Quahog Not So Silent Night 101: PAC Carolers

Hey there Seasonal Singers!

With all the New Items hitting our Event, it can be difficult to know where to start or where to go to gain the Items & Materials we need throughout the Event. That is where the 101’s come in.

In this post, I will be going over the “Bad Guy” the PAC Carolers. How to attack them, how to defeat them, and all you will need to know in between.

Let’s take a closer look at these ballsy lil bad guys!!!

For more information on the Event, go HERE. 


You will trigger them during Keep Dreaming Pt. 1. The Questline will direct you to them.



They are released out of the Clock Tower in the Event Area. If you want to see when the next Spawn Time is for more to appear in your game, just tap on the Clock Tower. As well as this PAC Carolers randomly appear as you clear some.


In the lower half of the Pop Up from the Clock Tower you will see the countdown timer for the PAC Carolers Spawn and a Clam Cost if you want to speed it up and make more appear right now.

PAC Carolers Spawn Time/Amount: Per my game, it looks like 3 PAC Carolers Spawn out of the Clock Tower on a countdown timer of 3 hrs when it is their turn to be released, remember they rotate with Sams, Wizards and Turtles.


The Various Ghosts do Damage to the PAC Carolers Heart Meters with each Attack. Each PAC Caroler hopping around your game starts out with a 32 Heart Meter. PAC Caroler’s Heart Meter must be drained to Zero in order to completely Clear them. You can tap on them to find out what their current Heart Meter is at if you are unsure if you attacked them before.

Basically, you attack them with Ghosts until you have attacked with a total of at least 32 Damage.


Here are each of the current 3 Ghosts available and the amount of Damage each one does to PAC Caroler’s.

Clyde: 10 Damage
Pinky: 15 Damage
Inky: 32 Damage



From the Ghostly Gifts you Open in the Present Plaza.


Now that you have the Basics to get the PAC Carolers, let’s walk through actually taking down one of them with the Ghosts. You essentially want to use the best combination of Ghost(s) you have to do the most damage to the PAC Caroler and take down as many PAC Carolers as you can without wasting the Ghosts Damage ability.


PAC Caroler starts out at his 32 Heart Meter Points. I have multiple options of Ghosts to attack with, but I want to take this PAC Caroler down as fast as I can so I choose the option of the Inky Ghost. The Inky Ghost comes with a 32 Damage which will completely clear the 32 Heart Points on the PAC Carolers.

I tap on the PAC Caroler to bring up the Attack Screen, then I tap on the Inky Ghost at the bottom to place it in the path of the PAC Caroler.

I take the Inky Ghost  and drag it around my play screen until I can see the PAC Caroler I want to attack walking INTO the “Kill Zone Circle” and the PAC Caroler has turned PURPLE. Once I am sure of this, I tap on the Check Mark.

A minus -32 appears as Inky Ghost Attacks the PAC Caroler with his 32 Damage Points. (Be aware the PAC Caroler will move out of the kill zone if you wait too long.)

The PAC Caroler is now completely gone, having all of the 32 Heart Points taken away by the 32 Damage Inky Ghost. I can then collect my Rewards.


image VS

Knowing it is not that easy to get an Inky Ghost as they are not that common, the most common combination you will use is 1 Pinky Ghost, which does 15 damage each, and 2 Clyde Ghosts, which do 10 damage each. 15 + 10 + 10 = 35, more the 32 damage you need to defeat a PAC Caroler.

PAC Caroler starts out at his 32 Heart Meter Points. I select Pinky Ghost from the list of Ghosts, moving him around til I know that PAC Caroler is coming TOWARD him and wait till the PAC Caroler turns PURPLE. Once he does, I tap the Check Mark to apply the Pinky Ghost 15 Damage to PAC Caroler.

The PAC Caroler shows a -15 in Red on the Screen as it causes the 15 Damage to the PAC Caroler. He is now down to 17 Heart Meter Points. So I basically repeat the aforementioned step with another two Clyde Ghosts to take him down to 0 Heart Meter Points.

As this completely drains what is left of PAC Carolers Heart Meter, the PAC Caroler disappears and the Rewards drop out on the Screen.


EXAMPLE #3 & #4
This is honestly options I would try and avoid but sometimes your ghost drops may dictate you have to use Example 3 or 4. I will not go into much detail. In short, I feel it is a waste as you are losing valuable Damage that can be just saved for another time.


You CAN use 4 Clyde Ghosts B to attack (10+10+10+10=40), but you will lose 8 Damage by doing so.


You CAN use 3 Pinky Ghosts  (15+15+15=45), but you will lose 13 Damage by doing so.

Your BEST results will happen if you instead just keep collecting Ghosts and use these two options:

  1. 1 Inky Ghost with 32 Damage and PAC Caroler is instantly taken out.
  2. 1 Pinky Ghost with 15 Damage, leaves 17 remaining on the PAC Caroler. Then attack a second time with 1 Clyde Ghost with 10 Damage, then attack a third time with another Clyde Ghost to completely take out the PAC Caroler.

However with Ghostly Gifts being rare, you may find to keep moving you need to just use whatever combination you can, even if it seems wasteful.


