There’s No Place Like Quahog Phase 2 Is Live!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’re Off to see the Wizard… Again… with some strange looking Giant Pumpkin Head… and a Queen that has headless people in her Closet? WHAAAAA???!!!

Phase 2 is now live in our silly lil games. YAY!! Just got home so gimme a bit to go through it all and update the post. ūüôā



First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to have completed Once Upon A Rainbow Pt. 9 in order to move forward
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.30.3 or higher (Google was 1.31.0)¬†in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al‚Äôs complete.
  • Players¬†will only¬†see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don‚Äôt have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…




After launching into Phase 2 Questline, I triggered a Clam Offer including Protein needed for Phase 2

Bulking Up
Peter Starts

Buy $9.99USD Worth of Clams, Get 10 Protein Powder Free!


***in progress***

Gold Tin Woodman: 250 Clam IconClams, 40xp every 12hrs, Always Drops 1 Oil

Quahog Nutrition Center: 230 Clam IconClams, 4 emeraldEmeralds & 25xp every 6hrs, Always Drops 1 Tube of Lube

Munchkin Mayor House: 200 Clam IconClams, will increase your Capacity in the Munchkin Academy +4 (8 to 12)

Emerald Mine: 700 Clam IconClams, 30xp every 8hrs, Always Drops 325 Emeralds



Hot Air Balloon: 400emerald Emeralds

Emerald Wall: 25 emerald Emeralds

Rainbow Horse: 250 emerald Emeralds



***in progress***Clam Icon


: You will see her over in the Event Area with a Lock Icon above her. This will be an ongoing process throughout the game as her Materials Unlock.
Wand42 Magic Wands (Always): Wicked Witch
160 Glitter (Always): Wicked Witch
?: Coming Next Week


Winged Monkey Chris (Character): 260 Clams, Always drops Protein Powder (6hrs), Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Not currently Voiced


Woodman Quagmire: You will have to place the Woodman’s Cabin first from the Fallen Farmhouse, once you do… his items will be unlocked to start earning.
500 Emeralds
54 Axes (Always): Wicked Witch of the West
10 Tubes of Lube (Common): Quahog Nutrition Center Or Glinda’s Ruby Palace
15 Scrap Metal (Uncommon): Peter Chase Storms OR Donut Hole Diner
12 Wood (Rare): Quagmire Get Wood OR Chris Climb Trees OR Fanciful Footwear


Munchkin Mayor West: See the Mystery Box below




This will be the main currency of the Event. You will see a counter for it at the top center of your game screen. You will use them all over. Keep in mind that once used, they are gone. For instance if you tap the CHECK MARK on one of the Characters needing them, whether you are ready or not to unlock them, you will take ALL the Emeralds they require and can’t get them back.

So make sure you are ready to use them on a Character unlock BEFORE tapping that Check Mark. It will usually give you a Pop Up asking you to “PAY UP” before taking them.

NOTE: Some of these tasks I did not see appear until I reached a certain point unlock in the Questline, like Placing the Cornfield and triggering Scarecrow Peter’s Items.

emeraldEmeralds: Peter Buy a Compass OR Peter Visit Petting Zoo OR Peter Step on Ants OR Lois Sleep Deep OR Bonnie Play Mind Games OR Bonnie Braid Her Hair OR Bonnie Skip Night School OR Chris Dream of Monkeys OR Chris Ride Grocery Carts OR Chris Flaunt Participation Award OR Herbert Eat Soft Foods OR Joe Shop For Produce OR Quagmire Go Bananas OR Jerome Make Like a Banana OR ALL Toto Brian Tasks OR Bruce Paint Bricks Yellow OR Bruce Look For Yellow Brick Roads OR Mort Wear Brainy Glasses  OR Various Buildings OR Questlines OR Winged Monkeys

Essentially the options are ALL over the game to earn the Emeralds you will need. Including from some of the Buildings you get from the Fallen Farmhouse.



