Quahog’s Not So Silent Night – Event Ending Soon

Hey there fellows addicts!

Just bouncing on by to remind you the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night event is drawing to a close.


Now let’s take a closer look at it all. 


Wednesday, January 4th, @ 3 pm Pacific. Keep in mind they are VERY punctual on this. There is usually no leeway.


There was been no indication this event will be extended.


NO. When the Event Ends, it takes all the Event items and Currency remaining with it. That means ANY Character/Costume not completely unlocked and walking your game… will go when the Event does. You MUST collect all the items needed for them to get them.

This goes for Buildings and Decorations. Unlock/Purchase all the ones you want as they will go with the Event.

Also remember to open all those Q*Bert Pyramid Packs you’ve built up as they have a rare drop of 1 clam.



Anything linked to the Event goes with the Event, so that means currency too. Use it or lose it essentially. I personally wait until just a few hours before the end of the event to spend my currency just in case any last minute items or a currency mystery box are dropped into the store.


Keep in mind the game is set up to pull items from the Inventory Storage first, so if you already have bought say 10 Power Pellet Fence and placed them in your Inventory… you will need to pull ALL 10 items out first before the game will let you buy more.

Place items from Inventory first, then you can get more. Continue buying until you have all you want, then store them away.


The ONLY Questlines that usually continue on after an Event are those directly linked to unlocking a Character and isolated from the Main Questline. All other Questlines are directly linked to the Event and will go with it.

There you have it, some basics for closing out the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night event. Look out for our End of Event Poll in the coming days, we always value your feedback in these.

Any last minute items you are picking up? Any tips for other players finishing out the Event? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

67 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night – Event Ending Soon

  1. The first 3 phases were properly paced but you’d have to be made of clams to get beyond 4. And that is exactly how TinyCo will continue to make such events because the events are designed to “challenge” players to spend money. I have accepted that slow progression during such events with rubbish drop rates is expected if I choose to be a freemium player. If you want to get everything in the event, just pay up. That’s how the game works. 😉 And do remember the moment the game can’t sustain TinyCo or TinyCo calls it quits, you’d be left with nothing. That Archie themed game is one example. 😀


  2. In the end I managed to earn just enough clams from the daily challenge, watching videos and opening up hundreds of present boxes to buy out Black Jesus for 243 clams in the final minutes of the event.

    It could so easily have been a lot less but I was 1 beach ball short of a level 3 attack on the baby so also rushed Rupert with my last 3 clams yet again he didn’t drop; those beach ball drops became pretty scarce these past few days. Also had no drops of wreaths for Black Jesus during the final 2 or 3 days of the event.

    Presumably if I’d not narrowly missed out on Monkey Kong early on, due to his timer not having an in-game warning, then that would also have made a significant difference to my progress. C’est la vie!

    My new years resolution is to quit this game. I’m probably going to delay until after ‘Best Of 2016’ since I already have several characters that can help with that one, but hopefully afterwards… 🙂


  3. Well that’s it for me. Purchased 3 characters for the event and still could not finish it because of horrible drops (especially the care packages) that caused bottlenecks to tight to overcome.

    If a final poll is released for the event you should put in a question to see how many other people are quitting because of this event.


  4. Spent 3 clams so to push the nativity for 2 clouds just before the end deadline, but of course I didn’t get them and then spent 50 to finish Rupert.
    I really would liked to have gotten Black Jesus and Toy Car Joe, but I’m not made of clams.
    Happy New Year to everyone!


  5. Awful drop rates. Spent a week trying to unlock Rupert and still three triangles off, so no Black jesus either. Missed them both. Never even made it to the final quest lines so missed a lot of other stuff. I get freemium games and never normally complain about IAPs, but this event really hurt. Anyone else finish as frustrated?


    • wildthornberry88

      After 2 weeks of trying I still needed 6 triangles. I had everything else for Rupert for days. You are definitely not alone.


      • Same here. My game never stopped crashing after clearing Christmas Blues, so I did the first 3 weekly challenges for nothing, as I wasn’t any where near able to get the last 2, since it was… physically impossible. I also, thanks to the crashes, didn’t even get Rupert’s triangles. Thanks TinyCo!


