Road To Bollywood Mini Event is Live!

Hey there Penniless Sitar Players!

Another lil Mini Event has dropped into our lil games. It has a bit of spice and Eastern flair to it. Introducing, Road To Bollywood!!! 



Brian Stewie Texting

Let’s belly dance on over and see what’s going on. 

More Details Coming… UPDATED


Divine Stewie Shrine: 130 ClamsClam Icon, $55 & 35xp every 10 hrs, Always drops 15 rupeesRupees

Divine Brian Statue: 230 ClamsClam Icon, $45 & 30 every 8hrs, Always Drops 1 each peanutsPeanuts sitarSitars flower-garlandFlower Garlands


Outdoor Bazaar: 150 rupeesRupees, $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drop x2 banglesBangles

Home Sweet India: 120 rupeesRupees, $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance Drops x2 eyelinerEyeliner

Quahog Yoga Studio: 100 rupeesRupees, $40 & 25xp every 6hrs

Millionaire Game Show Set: 110 rupeesRupees, $40 & 25xp every 6hrs

Bollywood Set: 130 rupeesRupees, $40 & 25xp every 6hrs

Taj Mahal: 1000 rupeesRupees, $30 & 20xp every 4hrs



Bollywood Elephant: 75 rupeesRupees

Autorickshaw Cab: 60 rupeesRupees


Male Bollywood Dancer: 10 Clam IconClams

Female Bollywood Dancer: 10 Clam IconClams



belly-dancer-stewieBelly Dancer Stewie (Costume): You will see his Questline triggered after Pt. 1. Fully Tasked, Drops 1 each peanutsPeanuts (4hr) sitarSitars (4hr) flower-garlandFlower Garlands (4hr)
rupees200 Rupees (Always): Clear Tigers OR Divine Shrine OR Ganesha Boss OR Questlines
veils  20 Veils (Uncommon): Ganesha Boss
eyeliner20 Eyeliners (Rare): Lois Pimp Up OR Chris Apply Kohl OR Bonnie Get Glammed Up OR Home Sweet India
bangles15 Bangles (Rare): Quagmire Tidy Up After Party OR Meg Show Off OR Outdoor Bazaar


tiger-brianTiger Brian (Costume): 260 Clam IconClams, Clears Tigers, Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline




These will be used to earn Ganesha as a separate Character. You will see Ganesha triggered just after Hooray for Bollywood Pt. 3.

blessingBlessings: Attack Ganesha Boss

ganeshaGanesha (Character): 115 blessingBlessings




These are one of your main currency items you will need to earn and use during the mini Event.

rupeesRupees (Always): Clear Tigers OR Divine Shrine OR Ganesha Boss OR Questlines




Ganesha Boss will trigger in Hooray for Bollywood Pt. 3. This is your Main Boss for the Mini Event. You will “Offer” Materials/Items you earn during the Event to get to Ganesha’s highest level possible and obtain the most prizes.

peanutsPeanuts (Common): Peter Take a Snack Break OR Jerome Restock Bar Snacks OR Divine Brian Shrine OR Belly Dancer Stewie Eat Ants on a Log
sitarSitars (Common): Peter Flirt With Chicks OR Jerome Bring the Funk OR Divine Brian Shrine OR Belly Dancer Stewie Listen to Raffi
flower-garlandFlower Garlands (Common): Peter Hula Dance OR Jerome Spruce Up the Bar OR Divine Brian Shrine OR Belly Dancer Stewie Shake Everything


Here is the general breakdown:
1X~ Requires 2 of One (Peanuts, Flower Garland, Sitar)
3 blessingBlessings
25 rupeesRupees
1 veilsVeils

2X~ Requires 5 of One (Peanuts, Flower Garland, Sitar)
9 blessingBlessings
75 rupeesRupees

3X~ Requires 8 of One (Peanuts, Flower Garland, Sitar)
15 blessingBlessings
125 rupeesRupees

4X~ Requires 11 of One (Peanuts, Flower Garland, Sitar)
21 blessingBlessings
175 rupeesRupees

5X~ Requires 19 of One (Peanuts, Flower Garland, Sitar)
36 blessingBlessings
300 rupeesRupees
12 veilsVeils

You have 24hrs to hit the highest level before Ganesha will go “Off-Set” (cool down). When Ganesha returns, they will be back at 1x. Still verifying if I can gauge the amount of time it will take. (For me, it was like… 60 seconds… it seemed)


Here are some of the Offering Requirements I saw in my game (Bunny)
flower-garland2 Flower Garlands

peanuts5 Peanuts

sitar8 Sitar

peanuts11 Peanuts

19 Flower Garlands




They will trigger in the Questline, Hooray for Bollywood Pt. 2. At this point you will start to see them around your Quahog. I started out with 4 roaming my streets.

Characters Used to Clear Tigers:
tiger-brianTiger Brian

3hrs Task

Chance Payouts:
+10 rupeesRupees
+ $45Family Guy Coin


There you have the Basics of the Lil Mini Bollywood Event that’s dropped into our Quahog’s.

What do you think of it so far? Did you watch the Episode “Road to India”? Any items you are interested most in? Any suggestions for fellow Players? Let us know.

41 responses to “Road To Bollywood Mini Event is Live!

