Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Premium Character Profile: Italian Plumber Chris

Got a leak? Let me take a peak! Ah I know what you need. Yes, you need yourself a plumber and just look who’s popped into town to take the job, it’s Italian Plumber Chris. 

Oh my, Oh my, who’s great idea was it to give Chris a character costume that let’s him visit ladies rest rooms whenever he feels like it. Shudder. And feeling all Italian I’m sure he’d be running around shouting “pizzzza” if another cartoon character hadn’t got there first.

Italian Plumber Chris isn’t only a funny new premium character costume for Chris, but he also has drops for a ton of goodies that will help you in the event.

Italian Plumber Chris is a New Premium Character Costume added during the first Phase of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night event. He costs 270 Clam Icon clams. As with all premium characters and costumes, it is your choice to determine whether or not he is someone you want to add to your game.

He does come with a questline, Game Boy, we’ll have more on that in a later post.

Italian Pulmber Chris does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn Stocking Stuffers & Dream Points.  He also has an 8hr task that always drops a Q*Bert Pyramid Pack , needed for exchanges in the Present Plaza.

Let’s take a closer look at Italian Plumber Chris’  Tasks:

 Task Time Earns Drops/
Clean Pipes 3hrs  1 dream-point
Power Up 4hrs  1 dream-point
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Get Smashed 8hrs 9 1 dream-point  
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Plunge Right In 10hrs 10 1dream-point
Hop Over Turtles 12hrs 12  2dream-point
Dirty His Overalls 24hrs 18 3dream-point

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event Ends.


No, not currently voiced.

And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Italian Plumber Chris!

What do you think of the character? What do you think of his tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!

~ Russian Tigger




3 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Premium Character Profile: Italian Plumber Chris

  1. Shouldn’t his pyramid gift box be awarded for a three hour task?


  2. With so many characters being able to drop pyramid packs, I don’t think Chris makes much difference in this first week, and I hope he doesn’t lose importance in the later weeks.

    My current bottlenecks are night caps, cubes and tissue boxes. Stocking fillers are in short supply too without the premium buildings that generate them, but I should have enough for Peter by whatever day in the future I get enough night caps!

    Meanwhile I’m half way though level 8 on the Dream Points (way past the level 5 needed for week two), and have all the buildings from the puppet theatre. There’s not much going on other than waiting and popping Sams.


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