  6. So sad. I have 117 Robes towards Black Jesus, and no manner of getting more. If I somehow managed to get 2 Beach Balls right before the end, I could probably get B.Jesus down to 100 Clams or so, but don’t have enough $$ on my ‘prepaid debit card for internet purchases’ to buy enough Clams.

    *sigh* What a frustrating disappointment. I was stuck on getting Rupert for soooo long (only got him yesterday, iirc!), & I don’t have to discuss the Care Package/Bear drop rate.

    Terrible way to start the year, TinyCo. 😰


  7. I bought Pacman (first premium character ever) as I really wanted him also bought clams for that and used leftover clams from him to buy beach balls. Because at that point I needed a lot of robes. Just bought more clams to get Jesus. Not that happy with the bear and beach ball drop let’s hope they fix this for next events.


  8. Hey, got the last triangle for Rupert with 90 minutes to spare! Was it a week ago when I said I needed 5 more? Awful drop rates on BJ are fine – if it’s a premium character disguised as a freemium character, at least I can still pass on it – but not being able to get a character for the week 4 quest line until the last day of week 5 really does suck the fun out of the event. Well, what fun was left, anyway.

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  9. My game is crashing non-stop. I’ve opened a care package, then it froze. Now when I try to open the app, it automatically tries to reopen the care packages and it freezes.

    Any idea on what to do? (I cannot even contact their support team)


  10. Since that damn Yeti had me setting alarm clocks to wake up at 4-hour intervals, I swore I wouldn’t let this game cost me sleep again. Instead, in the last few hours of this event and its unconscionably poor drop rates, it cost me clams: 76 to unlock Rupert, and 300 to unlock Black Jesus.

    The poor drop rates have been a factor in every single event since Princess Bride in February last year, and I don’t think I have enough clams left for the upcoming Best of 2016 Mystery Boxes. At least Black Jesus and Touchdown Jesus will help a little over the next few months.


  11. And now game has locked up completely, I opened a care package out of the 3 items that drop down the outer two are just white circles then the whole game freezes on both iPad and android. I have stopped both devices switched them off and restarted them but game just freezes everytime I log into it.


  12. I love this game and I loved this christmas event. What I don’t like, are reading these numerous comments about how hard and impossible this game is to progress. This event was extremely challenging but that is exactly what this game is all about. You have to play a lot; no pain, no gain. If you don’t like spending a lot of time with this game, then DON’T PLAY IT. Don’t torture yourself by doing something that you don’t enjoy.

    I’m a freemium player, never invested a single cent for Tinyco. I wake up every morning at 7 am and I log in at least once an hour until bed time. I even somehow manage to work. 😀 I love the challenge of this game and if I don’t succeed collecting everything I hoped for I don’t bitch and moan about it in public forums.

    I use free-earned clams to speed up certain tasks, rarely if ever buy characters (for this event pac-man was crucial for progressing so I bought him). I got every building and free character. Black Jesus was toughest but after spending maybe 30 clams for speeding the drops for wreaths I finally got him this morning.

    I wanna thank Bunny and Tigger for running this excellent site. Without you my game progress would be considerably lower.


  13. This was my first event back after a much needed 6 month break from Quest For Stuff… before I started again, I made some simple rules to follow so that I could enjoy the game without getting buyers remorse or getting angry at TinyCo, and I figured I would share, since this is the first event I have enjoyed in a long time

    Quest for stuff has a lot going for it: great animations, great characters, cool buildings, sense of humor, and amazing source material. This is what makes it such a shame that the company is run so poorly by greedy executives that don’t listen to their customers. The ironic thing is that they would make a lot more money if they did listen.

    Anyway, while this event brought back a lot of bad memories of all the things I hate about TinyCo, having a break was very nice and helped me adjust my perspective so that I can enjoy the game more.

