There’s No Place Like Quahog 101: Phase 2 – Wicked Witch

Hey there Oz Addicts

With Phase 2 underway and the Wicked Witch still defying gravity, I just wanted to give a little update regarding what that mean, green flying machine is up to now. Yes, the Wicked Witch is still with us and now has new drops which will help us to unlock Glinda and Tin Woodman Quagmire.

The arrival of a new Boss would usually send a shiver down my spine but I found the Wicked Witch to be rather generous in Week 1, maybe she’s trying mend her wicked ways to be popular.  Defeating her at 1X and 2X was achievable in phase 1 and with no increase in the materials needed to battle her in week 2, we should all rest easy knowing this is a battle we can win, eventually.

Let’s take a look at Phase 2 and see exactly what the Wicked Witch will be dropping during this part of the event.

***Please note the party shoes and magic wands from Week 1 will still drop even although their is no visual for them in the battle screen***

***Update 11/18 TinyCo have released a 5X battle level for the Wicked Witch, will put details in tables below***

For more information on the Event, go HERE

So follow, follow, follow me as I show the Wicked Witch us Addicts won’t surrender Dorothy Lois without a fight.


The Wicked Witch should already be in your game from Phase 1, she appeared in the Oz event area at Pt. 4 of the main Questline, Once Upon A Rainbow. There are currently two freemium characters that can collect the required battle resources,  Scarecrow Peter and Dorothy Lois, and one premium character, Toto Brian.


The amounts of water balloons,  spray bottles, or super soakers needed will be the same in every players game for each defeat level but the type of item won’t be. Many players report success in these battles by stocking up on a bunch of each item before attacking, I’ve personally done this but this strategy usually depends on a long respawn time, with her returning in 9 hours this will be a little more difficult at first. But 1X and 2X will be very possible once you’ve unlocked Scarecrow Peter & Dorothy Lois.

Again the rewards are very generous, you really needn’t panic if you can only battle at the lower levels in this event.


The amounts you will need to defeat her at levels 1X through to 5X are as follows:

Battle Resources 

Battle Resource Attack Level
2 Water Balloons OR 2 Spray Bottles OR 2 Super Soakers 1X
4 Water Balloons OR 4 Spray Bottles OR 4 Super Soakers 2X
8 Water Balloons OR 8 Spray Bottles OR 8 Super Soakers 3X
16 Water Balloons OR 16 Spray Bottles OR 16 Super Soakers 4x
32 Water Balloons OR 16 Spray Bottles OR 16 Super Soakers 5X

Now I’m going be honest I’ve just for the first time managed to hit her at level 4X and that’s because I bought Toto Brian and I’ve been gathering resources for a few days. You only have 24 hours to defeat the Wicked Witch up to 4X and in my opinion many freemium players just can’t collect enough stuff to get there. But just keep battling at the levels you can. Once you defeat her or she times out you can of course spend clams to bring her back at the level she left at, but with the time needed to build resources I don’t really advise this.


The goodies she drops  will vary depending on who you’re currently trying to unlock, there’s Emeralds for buying items in the Fallen Farmhouse and decorations in the store. You will also be able collect Party Shoes which are needed to unlock Dorothy Lois, Magic Wands and Glitter to help towards unlocking Glinda and Axes to help unlock Tin Woodman Quagmire.

What you will get at each level is as follows, but bare in mind if you no longer need an item it obviously won’t drop.

REWARDS imageimageWandPart Shoes

Rewards Attack Level
15 Emeralds, 4 Party Shoes,  6 Magic Wands, 6 Axes & 8 Glitter 1X
20 Emeralds, 8 Party Shoes, 12 Magic Wands, 12 Axes & 16 Glitter 2X
25 Emeralds, 12 Party Shoes, 18 Magic Wands, 18 Axes & 24 Glitter 3X
30 Emeralds, 20 Party Shoes, 30 Magic Wands, 30 Axes & 32 Glitter 4X
45 Emeralds, 30 Axes & 40 Glitter 5X

You will need 28 Party Shoes to help unlock Dorothy Lois, 42 Magic Wands and 160 Glitter to help towards unlocking Glinda and 54 Axes to help unlock Tin Woodman Quagmire.


Now how do we get those Water Balloons, Spray Bottles, and Super Soakers? Well it’s all down to character drops.


Scarecrow Peter Be Afraid of Crows (4hrs)
Dorothy Lois Search For Toto (4hrs)
Tin Woodman Quagmire Be Heartless (4hrs)

Toto Brian (Premium) Have Oz Nightmares (4hrs)

Oz’s Great and Powerful Mystery Box (Premium)


Scarecrow Peter Play With Fire (4hrs)
Dorothy Lois Unpack a Picnic (4hrs)
Tin Woodman Quagmire Sharpen His Axe (4hrs)

Toto Brian (Premium) Be a Bad Dog (4hrs)

Oz’s Great and Powerful Mystery Box (Premium)


Scarecrow Peter Fart Straw (4hrs)
Dorothy Lois Prepare For Witch Warfare (4hrs)
Tin Woodman Quagmire Blow His Top (4hrs)

Toto Brian (Premium) Save the Day (4hrs)

Oz’s Great and Powerful Mystery Box (Premium)


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, click on the Emerald City and you will get the battle screen. It will tell you 1: What item and how many of them you need to defeat her at that level, 2: The rewards for defeating her at that level, and 3: How much time you have left before she disappears.

Once you have gathered the required water balloons, spray bottles, or super soakers the attack button will appear. Press this to complete the attack at that level.

Now once she times out she won’t return for 9 hours. There is now a timer to show the countdown to her return, you can see this by clicking on The Emerald City. The screen will tell you countdown timer until she returns and if you’re in a hurry the clam cost to resurrect her. By the way the respawn timer is another thing we’ve been asking for that TinyCo have brought into the game.

This screens shows the timer and resurrection cost if you defeat her right through to 4X.


And this screen is an example if she times out before you can defeat her, she timed out after defeats at 1X and 2X in this example.


I have noticed in my game the 9hr return timer doesn’t automatically start but is activated when you load the game after she leaves.

And there you have it the wicked facts about the Wicked Witch and her Phase 2 drops. How are you getting on defeating the big, bad, green machine that is the Wicked Witch. Are you winning the battle of the brooms or are you away licking your wounds for the next round? Got any battle strategies to share with your fellow addicts? And are you enjoying the event so far? Tell us in the comments as you know we lone hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


2 responses to “There’s No Place Like Quahog 101: Phase 2 – Wicked Witch

  1. Christopher Carter

    Are you not recording the battle resources requirments for this event? Meaning which battle resources you need per attack on the wicked witch and which ones per round? In the past, there was a list you could review, so you could look ahead and make the battle resources you need. This is one of the main reasons i use the site. You shouldn’t overlook this.


    • The amount of each resource needed at each battle level 1X through to 5X is in this post, look at the battle resources table under battle levels. The type needed at each level varies per player so we can’t tell you which you will need at each level, just how many.


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