get, “spawn rates are random, they will appear soon.” Um…this is one H…E…double hockey sticks spawn rate!.

    Anybody else having these issues? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Just an update, 3 of 15 since the “common” helmet update. Still need 18 helmets. Almost have Lois and Ollie in less then a week.


    • Yes, the drops have not been in the common range at least as of this morning. I would say they’re faster than before, but have been slower than uncommon.

      In the last week, they really need to make them always drops because we need time to get through the questline before we can even get a peek at phase 4. It was a mistake making the questline so dependent on a character so hard to get, they were setting themselves up for problems that way. I still need 7 helmets and since I haven’t taken anything but catnaps in the past few days (yes, that’s me hallucinating…. ) until late this morning, I’ve been awake to diligently check the game every time Neil and Stan are ready to drop helmets (I set alarms). I know common drops, and these have not been common no way no how. Common drops aren’t unproductive several times in a row for both characters. If they were common drops, I would have obtained Peter by now. Stan and Neil did produce helmets a couple of hours ago when I woke up after some real sleep, so maybe they fixed it.


      • I had the same issue and in-game messaged them about drop rates for helmets and received back the same canned response about things dropping normally. I then wrote them back and said I was seeing maybe a 50% drop rate which is more in-line with an uncommon item, not a common item. With a common item, I would expect 75%+ drop rate. Then received back a response of “Thanks for the info. We’re taking all responses into consideration to make the game more enjoyable.” After that, the drops were almost constant and I was able to get the 15 helmets I needed rather quickly.

        There’s no way I’m going to reach crisis level 10, but luckily, I had already collected all the stuff I needed for Imperlator Lois.


    • You should not be going days with no egg piles. They aren’t as common as they once were, but you should have a few show up each day (two at a time in my game). And the helmet drops definitely have not been common, not even uncommon, at least up to late this morning.


    • I wasn’t getting them either, I ended up just having to buy with clams,


  11. My only question is: When does the 4th mutant musings challenge start? I am now finally caught up in the game (phew).


  12. Aaron-Apollo's Resurrection

    Wow I can’t believe they recalled Giant Chicken, that’s pretty grimey on their part. They screwed up, why should we get punished for it? They didn’t recall GUDG, Don Corleone or Deaths Mom when they screwed up and gave them all out for free, I don’t see why they’d do it this time with such an important character 😕. Not like most of us will ever get to him anyways otherwise


  13. As of right now, there is no Boomshakalaka Part 11, and Crisis Level 13 is as high as it goes, there is no Level 14. Light at the end of the tunnel.


  14. Still 10 helmets from Apocalypse Peter though


  15. How can you level up quicker? As I don’t see me getting to level 13 as it’s taking me forevery to finish level 12.


  16. The giant chicken showed up and I had him for about 12 hours then he disappeared does anyone know what happened?


  17. Bunny, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but people at Crisis level 9 can move up to phase 4. At least in my game. Just a little heads up.


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