    Quest for Stuff will never be as good as Tapped Out because they only focus on making a quick buck “How can we trick people into spending more clams right now” instead of actually focusing on making the game better on a fundamental level. For many years I kept an open mind, thinking they would change, but I’ve completely given up on that. The main reason I play these games is for the fun in designing, but Quest for Stuff has never bothered to give us enough land, and while other games are adding new features (like moving sections of town at once), textures, roads, etc… Quest for Stuff has not put any effort into this aspect of the game and it is starting to feel outdated.

    Every event, they “pretend” that they got the math wrong and made the drops too poor to create a sense of panic and get people spending massive amounts of clams to rush tasks. Notice that their coding “mistakes” always favor them and not us? Players who can’t afford clams are left hopelessly behind, lusting over items displayed as “free” when they really cannot be attained without spending lots of money. Even us honest players who spend some money on events and tap constantly can never seem to keep up. And then to kick us while we’re down, they litter the game with “mystery boxes” that sneakily give out duplicates of crappy decorations so that you can never quite get the character you were hoping for.

    Despite all these shortcomings… I have actually enjoyed this event to some degree by sticking to some basic guidelines.

    1) NEVER EVER buy mystery boxes (No MAtter What!!!) unless they are event currency, or maybe if they don’t contain any decorations. As temping as they look, DON’t DO IT!!!

    2)Remember that most of my characters end up forgotten about in storage or tan lines anyway, So don’t feel like you need to get every character or costume. Better to just relax and get 1 or 2 for free and enjoy those.

    3) Don’t worry about keeping up with the event!!! Unless you are extremely wealthy, it’s just not possible. So don’t try. Besides, there isn’t enough land to fit any of these things anyway, so focus on getting 1 or 2 things for free and have fun designing with what you’ve got.

    For any of you new players out there, I would highly recommend keeping these things in mind. Nothing feels worse that realizing you’ve wasted $50 on a mystery box because you keep assuming that the character you want will drop, but instead you’ve just received a bunch of crap you don’t want. And when the drop rates are messed up and you start to panic and think that you have no choice but to spend clams, remember that they do that EVERY SINGLE EVENT


  14. I think this event was a very miscalculated error for TinyCo. They do like us opening the mystery boxes but this has shown us how unlikely it is to get what you want from said box. We have opened hundreds of presents to get the disappointment of another useless item.

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  15. I really wanted Negatron, but only had 239 clams, then I remembered I had nearly 200 Pyramid Packs, so after sitting for nearly an hour to open them all I managed to get nearly 20 clams, which gave me enough to get Negatron with a few clams left over. 🙂


  16. I’m not sure if I can say that this event is the worst (Thanksgiving last year was terrible for me), but it definitively was tough. It did turn out to be a disappointing event. I loved the theme, but drop rates didn’t help me from day 1 (lives for Q*bert were impossible; I missed Monkey Kong just because the 2 last ties wouldn’t drop). I’ve got only 2 rainbows since saturday, so I won’t even get Rupert. Still, to be fair, I admit that maybe I could have unlocked him (maybe Black Jesus but I don’t think so) if I hadn’t gone on a mini-holiday trip. I spent 4 days away and then I lost conection on the 25th, so that meant a total of 5 days off the game, almost a week. It’s not certain given my drop rates, but holidays are holidays! 🙂
    I’d really wish they would bring Pacman back some day. I really want him but don’t have enough clams and I can’t afford them now. But maybe in the future I can.

    Another thing I really wish is that they would let us send characters to Tan Lines even if they’re needed for the event. I don’t like this new feature of having them kicked out of the resort. I’ve had no use for Herbert, Chris, Joe for a while (I’ve got tons of sprites I don’t need) and I’d like to send them back. For me they mean the difference between getting Floor 3 or 4 full.


  17. What do you think the chances are that they’ll extend the event 24 hours? I’ve been trying to get Black Jesus since the day he came out, and the Festive FPS Bunker just doesn’t drop enough …. I’m still 4 Holiday Wreath Crowns away, and I don’t really want to drop 200 clams to buy him if they’re going to extend the event. i always make that mistake. Every time I drop clams, they put a message out 30 minutes later saying they extended it.


