Event Ending Soon & Final Mystery Box

Hey there Twinklies!

Just bouncing on by to bring you some information on the Newest Mystery Box dropped into the last bit of our Boomsday Event, World’s End Mystery Box.

I also want to remind everyone that the NEW End Time of the Event will be taking place. In other words …


Boomsday Ending Soon

Let’s take a closer look at it all. 


World's End Mystery Box

Just what items are located inside for the cost of 3 Toilet PaperToilet Papers a try?

Waterfall of Ooze (Decoration)
Two-Headed Mutant (Walking Decoration)
Biker Stewie Statue  (Decoration)
Twinkly Post (Decoration)
Mutant Goldfish (Walking Decoration)
Mutant Containment Gate  (Decoration)
Biker Brian Statue  (Decoration)
Mutant Human (Walking Decoration)
Neutralization Station  (Decoration)
Decommissioned Tanker  (Decoration)
Motorcycle Mutant (Walking Decoration)
Radioactive Cave (Decoration)
Oil Pump Jack  (Decoration)
Danger Warning Sign  (Decoration)
Heavy Grade Mixer  (Decoration)



Twinkly the Kid

As of now, there is no information that he will be placed in the game as a Character/ Walking Decoration/ Decoration. I did pass on that Players wanted him… but have not had anything back stating he is going to be placed in the game. Will update if I hear different.



Last Day of Apocalypse

Thursday, May 5th, @10AM Pacific. Keep in mind they are VERY punctual on this. There is no leeway.



As of now, NO. In order to extend an Event A LOT of things have to fall in place. Many times the biggest thing is there is already contractual obligations of a New Event coming shortly after the current one ends. To try and move that, well… that is like moving the Calendar for the entire year. It is a domino effect. It will make a HUGE impact all the way down the line.

Short story long, extensions are rare.



Neil Goldman & Son Trading Post

NO. When the Event Ends, it takes all the Event items and Currency remaining with it. That means ANY Character/Costume not completely unlocked and walking your game… will go when the Event does. You MUST collect all the items needed for them to get them.

This goes for Buildings and Decorations. Unlock/Purchase all the ones you want as they will go with the Event.



Twinklies Twinkly Toilet Paper Water Bottle Cure Dart

Anything linked to the Event goes with the Event, so that means currency too. Use it or lose it essentially.



Dead Trees Trash Can Fire

Keep in mind the game is set up to pull items from the Inventory Storage first, so if you already have say… 10 of an item in Inventory… you will need to pull ALL 10 items out first before the game will let you buy more.

Place items from Inventory first, then you can get more. Continue buying until you have all you want, then store them away.



The ONLY Questlines that usually continue on after an Event are those directly linked to unlocking a Character and isolated from the Main Questline. All other Questlines are directly linked to the Event and will go with it.



Giant Chicken

If you ALREADY own the Giant Chicken from the WrestleMania Event, you will not get a second one. Same with Roger, so these items will show as “LOCKED” in the Stockpile Tanker.


There you have it, some basics for closing out the Boomsday Event. I will be updating a few more pieces of information above (like Mystery Box item info) but that pretty much covers it.

Any last minute items you are picking up? Any items in the Mystery Box you wanted and now have in your game? Any tips for other players finishing out the Event? Let us know.



71 responses to “Event Ending Soon & Final Mystery Box

  1. How can I get in contact with Tiny co. About neil? I bought the last few items with clams that where needed to unlock him, sent him on 2 quests and then he magically dissappear


  2. Eh… did Neil disappear for anyone else? After Quahog reverted I was checking all tasks for remaining quests and I sent Neil on ‘Cruise the Streets’ well before the event ended, he’s no longer here. He’s also blacked out on FaceSpace, not standing next to Goldman’s and Sons and not in my inventory. I did message TC already though, just wanted to notify others that it might be smart to check.


    • Apparently the vanishing issue was a very individual problem as the representative of TC support was reluctant at first to fix it. After delving into my game ID he found out Neil was fully unlocked for me but no longer showing up in my gamecode, I got him back at the level he was.