Wicked WitchWicked Witch: Requires a various amount of Spray Bottles, Water Balloons, & Super Soakers

For Phase 2, the Wicked Witch will still continue to drop items needed for Glinda… this includes adding on Glitter. (There are only so many spaces so you may not see all Materials, those not seeing this… please message in from your game ASAP and send me a Screenshot of your Witch Screen & payout screenshot when they drop to


Here are the Rewards Bunny saw in her Game for Phase 2 (Note: All Glinda’s Wands and Dorothy’s Shoes¬†are earned at this point)

Chance Payout Levels
emerald15 Emeralds
6 Axes
8 Glitter

emerald20 Emeralds
12 Axes
16 Glitter

emerald25 Emeralds
18 Axes
24 Glitter

emerald30 Emeralds
30 Axes
32 Glitter


spray-bottleSpray Bottles: Scarecrow Peter Play With Fire OR Dorothy Lois Unpack a Picnic OR Toto Brian Be a Bad Dog

water-balloonsWater Balloons: Scarecrow Peter Be Afraid of Crows OR Dorothy Lois Search For Toto OR Toto Brian Have Oz Nightmares

super-soakerSuper Soakers: Scarecrow Peter Fart Straw OR Dorothy Lois Prepare For Witch Warfare OR Toto Brian Save the Day


Cool Down Time: Mine showed a timer of 9hrs (by tapping on Emerald City) once I hit 4X Level or 18 Clams to resurrect now




Here is where you will create “Weapons” to use against the “Bad Guys” in the game. There will be various times and Materials required for each one.

Just like in the past there will be a CAPACITY and a QUEUE you will need to pay attention to.

Capacity: The TOTAL amount of items you can have already created and in Queue combined. I started out at 8 Capacity. Once you hit MAX Capacity, you will have to use the “Weapons” to clear out room before you can create anymore

Queue: The TOTAL amount of items you can have creating at one time. My game now only shows FOUR Queue spots. Once your Queue is full, you will not be able to create anymore items until the ones already there are timed out and complete. You can continue to create items in the Queue until you have reached the MAX Capacity. Once an item is completed in the Queue, the next item will automatically start and continue til all are complete.

For Phase 2, you will now be able to start to create Buff Munchkins. These will be used to clear Falling Houses.

Buff Munchkins: Requires Protein Powder

Buff Munchkin “Train” Time: 2hrs

Protein Powder (Always): Mort Restock Supplements OR Lois Work Out OR Joe Join a Gym OR Winged Monkey Chris Terrorize The Town



These will trigger in Someplace Over a Rainbow¬†Pt. 2. You will use the Buff Munchkins from the Munchkin Academy to take out the Falling Houses. Just as in last Phase with the Flying Monkeys, make sure the Falling Houses are PURPLE before you tap on the Check Mark to send Buff Munchkins after them. If it is not in the “Kill Zone Circle” AND PURPLE when you tap that check mark… you will just waste Materials. (Which shouldn’t be hard, they DON’T Move. Lol. They just sit on the outskirts of any sidewalks in your town. Smoke will plume up from them so they will be easy to find for those that have hidden sidewalks.

I started with 5 of them in my game once Pt. 2 hit with smoke billowing up.

Falling Houses: Require 1 Buff Munchkin from Munchkin Academy

Chance Drops:
+1 Oil
+3 Emeralds




Here is where you will Exchange Materials for Buildings & Decorations you will need for the Event. I do not see an order required to them. You will find it over in the Event Area.

Keep in mind many Materials will not show up until you reach the Character/Item needed them in the progression of the game.

Woodman’s Cabin w/Woodman Quagmire: 8 Emeralds & 25xp every 6hrs
Straw5 Straw
1 Oil

Donut Hole Diner: 10 Emeralds & 30 xp every 8hrs, Chance drops Scrap Metal
Straw5 Straw
6 Oil

Fanciful Footwear: 1 Emerald & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance drops Wood
emerald300 Emeralds
Straw9 Straw
3 Oil

Glinda’s Ruby Palace: 8 Emerald & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance drops Tube of Lube
emerald800 Emeralds
Straw5 Straw
6 Oil

Emerald City Hall (Building Skin for City Hall):
emerald200 Emerald

Emerald City Gate:
Straw4 Straw
5 Oil


emeraldEmeralds: Peter Buy a Compass OR Peter Visit Petting Zoo OR Peter Step on Ants OR Lois Sleep Deep OR Bonnie Play Mind Games OR Bonnie Braid Her Hair OR Bonnie Skip Night School OR Chris Dream of Monkeys OR Chris Ride Grocery Carts OR Chris Flaunt Participation Award OR Herbert Eat Soft Foods OR Joe Shop For Produce OR Quagmire Go Bananas OR Jerome Make Like a Banana OR ALL Toto Brian Tasks OR Bruce Paint Bricks Yellow OR Bruce Look For Yellow Brick Roads OR Mort Wear Brainy Glasses  OR Various Buildings OR Questlines OR Winged Monkeys

StrawStraw (Uncomon): Winged Monkeys OR The Golden Scarecrow

Oil (Rare): Munchkin Mayor West Curl His Sideburns OR Clear Falling Houses OR Gold Tin Woodman



There is a Mystery Box option dropped into the game. Here are the items inside you can make a go at for a cost of 130 Clam IconClams a try.