    • You’re guess is as good as mine on this, sorry. All the info points to it ending as scheduled but whether that changes I honestly don’t know.


  18. too bad you cant send gifts. I already received black Jesus a few days ago and am still collecting useless robes simply because I have nothing else to do with the beach balls…………….
    I agree, I hate the present area, very frustrating. I love this game but next to the football one, this has been my very least fav event. It would also be nice to be able to sell some of this junk in my inventory. With land at a scarce, all my purchased decorations just sit in there………


  19. Christmas Carol

    These events are all getting worse. I didn’t like the any of the holiday events, starting with the Halloween one. However the Christmas event is the worst! I finally got Rupert a day ago after using 76 clams because I couldn’t get any of those stupid red, guitar pick looking things, by freeing up Lois, Bonnie or Bruce since because It’s been DAYS since I’ve been able go free up those three and make use of them!!! I don’t get any freaking BEARS from the cloud care packages anymore, all I get are blue boxes and stocking stuffers. I have over 15,000 stocking stuffers!!!!!! WTF? I bought everything that costs stocking stuffers…and multiples of them…and I still have over 15k. Can I buy a few bears with them so I can free up some main characters? What a stupid event this turned out to be.

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  20. I have been playing since day 1 and this has by far been the WORST event. No drops on basically every item. No chance of Rupert or other characters. The events have become more frustrating and less fun over the last few months but this one hit my boiling point and as you can see on these comments almost every other person too. I really hope TinyCo takes the time to listen to their players concerns because events like this are horrible and take all the fun away from playing. Another one like this and I’m done for good

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    • This has been a very tough event when it comes to moderating comments, been tough reading so many players struggling, definitely had an impact on me. Really feel for everyone, something went bad,y wrong here. I thought Oz was start of something good, I’m just gutted way this has gone.

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  21. Is it possible this game is geared towards players with newer devices? Tinyco cleared my cache, but the game still keeps crashing. I have not been able to watch a video for clams in almost two weeks, it just crashes. I’m hoping when this event clears things will work smoothly. We should be able to clear the inventory of unwanted stuff, that might help, they could lock any buildings that may be needed for future tasks. It would simplify things if the inventory was not so huge.


  22. When the weekly task drop for Heimlich baby? It usually drops on Monday and I don’t think it dropped until today and the event ends today. I hope Neg fobot spawns one more time before the event ends.
    I only was able to get 80 power pellets of the 180 needed and am short 5 of the cup-looking things for the last two items from the shop.


    • It dropped on Tuesday due to Monday being a holiday in the States I presume, and it is just 24 hours and will end when the event does at 3pm Pacific


  23. Also with Tapped Out they have a Job Centre where you can send all your characters on various length jobs but if any characters are required for a quest they do not get sent on jobs from the job centre. So an easy way to get rid off all non required characters is to send everyopne on say a 4 or 8 Hr job. That will leave only the characters required for tasks left to send yourself.


  24. I agree worst event ever drop rates for care packges are ridiculous only dropping candy canes or lower level boxes most of the time. Would have like black jesus but not gonna happen. AS for land expansion Tpped out is huge and they seem to add more land with every couple of events. Whats the point in collecting stuff if you then have to store it or characters are no longer used. Tapped Out is far superior in my opinion and even leaves the odd mini game behind which drops useful stuff


    • I play both, I can’t argue Tapped Out runs much smoother, but I prefer FGQFS as its more of a challenge. However in this event something went very wrong as too many players are struggling with drops etc.

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    • Have to agree with you regarding TSTO. I started playing both games around the same time a little over 2 years ago and initially preferred Family Guy Quest For Stuff for at least the first year or so because I find the characters and costumes more fun and the in-game dialog of this game is aimed at a more mature audience and usually far more amusing.

