Greek Life Week 3: The Freemium Perspective

Hello There Clammers One and all!  Today’s very special Helper post comes to us from Cassandra.  Cassandra has in the past written posts about the Freemium perspective of the game (most recently her thoughts on week 1 and week 2)…and we thought, “what the hell, let’s do it again!” So here you go you crazy rascals…enjoy!
(Oh and P.S Thanks Cassandra for the post!)

Also a note…I’ll be doing my best to catch up on some posts today..thank you for your patience :)- Alissa 

Hey week three Phi Beta Freemium pledges!

Have you advanced to week three play yet? Once again I had to wait until Saturday morning for enough Ambrosia to unlock Tri-Bri and advance myself.

A tip: Don’t sent Tri-Bri on his quest line task right away. He has a task in the main quest line that needs to be accomplished and that can’t be done if he’s tied up doing something else for 12 hours.

I didn’t hear anything back about my fat-finger purchase of Hades’ fraternity house so I suppose I’m just going to have to write those clams off as a loss. I did enjoy the extra boost in Soul Scrolls though, so there’s that. Not having to wait is good.



Between week two buildings that dropped items for Tri-Bri (Hephaestus’ Workshop and the Theater of Dionysus) and those required for quest lines, I managed to buy everything in the week two University Store except the character Hades. I wasn’t really jonesing for him and seeing as how useless the Zeus character has been the past week, I don’t count that as a loss.

As for the leader boards, I’m not even paying attention to all that. I have 134 coins and the lowest on my leader board has 332 so there’s no way to watch up. Besides, I’m still bitter about not getting Bertram and the Cyborg Dog from the Second Coming Star Trek event that I worked so hard for. They deleted my contact support request without answering that one too, so I kinda think, what’s the point? Seems like Leaderboards are only for the players who invest in a lot of clams. Guess they ought to have a perk, eh? Good luck to them.

I love seeing the reverse mermen walk around. Their little butts are hilarious. Even with only two characters that earn Seaform Scrolls (Lois Make a Bedsheet Toga & Herbert Eat Dolphin-Free Tuna) I seem to be keeping up with creating them, enough Soul Spells to clear Minotaurs and collect fleeces, and enough Lightening Spells to trade for Golden Apples.

Neptune is kinda neat looking but I’m not sure I can get 5000 Ambrosia in the three days and ten hours left to unlock him on top of everything else we’ll need to advance in the quest lines. Buying a fountain at this point seems like a waste. If they were discounted as the weeks go by that would be cool but why pay full price when more than half the event has gone by?

I’ve placed Billy Finn but have only collected two cans of tuna toward unlocking him. Kind of a bummer that we had to collect all that stuff to place him and then he’s also got a billion things to collect to unlock him. But he doesn’t have a timer so I have hope that I can get everything needed for him by the time the event is over. I hope he’ll be voiced, he’s great!

How did you guys fare in week two? Did you snap up Hades? How are things going toward getting Billy Finn and other things in week three?

32 responses to “Greek Life Week 3: The Freemium Perspective

  1. When will the leaderboard items be awarded


  2. I’m doing this event 100% freemium and its a bit odd. I got Zeus in week one but didn’t even come close on Hades due to Ambrosia. In week three though I got Neptune with about six hours to spare. However I’m still stuck in week three because I only finally got Billy Finn about two hours. All that said, I’m hovering around 3100 on the leaderboard as a freemium up from hovering around 4100 two days ago (Neptune really helps with his job that drops coins). I’m going to barely get into week four stuff but it appears I’ll get Hercules which doesn’t feel like it should be possible.


  3. When you buy the mystery boxes, do you get all the prizes shown? Or is it just a random set of a few things you might get? For instance, the Centurian Brian box is 125 clams. But it says you get 150 as a prize, along with other other prizes.


    • It is like a slot Machine. You put money in (clams in this case), Pull the lever (hit open), then wait to see what “Prize” out of the many options you get.


  4. Never wrote on this, but I really liked this theme. Even though the timers were too short and ridiculous amounts of ambrosia are needed. Trying for Neptune, missed hades, but I see a lot of people did too. If anything I’ll get Athena. Not trying to spend clams (real money) but I’ve been doing pretty well in the theme. Hopefully will be able to get everything for Billy. Have fun everybody!


