Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Baby Heimlich Phase 5 Rewards

Hey there Christmas Cookies

With Phase 5 of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night underway the doll to rival Chucky has some new rewards to drop for this and you can see the full breakdown below.

The arrival of this new Boss has  really chipped away at your Christmas cheer as she’s been so tough to take down even at the lower levels, as Beach Balls have been few and far between. Defeating her at 1X and 2X was barely achievable if you could keep Bonnie cured of the Holiday Blues, and that was no easy task with the shortage of Bauble Bears. Now you’re in Phase 5 you will have Rupert to help with Beach Balls and he’s already helped me to hit her at 3X for the first time.

Let’s take a look at Phase 5 and see exactly what the Baby Heimlich will be dropping during this part of the event.

For more information on the Event, go HERE



The amounts you will need to defeat her at levels 1X through to 5X have not changed since Phase 4 and are as follows:

Battle Resource – BEACH BALLS

Battle Resource Attack Level
1 Beach Ball 1X
2 Beach Balls 2X
4 Beach Balls 3X
8 Beach Balls 4x
12 Beach Balls 5X


The goodies she drops  will vary depending on who you’re currently trying to unlock, there’s Stocking Stuffers for buying items in the Toyland  Puppet Theatre and decorations in the store. You will also be able collect Rainbows for purchases at the Toyland Puppet Theatre, Versace Robes to help towards unlocking Black Jesus and Warm Milk to help unlock the Onesie Mayor West character costume.

What you will get at each level is as follows, but bare in mind if you no longer need an item it obviously won’t drop.


Rewards Attack Level
30 Stocking Stuffers, 1 Rainbow, 8 Versace Robes, 1 Warm Milk 1X
40 Stocking Stuffers, 2 Rainbows, 16 Versace Robes, 2 Warm Milk 2X
50 Stocking Stuffers, 3 Rainbows, 24 Versace Robes, 3 Warm Milk 3X
60 Stocking Stuffers, 4 Rainbows, 36 Versace Robes, 4 Warm Milk 4X
70 Stocking Stuffers, 5 Rainbows, 50 Versace Robes, 5 Warm Milk 5X

You will need 255 Versace Robes to help unlock Black Jesus and 15 Warm Milk for Onesie Mayor West.


Now how do we get those Beach Balls Well there’s a couple of new ways but one requires Onesue Mayir West and the other is the a chance drop in the premium Core Case, so not going be a big help.


Onesie Mayor West

Buy from Store

Nutcracker Mystery Box (Premium)
Cheer Crate (Premium)
Core Case ( Premium)

And there you have it the all the Phase 5 info about Baby Heimlich and her drops. How are you getting on defeating the small but mighty Baby Heimlich. Are you winning the battle or will you be needing your nappy, (diaper), changed for the next round? Got any battle strategies to share with your fellow addicts? And are you enjoying the event so far? Tell us in the comments as you know we lone hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

11 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Baby Heimlich Phase 5 Rewards

  1. Awful events like this are the reason I stopped playing premium. Besides the appalling drop rates (the ‘care package’ rarely drops a bear, and I’m on the third rotation with no beach ball from Bonnie), it’s not even an interesting idea to start with. Maybe it’s time for another Star Trek – at least that had a point.


    • I liked the Retro Arcade concept personally but can see if you’re not interested in that combined with the drops this event would be a major ARGHHH to play.


  2. This is the worst event I ever played. I deleted the game, there are better games.


  3. Terrible event, worst one they’ve ever done since day one, and this will be the death of the ‘game’ for me personally. Never had a chance, despite playing at every opportunity and having any number of boxes, just not given the chance to progress let alone be able to get the items required for what should’ve been completed 2 weeks ago. Sorry, but just pathetic.
    RIP ‘For The Players’.


  4. I had a care package that was all candy canes …


  5. Yea that’s the same non-sense comment they gave me. If they pull this type of poor drop rate to force you to buy, then I’m deleting this game for good. I do buy but on my terms not theirs. 😦


  6. Rupert only helps if you can get him. You need the magic triangles to unlock, and it takes Care Bears to cure the blues to win the triangles. Unfortunately, I only get blue boxes, and even when I do get a bear, I don’t win a triangle when I clear Bonnie. I have only cleared Lois twice and Bruce once. I even wrote them with a screen shot of the three ghost boxes that were in the cloud present I opened (it wasn’t the first time nor the last for getting 3 blue boxes), pleeing for them to change the drop rates. I am completely frustrated with this event!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rupert is needed to complete Phase 4 Questline in order for players to access Phase 5, hence my comment Rupert will help. If you’re not in Phase 5 you will not need this guide to the new drops yet and unfortunately you will still be struggling with Bonnie as you’re only source of beach balls. I agree the drops from the Care Packages have been extremely poor and stalled many in their progress.


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