      However, over time TSTO has proven to be a lot more rewarding to play. It has far fewer technical faults and gameplay issues, as well as in-game rewards being linked directly to how much effort you put into playing it instead of random chance and undisclosed probability taking such a significant role in how well you can progress. I love the XP collider in TSTO; it’s transformed the experience of playing. I became a ‘farmer’ in that game, which now earns me enough premium currency to acquire a new character for free every 2 or 3 days and enjoy all the events to the full without too much effort, whilst in Family Guy Quest For Stuff it’s still a struggle to get anywhere and even seems to get increasingly difficult as they are making events harder each time; there’s very little benefit for being a long term player!


  25. I’m anxious to see the results of the event final poll (if there is one). It looks like I’ll end up short on robes for BJ and bedtime stories for Onesie. Sitting on 17k stuffers though so at least that shortage worked itself out. 🙂


  26. Only 10 hours left and the wreaths for black Jesus are freaking impossible! I’ve had the building for a LONG time and it never ever seems to drop. I thought it would be the robes holding me up(still 70ish out on those but it’s doable.) But the wreaths are at a stand still due to it not dropping anything in 3 days?!! I know it’s rare, but this can’t be right??


    • Same… I’ve been stuck on 6 for 4 days at least. I got another 2 an hour ago, but it’s too little too late. It’s still 400+ to buy him out, so I won’t be bothering with him.


  27. Got everything from the stocking stuffer mystery box this morning but still have 5 or 6 thousand stocking stuffers left. Still have lots of stuffers I could get if I wanted them but dont know as its worth the time.


  28. Took a break the entire event, even if there were fun items I didn’t feel like playing.


  29. I’ll be glad when this event is over. In the last few days I FINALLY unlocked Rupert (whoop!) and my care package drops have included at least 1 red bear. With that in mind and the fact Rupert has a beach ball task i thought I might be on for getting Black Jesus. I didn’t factor in though how the games drop rates would then go back to screwing me over so my last 3 packages have contained stocking stuffers and ghost boxes (which havent been useful since week 3!!), plus wreaths havent dropped for me in about 10 days! So it’s now impossible for me to get everything I need to unlock Black Jesus without dropping 300+ clams. Shame because I really wanted BJ since I heard him shout “i rode into town on an ass…. yo momma’s ass”.

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  30. I for one am really going to miss this event. I enjoyed seeing which 80s toy or Nintendo / Atari game was the basis for a new decoration each week. I did not think it was the absolute worst event for item drops. Personally, I think that honour would have to go to the Fairy Tale event (out of all the themed events from last year).

    I finally(!) managed to get (180 power pellets for) the Christmas Space Invaders decoration as well. It is an awesome animated decoration and much bigger than I was expecting it to be 👍. It will go great with my Retro themed area.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I hope there will be another 1980s themed event in the future. 🤞


  31. I have to concur there, I’ve been playing since the very beginning (even have King Butt in my Tan Lines, the first ever event character) and this is by far the worst, most tedious event for me.

    At some point I got stuck fit several days waiting for pill bottles to drop with absolutely nothing else to do. Now again I’ve been stuck with 2 missing fluffy clouds for days and I can’t do anything else.

    I get so many boxes that I don’t even bother anymore. At some point I spent 30 minutes just opening the 200-odd ones I had accumulated, but they don’t bring me anything useful. Stock fillers, yeah sure but I already have 13,000 of them I can’t spend on anything useful.

    As for care packages, seriously? Three characters dropping on average barely one per cycle, which gets you a red bear once in a blue moon, for a chance to free Bonnie and a ball drop that even isn’t always. So far I’ve attacked Baby Heimlich only 3 times. Not even mentioning the rare triangles fit Rupert, still missing 4.

    When I think I splashed out to get Pac Man. It’s come to the point spending money doesn’t help anymore unless you spend an actual fortune. I for one will be very happy to see that back of this terrible event, even more of a disappointment after the Wizard of Oz that was so well balanced. Honestly though, you guys and the Addicts are the only thing that still makes me find pleasure in this game. Without you it wouldn’t bear (!) thinking about… Thanks.