***Note the Giant Jelly Bear and  Finger Licking Good Trees are returning items and will not show as prizes if you have them already***

These items are a one time only…¬†
Munchkin Mayor West (Character): Fully Tasked, Questline, Not Voiced, 2hrs drop 1 Oil
The Wizard’s Floating Head (Animated Deco)
Finger Licking Good Trees (Deco)
Giant Jelly Bear (Building)
140 Clams

These are the Materials that CAN repeat in the Mystery Box…
150 Emeralds
3 Oil
14 Spray Bottles
14 Water Balloons
14 Supersoakers


Remember, Mystery Boxes are COMPLETELY optional and your choice to risk your cold hard Clams to take a Chance at getting the items inside. It is up to you to decide if it is worth it to do so.

Bunny’s Results:
14 Water Balloons
Munchkin Mayor West
14 Water Balloons
14 Supersoakers


There you have it, the Second Phase of There’s No Place Like Quahog Event.

What do you think so far? Any favorite items you see you really want? What do you hope will come along next? Let us know.

~Bunny & Lotty & Russian Tigger


44 responses to “There’s No Place Like Quahog Phase 2 Is Live!

  1. Cant Attack the witch, because suposely comum itens Just wont drop. Once again, na event is ruined by a drop rate. Not happy With tinyco


  2. Did they change the drop rates for Toto Brian? It says “Common” now instead of “always.” Little frustrated if that’s true. Not sure he was worth the 250 clams if they take away the best part of having bought him.


    • No it always showed common as that’s the coding for the general drop of the item in the game, but Toto Brian is always as usual for these 3 items he drops.


  3. Does anyone know which of the various buildings drop emeralds? Just the new stuff? Or what. I have most everything stashed away.


  4. Well it has been over a week since I have seen Clam TV in my game. I was hoping that once it returned that my problem would be gone. No such luck. I am still unable to close the screen after watching an advertisement / commercial, as there is still no x to close the screen with.


  5. Game is crashing here. Forced closing, and now stuck on login screen… anyone else with this problem?


  6. Thanks for the great post, as usual.

    Personally, I am struggling to progress as Scarecrow Peter refuses to drop the items needed to attack the witch.

    I need four bubble things and he has dropped one out of last four attempts. Feel like TinyCo are pushing for me to spend the free clams they give me each day………might just work ūüėČ


    • Murillo Belvel Fernandes

      I use an iPhone 6s, iOS 10.1.1, fgtqfs is version 1.31.1.
      I can’t log in for about two hours, but since phase 2 of the event the game was crashing, had to login 3 times to play once ūüė¶


  7. I just defeated the witch on 2x and it gave me the last 8 slippers I needed to unlock dorothy lois


  8. @jaynelwells and @dvewins – I also need shoes still (16) and the Witch doe snot show that she will drop shoes for me, either. Which is frustrating, since the last few events they’ve at least given us a 24 hour warning before attaining the characters would no longer be possible. As it stands now, the only way would be for me to buy the shoes with clams outright.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keep going. It may not visually show… but watch actual count before and after.


      • I just had this problem show up also. I need 8 more shoes. In the rewards listed as possibilities for next defeat there are emeralds, glitter, and wands shown. Are you saying that even though shoes are not shown as a reward they will drop anyway? I guess I’ll know for sure in 4 hours when I can attack again.


  9. I only have 16 pairs of shoes and my witch is now showing glitter in place of the shoes. I still have 22 hrs to go to see what she drops. I hope shoes…


  10. I take it that since my level still says MAX I am over 100.? I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway…


  11. i’m kind of sad that i can’t get on phase 2 as i can’t attack the witch 2 times, as the drop for the things needed are not dropping as intended for me i’d say, oh well back into the “old shoes” of being behind from week 1, hope it will get better


  12. The only way you can get oil is from the mystery box or spending 250 clams for the gold tin woodman statue?? Is that right?? Not very fair to freemium players!


  13. I see the Wicked Witch has changed to rewarding Glitter and Magic Wands. Does this mean she will not be giving Party Shoes anymore? I had it all worked out that I could get Dorothy Lois, tomorrow, and that might not be so!


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