  5. Anyone else having problem with the extra large ambrosia fountain?


  6. 30+ Reverse Mermaid/Mermen clears and only one golden crown. Looks like week 3 will be a bust for me.


  7. I really can’t decide what I want to do on this. I could definitely get Neptune (have almost all the crowns, and all the apples) 3 days 20 hours left to unlock (waited to check the store), and 3500/5000 ambrosia. Only things I’ve bought from the store this week, though, are Billy Finn and the seafoam-generating building. I did buy Xena with ad-clams.

    I could get Neptune, but that would put me really far behind so I would have trouble even getting to the last week, or I could eschew Neptune and already have enough for most of the other things from week 3, and be mostly set for week 4. I just wish I knew what would be in week 4 so I knew which I cared about more.


  8. i did the same, i was able to get Zeus in week 1, and I was ready and had almost all the items for Hades except the beerosia, but when I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to collect 8000 beerosia I gave up on him and moved onto completing the questline. I’m not yet in week 3, but will be trying to get neptune this time.


  9. Shawn Warkentin

    Yay family guy…not really. Where oh where did the customer service reps go? 9 days later and no response…well gee that sounds like maybe it’s time to jump ship

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    • Eh. I won’t be jumping ship. I can imagine they get loads of requests for refunds on premium items from people that are trying to scam the system, to get the payouts and then get their clams back. It’s gotta be tough to weed through those. I still love Family Guy and playing enough that a small setback isn’t going to ruin things for me.


  10. Thank YOU, Alissa! You’re doing a fabulous job keeping everyone informed!


  11. Haven’t even started week 3 yet thanks to the chokepoint of whatever the second to last building is/was in the store. Took me all day yesterday getting the final 500 beerosia to finally place it just to move on in the phase 2 main quest chain. Chances are if Billy’s quite literally got a “Phase 3” unlock only thing on him where it’s only this week you can get him I won’t have a chance in hell at him. Hades is locked due to the timer running out too. And Zeus isn’t exactly worthless, he’s still collecting beerosia for you; so that’s another source of that at least.

    Yet again we’ve got an event that seems to be frontloaded with fairly easy times which then get t-boned by frustration a couple of weeks in. The top people on my leaderboard have well over 5,000 coins and I think the lowest ones have around 600 (compared to my like 375). Ridiculous amounts of a very stingy resource (beerosia) needed for “free” characters on a timer. Yet again more costumes which require one or more “Rare” or greater items to complete… Really wish TinyCo would put the brakes on all events while they figure out a way to make them fun and accessible enough for everyone instead of those who play for hours on end or pay through the nose.


    • In a perfect world we’d have known that the Ambrosia was the thing that would be the most difficult at the start and could have stratigized. It’s a game of chance and the fountain buyers are the winners this go-round.

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  12. My only plan this week is to unlock Billy Finn and I have been doing great so far. I was beyond lucky on getting Tuna. Jerome and Chris dropped repeatedly back to back giving me 6/8 needed. I’m never this lucky and thought TinyCo made an error and set it to Always. This does make up for the hassle it took me to get Toga Peter.

    I’m not really going to waste time giving Neptune offerings after I get all the Shells needed for Billy Finn. His payout for Ambrosia is a complete joke. It would be better to use the Water Scrolls on Reverse Mermaids. They have the best payout for Ambrosia at 40, which is great for just a 30 minute processing time. Freemium players like me that haven’t been able to stay over 1000 Ambrosia should finally get a surplus started this week.


  13. I, like you, blew off getting Hades, but I knew going in when I saw it was 8000 I was not going to bother, because even if I did get all the materials, I would be going into week 3 with nothing, and preferred to have the jump up.

    When it comes to the leaderboards, I don’t even bother to look. If I get something, great, if not, oh well. Although, this time, it looks like they have relaxed things a bit, as the first tier is 1-5000, instead of 1-100, and second tier is 5000-25000, instead of 101-500, and third tier is 25001-75000, instead of 501-1000, so at least 75000 players are going to be awarded some sort of prize from the leaderboard, which is kind of cool. I liked the way they did the Christmas leaderboard, where there was an individual board and a global board. That was one instance where big spenders and cheaters helped us! *chuckle*


  14. I so hope Billy has some original voiceovers from Ricky Gervais 🙂


  15. It took me until Sunday to get Tri Bri, so I’m in the same boat as you. I placed the pita truck already to get ahead on Billy, and placed Narcissus’ garden for the seafoam, so I’m a bit behind on the week 3 quest line. I don’t really want to waste ambrosia on the Roman candle shop but don’t really have a choice!


