Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda (Open Thread)

Hello There Addicts Asylum Patients!

Having a fun day? Lots of stuff on your mind? Just want to ramble on about anything and everything? WELL TOO BAD!!!

Addicts Asylum Patient Zero

Errr, I mean… Here is the place where you can do it. Have something cool you want to share with your fellow readers/Addicts? Have something on your mind that you just want to get off it? Have a million dollars? Having a mental breakdown like me? Lol.

This post is for open conversation. Pretty much anything and everything goes (as long as it still follows the Addicts Site Guidelines). Feel free to chat it up all you want.

If you are not sure of what to talk about, here are a few subjects to get you started.

What are you up to today?

Getting a lil itchy for Summer? Or is that just me? 

Beach or the Mountains? 

Remember this post is for FUN!! If you wanna gripe or complain or rant or …well, be mad about something…take it to our WHAT THE DEUCE posts and get it out your system there. 🙂

There you go. Get your typing fingers fired up and yap yap yap away.

20 responses to “Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda (Open Thread)

  1. I’m so officially excited that I decided to check the stockpile tanker one last time this morning. I had checked all my people in to the resort last night realizing that I would have no way of getting the next item on the list. BUT, this morning Roger popped up and I had enough twinklies to trade for him. I’m so happy!! I am however ready for my little Quahog to return back to normal, seems it hasn’t happened yet and it’s 1130pst.


  2. Hey – TC got the mutantized Quohog 5 building skin turned around like it should be. Took them less than a week to fix it.


  3. Is there any cycle to which mutants come out of the gate? I’m getting goldfish, goldfish, Stewie, Stewie, goldfish, Stewie, ect. The two- headed launches as soon as I take the previous one out. I need the cockroaches, but haven’t seen any today.


  4. Just a note – the War Rig (grand prize for mutant musings) is animated; it’s also very, very tiny and runs on roads.


  5. I’m for 3 months at level Max 60, when Tiny Co Will add more levels?


  6. wildthornberry88

    Hi Bunny and everyone else ^_^ I’m starting to feel a bit better atm yay. Just wanted to say thanks for posting up the questlines and everything. I’ve not been very active on here lately, but I’ve been trying to play my phone games when my hands/wrists allow it! I got very stuck in Phase 3 due to waiting on Apocalypse Peter and now using your questline to try get through it quicker by seeing what’s next. I really want to get Roger! ^_^ Hope you’re all doing well and you’re getting better, Bunny! I’ve been off work 3 weeks but not been able to do much other than watch stuff and play games occasionally… So I think I put on some weight XD I need to try eat healthier else I won’t fit my work uniform when I go back haha!


  7. Geoffrey T Payne

    what is the deal with more and more characters only having 1 visual task… I bought Naked Bill Clinton and see he only has 1 visual task.. if I am paying $10 for a character, can’t they at least have 2 visual tasks? Ideally more?


    • It all depends on game stability to be honest. The MORE going on outside visually, the more memory used, and the more likely chance to crash players games. Sadly they have to make sacrifices due to this. Also… at times the “animation” is not ready when the Character is launched, so more may be still added later. Case in point, Consuela Warlord Costume. Originally NO animated Tasks, now she has at least one.


      • Do you really want to see the first first-husband running around naked in your game? LOL


        • Actually… he is running around… and I am giggling and laughing at it. But then we have Greased Up Deaf Guy who is almost there… not to mention MANY scenes of Nakey Peter. 😉


  8. Just recently started doing tan lines stuff and think it’s great. I thought originally that while I was still unlocking districts and with events it was too much extra work but have found its a great way to keep my extra characters occupied. Love the artwork in the apocolyse event especially the fuel refinery and the war rig auto repair.


  9. Did anyone see the pop up for naked Bill Clinton? would have got him if i had the clams 😦 only saw it the once & cant find him now


  10. About a week ago I randomly got giant chicken in my game for free and was super pumped and excited. Now I can’t find him and when I check my character list he is not there. Was this a glitch where people got giant chicken for free by accident (without unlocking items) and then they took him away?


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