      Now it’s just his vocals that are bugged, but I’m apparantly not the only one with that issue. Amazing support from TC on this issue to be honest, almost had a one-on-one conversation with the representative once he realized my issue was very real.


  3. So the event finally “ended” in my game. It asked me to Reload to end the event, which I did. Though afterwards, I find that I still have two event Questlines which have not gone away: Sax Positive Pt.1 – which is to create Warrior Roger, even though he’s longer available in Al Harrington’s. And Trading with Twinkly Pt. 10, which I can’t progress on, since there are no more Roaches to clear.

    Technically, I also have Ollie Ollie Toxin Free Pt.2, but this one is probably supposed to extend beyond the event as most Character questlines do when you’ve unlocked the character.


  4. It looks like it’s been said, but I’ll echo that I think this could have been an awesome event but for roadblocks, especially the helmets for Apocalypse Peter. There were a lot of cool things about it, the queue mechanic wasn’t quite as painful as it’s been in the past, some nice prizes, but any time there is a roadblock like that it just bogs everything down a bit too much.


  5. My event hasn’t stopped, which is weird. On the timer it now says “-03h 47m 03s” and it is still counting haha. Anyone else has the same “problem”? I am enjoying it tho, a bit more time to finish up everything 😉

    I find it strange tho, if you have an explanation for this I would love to hear it!


    • It’s new. First time they’re doing the 10am. System isn’t wanting to comply just yet. Just think of it as borrowed time and play with caution


  6. Has the event been extended?


  7. Cookie Quack

    Wow, I just bought all of the Building Skins yesterday. I really want all of the walking decorations, but it’s too late for me to get any more toilet paper. **** it!


  8. The “few hour” extension isn’t going to help much they mention on facebook. I didn’t get into the final phase until about five minutes to the stated end. I spent about 20 clams to rush the main questline so I could move on and spend the twinkies I built up while waiting for helmets. That was a dumb idea since there won’t be enough time to accomplish anything anyway.


  9. This event wouldve been perfect without those peter helmets holding everyone back. I got my last one 3 minutes before it ended. Though that was two hours ago and the event is still going with a negative timer so i used ended loosely.


    • I agree 100 %.
      I made it to phase 4 at 8:30 this morning.
      I had a full 4 days that Stan gave me nothing. I sent a message and only got a canned response about it working properly. The 2nd event they put the giant chicken in, and both had big snags in them.


  10. It’s still going on for me… Anyone else seeing this? well over an hour now…


  11. 10:45 pacific time and my game is still in Boomsday. Guess I’m going to be able to sneak a little more time.


  12. No Ending??? The timer is counting. Now at -45:00 min. A bug?


  13. I didn’t even get to see the week 4 prize board :/


  14. Just saw this important update on the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Facebook app page:
    UPDATE: The world isn’t ending just yet! Boomsday will extend past its scheduled end time of 10 AM, PDT for a few hours. The counter in the Event HUB will still time down to 10 AM, PDT, but the event will continue after that for a few hours.


  15. Why is booms day still active? It’s past time to end.


  16. Except they WEREN’T punctual. It’s now 10:08PST, and the event is still going. I just went through and quickly spent all my game currency, and it seems like they are messing around again.


  17. Wish i had made it to phase 4. I really wanted roger. I was stopped by the helmets and just now got peters costume low enuf to buy out with clams. Tho it was to late to progress but i really wanted everything i could get from this event. Theme wise its been my favorite. I spent alot of clams for the first time and was suprized if fell so behind. Guess i spent them in the wrong places. But im stoked i got some pretty cool stuff!


  18. I love the last day of an event. It’s a chance to relax, reflect on all the cool things I got (the entire Smith family and their house, Ollie, some neat decos). It feels almost like a holiday and a day off. I know exactly how far I got with the event and I can chill until the next one starts. Anyone else?