  16. I just had week 3 open this morning. Hopefully I can keep up to do most of week 4. I’m just over 100 coins behind the bottom of my leader board. I have no clue where I place though in the grand scheme of things for tier two or three or if I’m going to miss every prize. Trying to save up video clams for Xena. Ambrosia is needed for Billy right now since Brian cost so much.


  17. Billy has some conflicting tasks: the Fish Jesus has three tasks, yet of those three two are very useful otherwise: Herbert for Seafoam, which basically rules him out, and Jerome for Tuna. I would still suggest to put Brian and Jerome on Fish Jesus and only Chris on Tuna, Tuna drops have actually not been that bad.

    Neptune ‘should’ be managable, but I’ve put ‘ there for a reason. Ambrosia counts are high in this phase but relatively way less than phase 2. However, as all buildings are required to get through to phase 4, having to ditch out 5000 for Neptune seems a setback. It’s whatever one prefers; starting ahead of phase 4, skip Neptune, having an additional character, additional Seafoam/Styx drops and a slight setback on phase 4, get him. That is not counting the excessive requirement of Crowns and Fleeces for Neptune. It’s not an easy choice.


  18. I waited until Sunday morning to enter phase 3 – even though I unlocked tri-BRIAN on Friday. Basically I had waited until I had about 2500 ambrosia to start phase 3 – hoping that might be enough of a head start to get Neptune. The only buildings I’ll buy to start are the one that drops sea foam scrolls (bought that last night and before getting the one for Finn – since it only required 1 merman drop item versus 2 for Finn – plus it drops sea foam). Next I’ll get finn’s building unlocked and work towards getting Neptune if possible. I also used my saved up clams to get xena – since I thought her item drop might help with Neptune (but she needs to be at level 3 for that….darn you tinyco – although a 6 hour task overnight nearly got her to level 2).

    So that’s my plan for the week. By starting neptunes timer on Sunday – he will end shortly after last phase can start. I’m still amazed at the voting collection – I play very often and have about 360 coins – yet there are many with several thousand coins – which is impossible for true freemium. I’d be curious if any followers here regularly spend coins and buy clams – to see where they are. I imagine there are still o lot of cheaters and hackers on top – but glad that tinyco tries and purges those boards.


    • I regularly buy clams, as of the 31st I’ve got 450 coins putting me around 3560 rank.

      I bought the fountain that pays 600 each time when I did the math at the start of week two and realized I needed a lot more help to get it all.

      So far I have gotten all the characters, buying the premium ones and getting all the gods. I tend to wait to look at the store till I have at least half the ambrosia I need for the god, then I do only the buildings that drop scrolls, then I go for the god. Then I focus on the buildings dropping items that there are no jobs for (the rings and hood ornaments this week) and the buildings needed for the quest line. I actually never got the workshop because the characters had already got all the collars. I’ll pick it up and the end of I have the stuff.


  19. I appreciate the Freemium perspective, I am about as far along as you are, except with 3 cans of tuna for Billy. I just wish that there were more mermen or that they gave those gold things more often.


  20. My perspective, freemium is doomed to maybey get 1/2 way through 3rd week before everthing is gone. Im sick of opening the game and its nothing but buy buy buy what the hell happened to this game, again its like 3 freemium items per 12 premium items what happened to th equality of this game? How can people spend thousands of dollars on this and for that matter how can tiny co suck rich people dry and make this game suck for freemium. Pretty soon this game is gonna be just premium only!! If you got no money to play then F U.


    • isn’t putting this game out just from the goodness of their hearts. They’re a business and the point is to make money. Tempting you to part with your dollars is part of the game. But no one is forcing you to do anything. You don’t have to play. It’s still fun for me even if I don’t get everything. At the end of the day it’s just a bunch of pixels and they won’t increase the enjoyability of my life beyond five minutes. I appreciate that I get what I get, while also appreciating the business side of things. Those that have more clams get more, that’s just how things work.


    • Yasssss, @jeffs666, it has definitely changed since the original week one launch a couple of years ago. It’s like they had Action Jack Barker come in and change everything. 😈


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