  1. anothe waste of time…


  2. They should have marked this as a premium only event. Its gotta be impossible to get genesha without spending clams. Waste of time.


  3. This one’s a bit of a time waster. Ganesha is the only potential new Freemium character, and looks to be an unlikely catch. Without clams, and a slow Stewie costume, there are only a maximum of 12 gifts (peanuts etc.) per day with drops from Peter and Jerome (less if you don’t get up in the night, or miss some time during the day). To get to a 5x Offering is going to take 45 gifts to get 84 Blessings – that’s nearly 4 days playing non-stop and getting a drop every time (which doesn’t happen, as they are Common, not Always) and assuming you manage to generate the ‘right’ gifts. That still leaves Blessings to earn in the remaining time. Hope the next event has more to offer. The results from the Xmas event are pretty damning.


    • Yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up for Ganesha… and after the Xmas event I don’t really care. I’ll probably get the Stewie outfit just before the end of the event. Overall, I don’t really “get” this event so I’m not too bothered with what I do or don’t collect.


  4. you awesome russiatiger


  5. Hello do you know what the Bollywood Dancers animated decoraition does?


  6. So far this is a bust. No one is dropping anything for Stewie. Peter and Jerome only get for the other thing. They don’t drop either. 8 hour tasks should drop always. I do not know why I ever try with this game. I’ll wait for the next one and hope for a small miracle they come up with a different type of event and way to do it. BTW, I wish they would use other characters instead of only a few. I have finally got it through my head you don’t win anything for playing. Houses get put away and characters are put in spa or inventory since they are useless after event. Who needs coins? Talk about repetitive.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I can see this event being a complete disaster. 110 tokens for Ganesha in a week? Good luck to everyone.


  8. How do I use chris to clear tigers – no task shows that, and as such, the only way to proceed is buying TigerBrian


    • Hi task your looking for, for Chris is “Put Out a Bowl of Milk”


    • You can also get to Chris’ task by tapping on a wandering Tiger & tapping the Go button; if Chris is available, it’ll open his task list & the 3hr ‘Put Out A Bowl Of Milk’ task will be right at the top (possibly even highlighted/bolded, but I can’t recall for certain at the moment).


  9. Not interested in this event at all so i can finally work on my main quests. Stocking up clams for valentines event, that i am sure will start the 18th. Wish everyone luck in this event that participates.


  10. Being an Indian myself can’t miss this event .


  11. A few questions –

    Are people getting the Eyeliner or Bracelet building first?

    Are you sending Chris to get rid of tigers for currency or are you sending him on the eyeliner mission?

    Are you attacking Ganesh as soon as you get the right amount of items or are you ignoring him for now and stockpiling items to do a higher multiplier next time around?


    • I may go for the Eyeliner building first as it has the longer drop time and I want to keep Chris clearing Tigers for now.

      Ganesha, I can’t do anything as despite being at that part of Questline he’s not appeared in my game, but I would probably attack him the twice to move forward in Questline, as completing parts drops Rupees, then I would stockpile to try to get to a higher attack level. Especially as his short return time works in our favour for this strategy.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I initially sent Chris to do the eyeliner task twice but he didn’t drop anything anyway. I’ve now put him on tiger duty. Hope the building drops offer a significant improvement… presumably can’t succeed without them, so asap might be the best way!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Hi!When will the event The Dawg House?
    Thank You


  13. doesnt look very interesting unless they gave us Padma to unlock


  14. And of course the SAME 2-3 charachters are the only ones so far to earn items..

    Another clam heavy event, best of luck to those brave enought to endure this one ..


  15. Personally find it irritating that the particular episode this event is based was a Brian episode on yet he isn’t even used in the event unless you purchase his Premium character skin.


  16. Forgive my ignorance as I only started this game in October, so my only point of reference for “mini games” is the one just before this one. Is it standard fair to often start the event behind a clam “paywall” to get it started? If so, I will just skip those and continue unlocking the rest of my characters and just chug along until there is an event that doesn’t require such restrictions.
    Thank you.


    • wildthornberry88

      I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but all events and indeed main game have premium items and characters available, but these are not requirements to play the event.


      • What I meant by clam “pay wall” is that on Hooray for Bollywood Pt. 2, I need to clear 1 tiger. The only way to clear said tiger is with Chris + Tiger Brian. The only way to unlock Tiger Brian is 260 clams. I do not have 260 clams and therefore cannot go forward with this quest line. Sorry for being vague about this earlier.


        • Hi, you don’t need both to do the task, either Chris or Tiger Brian can clear tigers. So just use Chris, you don’t need to buy Tiger Brian.


          • Oh wow do I feel stupid. I saw the pluses both in one box and thought I needed both. Thank you for the clarification. Kudos to you my friend.


  17. I think it’s pretty bogus that only Chris and Tiger Brian can get rid of the tigers. I just started Chris on a 2 day mission before the event even dropped. That’s pretty stupid.


  18. another mini event. I was hoping for a monthly event as I don’t like to work hard on these mini events.


  19. Has anyone else’s balloon dart become the fishing thing from the pirate event?


  20. Glad to see this is only a mini event as I have zero interest in it. As for the last one, I was off to a great start having 11 giant chicken tokens the first two days, then drops of course stalled and I ended up having to pay 240 clams to finish him in the last hour of the event. sigh.


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