    Thanks again for all the work you do giving us all this great info, I agree that you make this game possible. I still think a Bunny deserves to hop into our games with an audible “please see top of post”. 🙂


  19. i just got Apo Peter and the event ends in 30 minutes

    i missed out on a lot i guess .. but reeeallyy another terrible event


  20. The only thing I won’t be getting the Apocalypse Roger. I have 2 more wine bottles with 1 hour left. Not enough time. I’ve gotten every other character possible for a freeium player. I did spend some to get clams and finish Apocalypse Peter with only half the helmets I needed. That helped. Got Ollie, Niel, Stan, Roger, Commander Jesus and costumes for peter, lois, joe, and Cleveland. This event was pretty fun. Some points were difficult and some near impossible without clams, but overall I loved it.


  21. Bunny does that mean no mystery box with twinkies???


  22. I really hope they do give us Twinkie the Kid, I’ve been waiting for him the whole event, as the two Characters/ Outfits I was most looking forward to were Armageddon Stan and Twinkie. This event did bring a lot of cool new items for us, and if can’t wait to see what comes next.


  23. Hi Bunny, I still have 1 more umbrella to go b4 getting Ollie and his timer says I still have 2 more days to collect. With the event ending today does this mean I do not get the 2 days? Thanks for all of your great informative posts!


  24. I finally reached a point this morning where I could access the week 4 stuff so I spent clams to get Roger’s costume. I was able to get through the first two weeks with not much problem but the helmet drops for Peter screwed me over in the end and I was so far behind on the questline. I hated the fairytale event and wasn’t too enthused about the wrestling event so I really wanted to like this one. I really just wanted all the American Dad stuff from it.


  25. It sounds like I am not the only one who didn’t get to the final week until the final day.
    I am not terribly upset, I did get some fun characters “IT’S GONNA RAIN!”
    I didn’t experience any glitches or bugs so that was nice.


    • At least you made it that far! I finally reached Armageddon Stan today, but still need 120 twinkies to unlock him… so yeah, I haven’t even seen week 3 or 4! I thought I would reach Crisis Level 8 but I must need 1 or 2 more points.


  26. TP well spend: decided to buy all the contents of the World’s End Mystery Box first, everything you get from that is a bargain compared to buying a single building and/or skin :). Finished it with the Quahog Mall and the School Bus House, and some of the minor decos with my last 15TP. Satisfied with this event, tbh.


  27. I’ve made the goals I set for myself for phase 4 after buying 275 Clams with the Twinklies deal: unlock Roger, reach and complete the Mutant Musings chain (tiny War Rig though :)) and complete the Mutant Kitty chain, which I’m currently finishing with my final tasks. I made sure to have two Cure Dart tasks running to cure Mort during his gouging tasks. Warrior Roger was pretty much unreachable to begin with.

    Now it’s just a matter of deciding what I want to spend my TP on. The building skins are nice but perhaps getting the new buildings might be more practical instead.


  28. Phillip Watson

    I still only halfway through Apocalypse Peyer with the helmets so won’t complete. TinyCo should have reduced the amount of helmets or added other characters as well as speed up the drop rate. Also the buy out rate for clams in the stockpile tanker for items you are short of is just ridiculous. I also have 500+ cigarettes and I can’t trade them out for twinkies. Finally the characters mutating is random and was annoying because usually just after you cure them they almost immediately turn back again. My town is mutant free and egg free as I have lots of smoke bombs so I don’t know what the reason for them becoming mutants.


  29. Anyone else receive the Giant Chicken and then have him disappear? He dropped and I had him for a good 24 hours or so and then vanished. Not sure if I got him by mistake or if he disappeared by mistake.


    • I think I may have had the same thing happen. I remembered today that I haven’t seen the Giant Chicken for a while now. I had him show up last week and now he appears to be gone. He doesn’t show in the FaceSpace page anywhere. I really hope it wasn’t taken away purposely.


    • I’ve lost my my Giant Chicken also. He randomly appeared during event. I was levelling it up. But it occurred to me this morning I’d not tasked him in a few days.
      Can’t find him in hotel, or town or face space.
      Have message Tiny Co about it but as they’ve not replied to any other message during this event I’m not hopeful on a forth coming solution.


    • Exactly the same thing happened to me – had him for about two days (he appeared outside the Pollo Restaurant with the unlocked icon above him), was available for tasks and then disappeared…
      I’m guessing he was needed for the latter stages of the event or something?