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  32. Fed up with this event. Drop rates have been appalling in spite of 4-hourly (most of the time) visits. Nowhere near Black Jesus, because Bonnie is always locked out and Care Packages are few and far between (for an ‘uncommon’ drop) and most of the time give me more stocking stuffers than I’ll ever use. Only managed to destroy Negatron twice, and I think I was short changed on Robo Fuel a couple of times. Then this morning they gave us some extra ‘gifts’ at 250 stuffers a go (at least it uses up some of the excess) all of which go straight to the Inventory as there is no space for them. I could go on and on. I think I’ve only got three new characters out of this, which is poor as topping up Tan Lines now seems to be the main purpose of the game. I did get a response from TinyCo to a similar rant, saying they’d pass my comments on to the development team. I suggest others who are unhappy message them also. Perhaps the prospect of the orange president has dulled their senses. And I thought it was Christmas!

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  33. This will be my last event.

    Time to regain my life.

    This tedious event taught me that . . . . or was just enough to persuade me to take break from it, permanent or temporary!

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  34. I don’t post much, but thought I’d chime in re: this event just for kicks. I’ve been playing the game pretty much from the beginning, I started on the original Comic Con event. The only major event I ever missed was the first one, the Kingdom of the Full Moon Indiana Jones event. (irks me I can’t ever get the party pyramid building). Why don’t they recycle old event buildings, anyway? For clams, or quests, whatever. It IS a world builder game, after all.

    Anyway, yeah, this event was the worst one to date by a long shot. I’m a premium player and it was still super hard to finish a number of quests, even playing several times a day the whole month. The drop rates were just awful, the algorithms they used this time clearly favored the house no doubt designed to provide incentives for clam purchases to rush tasks. In particular, as most already know, the bear drop rates in the care packages and the wreaths for Black Jesus were probably the worst I’ve seen and I consider myself a veteran player.

    Here’s some personal rules of thumb coming from a long time FGQFS player who isn’t shy about dropping 20-40 a month on this game, though I’m sure Bunny’s covered variations on most of these notes.

    Clams are precious. Now that the game is so large (remember the days when we could fit EVERYTHING we had in inventory on the board?) there’s just no incentive to collect everything since it cannot be put out and displayed. Again, it’s a world builder game, and it’d be nice to have more land (and water), to display far more stuff. Yep, I get it, it’s a server thing and TinyCo’s gotta provide new content. Doesn’t have to be a lot more land, but it’s still a pretty small Quahog.

    That said…what to spend your clams on?

    First and foremost clam priority, obviously…Characters that you yourself identify with – your own pop culture leanings. I didn’t want Ace Ventura or Cesar Millan. I did want Snake Plisken and Bryan Cranston. Etcetera. Purchase the characters that mean something personal to you, if you think you want them walking around your Quahog – speaking of which…the Tan Lines thing…Eh. A moderately cool concept but…why would I put so much time in acquiring a population for this world and then put them all in inventory? It’s a world. A town. It should have all these people walking around it, no? I have about 180 characters in Tan Lines, only because I’m accruing Stewie Bucks for possible future rewards, but given a choice, I’d rather ditch Tan Lines and have my peeps walking the ‘hood. I play on my iphone 6s and having all my people walking about instead of stashed away does not affect my game play at all..it seems like FGQFS runs best on IOS, doesn’t it?

    Anyway…next. Be wary of using clams for skins. Too expensive now for costumes…much better when they used to be 50 or 100 clams. 300 clams for a costume is just too much. I wanted the Angel of Death skin in this event, but 270…no. Always choose characters over skins.

    Premium buildings? Pass. Except the limited time ‘clam’ buildings. Those are worth it, of course, you get your money back plus half again. No brainer.

    ‘Ammo’ packages in the store? Pass if you can, but I’ve had to buy a few to expedite quests, admittedly.

    Also, the ‘double’ characters are pretty weak sauce too. They shouldn’t be a ‘second’ version of the same character…like Stewie’s Wizard of Oz or Brian’s Toto or Peter’s Sir Peter…those should have been skins. Exceptions to that rule might be characters like the Griffins from the dog universe, or the evil Griffins, but really those are ‘different’ characters.

    Christmas events generally suck.
    Halloween events generally rawk.

