Kung Pow Quahog 101: The Ramen Cart

Chop, Chop Addicts…

Anyone in the mood for some Rice Balls? If the answer is yes, then here’s how to get some, as in this post, I will be going over the basics for the The Ramen Kart.

Let’s go inside to see just what options are in store for us. 

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE. 


You can find it over in the Event Area to the right. Just look for all the cart with he bowl of noodles on top  of it.



Well… RICE BALLS of course.

To be more specific, this is the location you will go to exchange Materials you earn into Rice Balls.


Right now, there is just one item you can use in exchanges.

White Belts (Always)Clear Karate Kids OR Fight Nerds OR Crane Shrine (Premium)


YES, it’s very possible as in past Events more items were released each Phase to add to the mix to Exchange. But we have no ideas what these might be at this time.

White Belts: Phase 1

And remember the Exchange Options will probably change with each Phase too, try to use the items you can when you can. Just keep in mind that there is no way to determine HOW the next Phase Exchange will work. It could require more of an item, less of an item, only that item, or a mix of items.


Just tap on the Ramen Cart to bring up the information. Inside you will see in the top how many of each item “YOU HAVE“, the Current Offer you are looking at (surrounded in yellow box), the “REWARD” you will get for the trade, and the “COSTS” it will take to get the Reward.

If you do NOT have enough to make a trade, no Check Marks will appear, the Materials you are still missing will be in red in the “COSTS”, and you will see the Clam Buy Out cost for the Reward.

If you have enough to make the trade, you will also see a Check Mark on the Offer and the “LET’S GO” button highlighted in the lower right side. You will also notice the “COSTS” numbers will be in yellow.

If you see “LET’S GO” and want to take the offer, tap on it. A box will pop up confirming the trade and if you wait a minute the game will automatically add the Rice Balls you’re due to your Rice Ball totals.

You can see your Rice Ball totals at the top of your game, next to your clam and dollars totals.


A new offer will then take the place of the offer you just traded in the Ramen Cart.


Again, these WILL vary. The list is compiled of the Exchanges Bunny & I saw in OUR Games.

2imageWhite Belts traded for 3  Rice Balls

8imageWhite Belts traded for 3  Rice Balls

9imageWhite Belts traded for 3  Rice Balls

20imageWhite Belts traded for 3  Rice Balls

30imageWhite Belts traded for 3  Rice Balls

35imageWhite Be.ts traded for 3  Rice Balls

37imageWhite Belts traded for 3  Rice Balls

38imageWhite Belts traded for 3  Rice Balls

50imageWhite Belts traded for 3  Rice Balls


You can also get Rice Balls from defeating Mr. Washee Washee, look out for a detailed post on this soon.

But apart from that honestly, just play. Focus on getting as many White Belt drops as fast as you can and as often as you can each day and Trade them for Rice Balls..

Main sources for White Belts  are listed up top.

Just keep in mind, ANY Materials you choose to stockpile and NOT trade until the next Phase… you are doing so at your own risk. There is no way to know how the next Phase Trading will go or the amounts of Materials it will require.


  • Collect White Belts
  • Go to the Ramen Cart to Trade Materials
  • Get Rice Balls

There you have it, the overall Basics of getting Rice Balls into your game to use for Event Currency.

How is your Rice Ball earning going so far? How many White Belts are you getting daily?  Any tips  you want to share with fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


18 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog 101: The Ramen Cart

  1. Anyone have the info on how many Rice Balls are needed for each item in the Temple? I’m working on the Zen Garden thingy right now (10 Rice Balls! So aggravating when they put these huge pricetags on Decos wheb you’re forced to go in order – I *do* usually go back & buy everything in the Event Store by the end of the Event, after all…anyway, as usual, I’m digressing…), and I think someone previously mentioned that the Vans building is (*ahem* very reasonable) 4 Rice Balls, but what’s up after that? Any way someone could post the same info for the next Phases as the info becomes available?

    And I was mildly disappointed that the building sells vehicles, not sneakers. 😂😁😄😂😁


  2. In my game, after 50 belts, the next purchase only requires 23.


  3. Im up to the zen garden, will progress farther after i get Mr. washee washee. Love the episode where him and peter argue over a white shirt. Will enjoy a real show character in my little town.


  4. I wonder if Francine may make an appearance from her “White Rice” stand-up act/failed sit-com foray. Along with her manager Sweeps “There is no downside to this drug!” McCullough. Would be nice to bag her and Roger.


  5. Do I want the combat power or chance of critical hit in fights? I’m not sure the difference, so what exactly is the trade-off and what is the best strategy, playing freemium?


    • You can only control the combat power side, so choosing fighter that can do most damage in as few attacks is what you want. Critical hit you have no control over, it’s a random thing within fighting games, so you sometimes get lucky and do more damage, or unlucky and your opponent hits you and does more damage. It is there to add a bit of excitement to the fights or else every fight would be the same and the fighter who has first hit would have a permanent advantage.


  6. I quit saving white belts for rice. Instead, im just gonna farm belts to buy mr washee washee for 250belts. Rather have him, than the karate kid anyways lol


    • Remember you need White Rice to purchase items from The Temple, you’ll need place some of these to move on in the main Questline. Full post on Questline will be up later. Good luck with ?Mr Washee Washee, he is a fun characte.


  7. Already messaged TinyCo, my counter shows 7 rice balls and in the shop the Van item shows 4 rice ball cost (after 10 for the zen sand (10?!?!)), but even though I should have plenty, vans still shows I need clams to buy???


    • That’s a strange one, have you managed get things sorted?


    • I had the same thing. Took a photo in case there was a problem later. After a reboot the rice counter went down to 1. I assume it’s a glitch and I never really had 7 to begin with.


      • Yes, I had the same thing in my game as well. The counter said that I had 21 rice balls. I exited the game. When I reopened the game, the counter said that I now had 15 rice balls. I wondered where the other 6 I was supposed to have had disappeared to? I defeated Mr. Washee Washee and the counter then showed that I had 27 rice balls. I thought that my extra 6 (from previously defeating him) had been recovered. I went to Ollieland to save my game. When I returned to my Quahog, the game then showed that I really had 21 rice balls.

        I can’t even remember how many I was supposed to have now? I never really took any notice of how many I had. That was supposed to be the counter’s job. I will be keeping an eye on it from now on. I do hope that the counter was just correcting itself. 🤞

        Liked by 1 person

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