  30. I just love the mystery boxes this time round the art work in them is just beautiful, makes up for all the frustrations of the event so far. For me should get apocolypse Peter today and got everything up to level three except the challenge prizes. Don’t know how anyone could play this game if they don’t follow this blog. Thanks Bunny.


  31. I’m happy, finally got into phase 4 about 9pm EDT Wednesday and skipperdeed over to the tanker to pick up Roger with my hard-earned 23 Twinklies. Had enough Twinklies stockpiled to get the first two buildings as well and thanks to the wide range of trade options NOT requiring the new item chicken – was able to get the next one soon enough also. Am waiting for a fourth rocket so I can try my luck with the giant mutant. Started the questline and would be able to get as far as the step needing Roger’s outfit, will probably just enjoy zapping and curing mutants of various types and possibly picking up more at the tanker until The End. The only thing that really drove me nuts was the helmet dropping problem that had me stuck potentially forever in part 3 of phase 3. Really didn’t want to spend a single clam on Peter’s costume.

    Hated to waste 35 toilet tissue rolls on fencing for the phase 3 questline. But due to diligently prioritizing unmutating toilet paper collectors, have purchased several bombed out façades, some more flaming cans, and the schoolbus house. Am taking lots of pics of bombed out Quahog to make into jig saw puzzles. My life is so pathetic- I noticed the only things on my camera roll are pictures of cats and screenshots of games.

    Made out pretty well in this event, six new characters including some I’ve pried out clams from my stash for: Roger, Stan, Neil, Commander Jesus (75 clams to finish), Alien (200 clams), Ollie and new costumes for Consuela (200 clams? So rich from clam TV, I forget) and Peter (14 clams to finish but got back 15 clams) and Lois, and also a second worker for building stuff (50 clams) to overdo on the smoke bomb generating furniture stores. Plus clam TV runneth over recently to compensate for my spending spree, although I had better slow down.

    Would have liked getting the rest of the Smiths but just can’t bring myself to gamble for them. I would have worked to unlock them or buy with Twinklies, though.


  32. I like the new end time, hopefully it continues for future events as it’s much more practical for me in the UK to finish at 6pm rather than 11pm. Plus if a new event goes live the same day I don’t lose out on the first few hours like usual.

    This event for me was the best since the first Star Trek, I managed to unlock everything and have even finished the main quest line (except the crisis level) and most of the side quests which is the first for a long time.

    As long as you planned ahead everything was very achievable at minimal to no cost. I spent less than 100 clams on the whole event and 75 of those were on Jesus who I could of unlocked free but wanted to save the 12 hours of Stan tasks to start the next week on time, in hindsight I didn’t need to save that time and should of waited.

    The only issue the entire event was the Crisis Level 11 issue for the final week but once they sorted that all was good.

    The big thing coming out of this event is the need to plan ahead when playing, for example as soon as they released Peter it was obvious helmets were going to be the one possible hold up so I had Neil working on those from the start and actually had all of them before some of the other items.


  33. Was there anything to gain from completing the quest line “Trading with Twinkly”? I’m on part 10, and doubt I will finish it, but just curious. I didn’t see it mentioned on your site, but I certainly prob overlooked it. Sorry if I couldn’t find it! :/


  34. I havebt got an acne cream drop in 3 days, should I write to tinyco? There’s extra rare and there’s just not happening lol


  35. So is that 10am Specific then? I think it’s called Pacific! No I think It’s 10am Specific Time. 🙂


  36. dirk dirkingshore

    An event as strange as the mutated chars running around. Some parts were very generous, like the bombing radius for the mutant stewies running around or removing the lev 11 Crisis Level after Phase 4 had already started, or the addition in final 24 hours of the Mystery Box for toilet rolls with so many items both buildings and animated wandering chars. Some parts were brutal, like trying to get that lev 11 before it was removed, or the very limited trading options for Twinklies. Finishing without being able to trade more than 600 bottles and cigarettes because every option requires another 25 to 50 fuel cans or bucket of chicken is less than ideal. However, I did enjoy the event and so spent for a few hundred clams along the way to complete chars like Ollie and Neil when I couldnt get the drops.