Here are the Payouts for PAC Carolers:
 +1 Power Pellet (Chance)
stocking-stuffer +5 Stocking Stuffers


  • Collect various Ghosts to have best options of Attack
  • Tap on PAC Caroler to start Attack
  • Wait for PAC Caroler to be PURPLE and walking INTO Circle
  • Tap Check Mark
  • Collect Prizes

There you have the over Basics of the PAC Carolers, what is needed for them, and how to best take them out.

How are you doing on the PAC Caroler Battles? How about the Ghosts? Have a combination of Ghosts you usually go for? How are your Payouts so far? Tips for other Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


22 responses to “Quahog Not So Silent Night 101: PAC Carolers

  1. Actually there is not really a disadvantage to example #4 (unlike in previous weeks where ‘lost’ individual damage values mattered more). Unless you are using an inky or 4 clydes you will always need 3 ghosts (I wonder if that’s meant as a joke, THREE ghosts, CHRISTMAS CAROL-ers), so the individual point values are inconsequential as long as you have one pinky, which shouldn’t be hard unless the drops are extremely weighted towards clydes over pinkys. So far I’ve been getting more pinkys anyway, so my advice is that you shouldn’t wait. If you have three pinky and no clydes you should attack, unless you run into a major statistical anomaly one of your next three to five (the range of how many ghosts of either type will drop before you are able to attack again using non-inkys) will be another pinky letting you keep it going, and the chance of a power pellet drop at least 2 hours early and getting another building that much earlier (and getting a start on IT’S drops) is worth the relatively small risks. You’d have to get a long string of clydes with no pinky to mathematically tip the scales in the other direction, unlike in the last weeks where you could destroy the targets with only two of the middle value damage dealers.


    • I think if you don’t have PAC-MAN and the extra ghostly gifts he gives you, you will probably be tempted to just need use whatever combination you have available to you at the time in order to keep progressing.


  2. Anyone else having issues with the Power Pellet drops? I’ve cleared 5 carolers and opened 8 or so blue ghost boxes and I’ve gotten no pellets.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, pretty maddening when the ghost boxes are hard to get as rare drops so there’s waiting on those and then you might get enough ghosts to take out a group of carolers and have the pellets appear to be rare drops as well. Lots of waiting for nothing.


    • Yep, same… in 48 hours I have exactly 1 pellet. The drops for ghost packs are rubbish too (lucky to get 1 every 4-6 hours), and so are the ghost drops when you open them (keep getting green barrels and stuffers)


      • The green barrel ration for a ghostly gift is way too high, I’m getting way too many as well. I will ask Bunny feed some stats back to TinyCo from what I’m seeing in the comments.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, same here. I’ve now used at least 6 blue cubes in a row and no pellets dropped from them. Then cleared about 4 carolers and no pellets then either. Trying to get buildings to get Lois unlocked. Ugh, very grindy… I guess on the positive side I must have an abundance of turtle shells, green balls, and stuffers. Anyone get gamer Brian to drop yet??


    • Got 80s Gamer Brian on the first try. Aside from that I’m seeing way too many x15 Ghosts and Barrel Boxes, and not nearly enough x10 Ghosts.

      I’ve had Brian, Bonnie and Seamus trying for Ghostly Gifts since Thursday, and I’ve collected exactly four Power Pellets. Might as well call it Unobtanium.


    • The first Ghostly Gift I opened gave me 80s Gamer Brian, but it hasn’t exactly helped. I’m seeing way too many x15 Ghosts and Barrel Boxes, and not nearly enough x10 Ghosts.

      I’ve had Brian, Bonnie and Seamus trying for Ghostly Gifts since Thursday, and I’ve collected exactly four Power Pellets. Might as well call it Unobtanium.


  3. I am wondering if they are going to stop spawning something like they did in the Halloween event. I saved up lots of bug spray and then out of no where the cockroaches stopped spawning. Big waste. I like to collect and save up for challenges, but makes it difficult when they do that.


    • I think they pulled the Bugs in The Hauntening as they were causing major issues in some players games


      • Yea they were quite buggy. My game crashed often due to them. I hope that was the case so i can continue to stockpile my items and wait for the challenges. I did submit the question to them through the app, so we will see what they say about it.


  4. i cant get a screen shot it happens within a split second and just crashes same with my laptop trying to log in from facebook that does the same thing there I’ve already contacted tinyco but you know a simple confirmation from them and that they are working on it i even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it loaded right back to the same thing usually if i uninstall it starts from the beginning and i have to log in on facebook but it didnt even do that


  5. Power ball drops are atrocious. Despite buying Pac-Man, only two have dropped since week three hit. Bonnie and Herbert aren’t helping either.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Anyone


    my game crashed opening a barrel box and now every time I reboot the game it opens the barrels box and crashes. I tried clear ing out the game and even reinstalled it to no avail. Someone. Anyone help. I don’t want to lose donkey kong


    • I had the same problem. I sent a message with my player id from bottom right corner of loading screen and a detailed message about the problem to tiny co. It took a day and a half when they
      put a “push” through that fixed it.


  7. Just curious am I the only experiencing the game crashing within 15 seconds of loading with this week’s events?


  8. anyone know if the crash im experiencing happening to others my game loads go straight to a barrel trys to open right away as soon as it pens then crashes


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