Family Guy Flashback: Road To India

Hey there Clammers!

As we tap away in our Quahogs that we’ve created, sometimes it’s nice to reflect on just WHERE all this content is coming from? Of course much of it’s from The Amazing Family Guy Episodes that have been released over 15 crazy seasons.

There are so many things going on in each episode that we may not have caught them, overlooked them, or may have giggled right along with everyone else not realising they may appear in FGQFS sometime in the future. So let’s look back at an episode that has had a massive influence on the Road to Bollywood event.




So welcome to another flashback post, and this one obviously features one of the most recent of the eight Road to episodes that have featured throughout the lifetime of the show.

Now I’ve got your attention, I have to say although I usually love the Road to episodes, I found this one a little disappointing due to it sharing its air time with a subplot back in Quahog. I’d have much preferred this to have been a one story episode. But enough of my thoughts, it’s time for me to pop some kernels, pick up the remote and guffaw my way through this satirical episode featuring a little trip to India.

Well it all starts in the opening credits, where stereotypical India gags run awry, and we see the first of the items that have made it into our game, Tiger Brian. As we see him and Stewie during the credits drifting in a boat in a little parody of Life of Pi.


Back in Quahog we find Brian a tap, tap, tapping away on his computer, when disaster strikes and it throws a wobbly on him. And where’s Tech Support when you need it? Well in India of course. A quick phone call or two later with Padma in Tech Support and Brian is once again in love. Sure he’s a bit pretentious, arrogant and a show off but I guess I won’t begrudge him his latest crush if it means I get to go on a crazy trip.

Despite Stewie stating a long distance relationship would be doomed to fail, Brian’s obsession with Padma is going nowhere fast, so what’s a dog to do when an Indian woman’s really got under his fur?  Travel to India of course, and what would a road, or maybe that should be fly, trip be without his sidekick Stewie. It’s game on for the boys, Ganesha style.


And wow the stereotypes from the opening titles are back, and they are coming thick and fast from the minute we see them arriving in a dirty, desperately overcrowded airport.


However none of this bothers Brian and he sets off for Bangalore to meet the latest lady to steal his heart. And of course he and Stewie manage to offend many locals as they go, angering a large group when they talk about eating a “big juicy steak”. They only escape the crowds wrath by tapping on the locals’ bindi, treating it like an off button.


Finally they make it to the call centre, and a quick introduction later and Padma is showing them the sights, and this is where we meet another character who’s prominent in the current event, Ganesha, as there he is playing the drums, entertaining the crowds at a street market.


After spending a little time together Padma decides it’s time that Brian should meet the family, and this is where our Brian gets a real sting in his tail, as we discover his beloved Padma is already promised to another man, Dhiraj. Not only that but her father’s already sealed the deal by paying a dowry. But Brian is elated when Padma says she’s breaking off the deal, I mean, engagement, as it’s Brian she loves.

Padma’s father is not best pleased, and it’s not because she’s in love with a slum dog who’s not a millionaire, but rather because of the dowry he paid, it seems it’s non-refundable. Brian begins to think the best way to get himself out the dog house is to repay the dowry, and he and Stewie set about earning the rupees needed to do just that. Their first money-making plan is a crazy one even by their standards, removing tapeworms through smoke charming.


It soon becomes obvious tapeworms aren’t going to earn them the rupees needed to buy round Padma’s family, so they turn their attention to a quick fix, they will try winning the money on a game show. And yes this is where we see a nod to Slumdog Millionaire as the show Brian goes on is the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire… (I do – lol). Anil Kapoor once again plays the host and suddenly it’s game on for Brian.

Unfortunately it’s not game on for long as Brian falls at the first hurdle when he’s unable to answer a question on one of India’s biggest obsessions, cricket. For those readers who like Brian think a cricket is an insect, no, no, no, it’s a sport, it’s a little bit like baseball. Hey put those confused looks away as I said a little, it’s got a bat and a ball, that’s close enough for me, lol.

With a heavy heart Brian sets out to break the bad news to Padma, but gets a surprise when she tells him he needn’t worry as her father married her younger sister to Dhiraj instead. So glad that dowry didn’t go to waste. But just as Brian is about to celebrate his good fortune, reality once again bites him in the backside when Padma dumps him due to his obvious lack of knowledge about her country and culture. Just another reason for everyone to hate cricket, it’s only gone and caused Brian’s heart to be shattered as no amount of begging and pleading will change her mind. Padma is sad but still kisses the relationship goodbye, quite literally with a peck on Brian’s cheek. Brian can do nothing but put a brave face on, which is just as well as Stewie and sympathy don’t go hand in hand.


Unfortunately the creators of this episode decided it would be a good idea to have a subplot ruining through it, sorry but it wasn’t a good idea, or even a good subplot, guys. Road to episodes should only feature one story and this part of the episode was just a woeful distraction. But it was part of the episode so I guess I’ve got to cover it, right?  Ok that’s me covered it, can we go back to Bollywood? No, ok, so Joe has a new passion, Bingo, yes, you read that right, B-I-N-G-O. And where does he partake in this, well at the old folks parlour of course, it would appear he’s a very popular winner and the residents have nicknamed him The Big Cheese.

In a moment of madness he invites Peter to play, and although Peter originally rejects the invitation, Lois persuades him to go along for Joe’s sake. If only Joe knew what it would lead to, well he’d have rescinded that invitation quicker than Bonnie can chug a bottle of wine. Anyway back at the old folks parlour Peter is miserable seeing his friend so popular until suddenly he gets a full house, and winning that game off bingo sees his competitive gene go into overdrive once again.


Before we know it he’s replaced Joe in the popular guy slot, and this all goes to his head as usual, now he’s dressing up and calling himself the Bingo Captain.


Now it’s Joe’s turn to be fed up, disgusted by his so-called friend’s actions he gives up going to bingo. Word reaches Lois of what her husband has done and she soon sees for herself that his ego is out of control. She urges him to stop and come home, but in typical Peter style, he refuses. This leaves Lois no option but to play dirty and she sends Chris & Meg to be with him as she knows they will annoy the hell out of him. Her plan works and soon Peter’s resolve breaks and he heads home, once again showing himself up to be an odious person and terrible best friend. Whatever happened to the harmless buffoon Peter of the early seasons of the show?

However the drama is not over for Brian just yet, as he’s got a part to play in the big musical number famed for closing out the Road to episodes. And this one doesn’t quite hit the heights of the others, which is hard to believe considering they had Bollywood. Bollywood Style sees the full cast, dressed mainly in fantastic Indian national dress, join together for an epic Bollywood song and dance routine, and this is where the other new arrival in our games, Belly Dancer Stewie, comes from. However even this late in the episode Brian’s bad luck continues as he’s suddenly mauled by a Bengal Tiger. However the show must go on, Bollywood stops for no man, or in this case, no dog.


There you have it a flashback to Road to India, the episode that inspired our latest mini event. I personally think TinyCo could have produced a longer event from this episode, a 3 week event would have been great, but I guess with newer players not having unlocked Brian & Stewie in their games yet, this may have made things difficult with a longer event. I think TinyCo made a massive error not having Brian & Stewie unlocked in the early districts of the game as it’s now tied their hands with regards to using two of the popular characters during events.

What did you think of the Episode? Any favorite moments? Thoughts? Let us know.


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