  37. What bothers me is there isn’t a lower tier Twinkie trade in for bottled waters, etc. I have 570 bottled waters accumulated that I should be able to trade in for Twinkies, even at a low rate (like past events) but as of now it looks like I won’t be getting Stan because I can’t earn enough cigarettes


  38. Im still unlocking Neil will i be able to finish? im so close!!!!


  39. Omg!! Giant Mutant Kitten is hilarious and adorable!


  40. For 3 days I’ve logged on every 3 hours trying to get the last 4 acne creams I need to unlock Neil and so far have gotten zero. I’m feeling very frustrated.


  41. Hi Bunny –

    Actually, given all the headaches and slow critical drops, I enjoyed this event. It wasn’t easy, and even with the fact I played mildly premium, I won’t make it all the way through the final quest line. That being said, I got a lot of characters, a bunch of stuff, and most importantly, I enjoyed it. That’s why I’m glad I found this game – it’s entertaining and it’s Family Guy.

    Finally, there is no way I would have gotten as far as I did and had as much fun had it not been for your constant updates, insights and outlooks. You guys go a great job and it’s very appreciated.

    I can complain with the best, and I’m sure I’ll be posting in a future WTD about something, but I’m going to miss this one – a lot of fun and I like challenges.

    I might be taking the next event off as Quahog is a mess and someone’s got to disassemble the mazes and rebuild the town…

    Ah, who am I kidding? That’s what I said about this one….

    Thanks for all your effort!


  42. I finally made it to Phase 4 earlier today and spent all the 300+ Twinklys I had saved to get me to the 4th item in the tanker. All I’m doing now is collecting as much TP as possible to get all the items out of this Mystery Box, since I can’t use the TP for anything else.


  43. Jessica Garrow

    This event has been next to impossible for me to complete with all the crashes. I can do 3 to 4 actions for characters and come back after the iPad auto shuts off and only 1 character was shown as sent. Any more than 4 characters causes an instant crash. I’ve manually forced a game reboot, shut and turned the iPad on and off, and even uninstalled almost every other program I have to no avail. With all these set backs I haven’t made it past week 2 and have nothing to show for the event accept Neil and clevlandmire. I’d love to play this game more but 30 seconds to a minute at a time during a day is just to much hassle. I know this isn’t the correct spot to vent but I’m just putting this out there as an observation.


  44. Thank you Bunny for responding, I knew it wasn’t really critical, I was just curious why I didn’t see it. BTW, when I saw the mystery box, I was wondering why they didn’t add the roaches in there since they added the two headed mutant, the mutant human, and the mutant goldfish, along with the motorcycle mutant


  45. I spent clams on this event, over 1000 and I’m still not on Phase 4. Very dissapointed. 😦


  46. I guess I am not clear enough, I am talking about the stockpile tanker, you know, like it should say get Roger and so on and so on…the only thing I have left in the main questline is to get to level 13. I’m sorry if I am not being clear, I forget what it’s called since I don’t have week 4, but it is all the items in the stockpile tanker that it tells you what you need to get


    • Makes sense now. You are asking if there is a SIDE Questline for it. There was only 2 that I saw and mine also ended due to I passed on the Girls. I wouldn’t worry about it. Side Questlines were never really critical. No special payouts, etc. The ONLY side Questline that was helpful in a way was for Crisis Points as it awarded 1 Free Clam a level.


  47. Bunny, I have tried to ask them in the game, but they didn’t really read my question correctly. I was curious why I can’t see a questline for the tanker for week four, like with the other weeks. Mine just stopped after I let the timer run out for the biker girls. I have all the items in there, I was just curious if you knew why the ones that are in the tanker for week 4 didn’t show up. I hope you understand what I am talking about


    • Did you finish up ALL Of Boom and Doom Questline? (Phase 3)

      You must complete the Phase before for the new Phase to open up (Boomshakalaka Questline/Phase 4)


  48. What are the chances Twinkie the Kid will be avail last min?


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