    Mini-events usually deliver the fun and they’re a lot less hectic.

    The top three events to date, IMO…

    Star Trek
    Comic Con

    Those are my jaded thoughts and I figured I’d share ’em lol.

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    • i am with you every step of the way on this one, daren.

      basic math would have made this abysmal turn a tiny bit tolerable, but no.

      as a premium player who has unapologetically spent hundreds of dollars on this game and has been increasingly disappointed over the past year, particularly regarding the currency-thieving programming fails, this event was far and away the deal breaker.

      it is no longer a matter of sub-par algorithms/programming, TinyCo. it has become an obvious — not to mention sophomoric — ploy to take advantage of your key demographic: loyal customers who are willing to spend money for fun.

      SHAME, TinyCo!!!


    • I really appreciated that they made them separate characters for a change. I’m so tired of having yet another skin for key characters, which usually means I can’t use them for anything else. It’s also good for newer players who haven’t unlocked the underlying character to use a skin. I thought Oz was a near-perfect event, which is why it’s so baffling that they messed up this event so badly.

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      • I agree I liked they were characters.

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      • Thing is, it’s kinda lazy programming. They’re just tweaking templates on existing codes rather than firing up brand new characters from scratch. Celebs used to voiceover a lot of characters specifically for this game, not just sound bytes from films/TV.

        I’m all for expansion and newer players getting more chances to earn characters, but there’s also the old school to consider, having put in years and dollars.

        I know a lot of people liked the Oz event. I thought it was just okay. To be honest, the events of 2015 in general, IMO, paled in comparison to years past. Football, Grimm Knight, Greek, Prehistoric, Wrestlemania, Lil griffins….ehh. All of ’em were pretty much grind a lot, lackluster rewards. In truth, I was thinking about retiring the game, because the events just weren’t as compelling as years past, but two events alone got me reinvested… Boomsday was an epic storyline with great graphics and quests, and the Pirate event opening up the waters was a good expansion.


        • I can’t really comment on previous years events as Boomsday was my first event… I’d only started a few days before, so I was basically screwed for that whole event (I think I only made it to week 2). It took a long time before I had all the characters to complete events, so most events were quite miserable for me (always 1-2 weeks behind). Having standalone characters means it’s an even playing field for everyone. I’ve unlocked all districts/characters now so it was only in Oz and a couple of the events before that where I felt like I could actually enjoy the game & play events to completion. The Xmas event reminded me of how awful it was to play those early events, so I was thinking about retiring the game as I don’t really want to be constantly miserable playing. I can’t really comment on the voiceovers either – I find it quite annoying with the sound on, so I only play the game on mute!


  35. Agreed. I did well and unlocked what I wanted, so it’s not a question of sour grape–just wasn’t a fun event at all.


  36. There’s a new mystery box….8 items from the event area @ 250 stocking stuffers a shot.


  37. Next to last day of the event. Need 31 robes for Black Jesus and 3 triangles for Rupert. 2 care packages from 16 tries, 0 bears, 0 beach balls.


  38. Would not be bad, If it does not matter, that they extended it until January 6-7, because in some Latin countries and here, in Spain; the last day of Christmas is January 6, day of Los Reyes Magos.


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  40. Well isn’t this wonderful. Still not able to get into the game, so I practically missed this entire week. Close to getting Rupert, but can’t even finish that I suppose. Same with Black Jesus. Oh well. Yes, I’ve also sent an e-mail, so it’s not like I haven’t tried. Well, it is what it is and it’s a shame. Not exactly the most disappointing event. I’m pretty sure everyone remembers how bad Halloween 2015 and Christmas 2015 was. But still. Hope you guys got what you’d like though!


  41. I’ll be glad when this one’s over. After playing every four hours, I rarely get the presents needed to get the bears to free up three people. It’s even rarer to open the presents to get any bears out of them as well..

    Liked by 2 people

  42. I’m definitely exited for something new! Not So Silent Night was the most tedious event ever. Kind of sucked the fun out of what should have been a solid event.

    Liked by 1 person

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