New Event Teaser! – There’s No Place Like Quahog

Woo Hoo, it looks like we’re heading over the rainbow.

A while ago I wished upon a star for a Wizard of Oz event.  It didn’t happen. So I then went and planned my own Oz-some event for an Addicts contest, you can read all about it HERE.

But now my ruby slippers are tap, tap, tapping as I keep repeating to myself, There’s no Place Like Quahog whilst excitedly wondering if my beloved Oz will ever be the same. Fancy joining me on the yellow brick road to find out?

Yes? Ok, sing it with me, We’re off to see the……


As per TinyCo: Follow the yellow brick road! Our Wizard of Oz event, “There’s No Place Like Quahog”, will begin on Wednesday, November 9! 

~ Russian Tigger

37 responses to “New Event Teaser! – There’s No Place Like Quahog

  1. Has the event launched yet? I updated, but the content isn’t loading, just my same old game. Hmmm…


  2. Just curious – is anyone else seeing a prompt for placing kool-aid man every time they check back in after this last update? I have him running around right now and not sure why.


  3. Has this event triggered yet? Says it starts today, but I haven’t seen anything. Does it matter if I have main characters in inventory while I’m waiting?


  4. Faithfull to my habit of living in a bubble I have to admit that I’ve never seen any Oz-related movie. I do know what the story is about (my bubble is transparent so far, not black).
    I found all the Oz sketches in the show hilarious, so I’m thinking this could be fun. 🙂


  5. I’d much rather see a strong tie in to the books than any of the films, the books are rarely done justice. I reread all the oz books last year, there is so much more to appreciate about them now, as an adult, than when I was a child.


    • I love both, but with the way MGM guards the film rights I reckon we will see an event pulled from the books rather than the movie, which will make a nice change.


  6. Will the event be based on your ideas?


    • I doubt it as I’m pretty sure they will need base this event on the book as MGM are very strict on copyright for the movie. But I’ll be watching closely, lol


  7. I LOVE IT! I didn’t know about the contest, so congrats! All the thought that went into these is crazy! So happy your idea won! You deserve it! I can’t wait!!


  8. If this is a major event they won’t have time for s big Christmas event. Maybe not have one this year?

    Oz is ok but I’ll only really put effort in it if there’s something good for Meg or Stewie that doesn’t cost 300 clams.


  9. Congratulations on suggesting the winning theme Russian Tigger, I’m looking forward to your posts in response to this Oz event. Agree…it’s gotta be based on the original!

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  10. Being a child of the 1980s, I would have preferred a “Return To Oz” theme instead. I always preferred it over the original. Probably because (for me) that movie was released at exactly the right time. It was actually a movie that I even had on a Beta video back in the 80s. I know that most people will disagree with me though and say the original is far better – that’s fine, it’s just my opinion. 👍
    I also think it would be cool to have characters such as Jack Pumpkinhead, The Gump, Tik-Tok or one of the Wheelers in the game. 😄

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    • I must admit I prefer the original and the only other Oz film I’ve felt recaptured that magic was the recent Oz: The Great and Powerful. I think Return To Oz did a wonderful play on the characters but for me was a little darker, but it certainly has its place, but for me it wouldn’t take top spot.

      I also have to say the writers of Once Upon A Time have done a great job with the Oz content.


    • I also love Return to Oz (it seems I enjoy any movie Jim Henson/creature shop is involved with, even when I’m not aware he/it is involved! lol) & would also like a Wheeler!

      If allowed, my 3.5 year old would watch Return to Oz 3x/day! The Wheelers & Mombi freak her out, but she seems to like being freaked out. 😁

      Maybe Belina could have a romance with Giant Chicken! 😂


  11. Hopefully more characters rather than costumes.


  12. I got a pending update on my kindle fire tonight (Monday) but it just changed the game avatar, so I guess it’s just prepping for wednesday


  13. Personally I’ve never been a big fan of WoZ. But this sounds like a fun event. Since I’ve done with the mini event I’m all ready.


  14. Could be cool. Could be lame. Not sure how much I’ll put into this one. I’m ready for the Christmas event.


  15. If I knew of my events sooner, I would’ve been happy to help create my own idea for an event.


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