New Event Teaser – Wet Hot Quahog Summer

It looks like TinyCo is about to treat us to some fun in the summer sun as a new event, Wet Hot Quahog Summer, is getting ready to hit our games.

It would appear we’re going to get an event that will be loosely based on the 80’s set movie Wet Hot American Summer ( which is about to get a TV revival on Netflix).  But what’s it all about?  Well here’s all the info from TinyCo:

 “Summer’s here and the weather is HOT! Peter and Lois are starting a summer camp for adults and need your help defending it from rival camps!

NEW Tower Defense Mini-Game!

  • Train Troops & Start the Water Balloon Cannon to Defend Camp Griffin!
  • Fend Off Rival Troops From Fat Camp, Theatre Camp & Scout Camp!
  • New Summer Camp Themed Outfits & Characters!
  • Featuring Andy, Ben, Susie & Gene From Wet Hot American Summer!

Update Not to Join Wet Hot Quahog Summer”.

Now there’s no word from TinyCo of an exact time when the event will go live, but you will find an update for game Version 1.50.0 in your App stores, make sure you update to that in order when the event does go live you will see it in your games.

So what do you all think of the upcoming event? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


27 responses to “New Event Teaser – Wet Hot Quahog Summer

  1. I don’t like Summer Camp. *****. Can’t read, and can’t be bothered to try to read, the tiny writing.


  2. Futurama is available for those who pre-registered via Google play


  3. Gabe "the glue man" Degrossi

    As much as I still fear the usual tiny co. Tropes that plague every event. This is the first time since the D.C. Event that I’ve been super excited for what is to come as I am a massive fan of the original Wet Hot American summer and the latest show is also pretty great. So perhaps I may have a renewed interest in this game so long as the average drop rate timed character stuff isn’t too egregious.

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  4. Never thought ven heard of wet hot american summer, picking a “classic” like that is making me dred the next 4 or so weeks, ugh!


  5. I feel like I need to watch that movie…
    The events are so much better (for me) when I know what they’re based on.


  6. Wet Hot American Summer was a 2001 movie SET in the early 80’s. 🙂
    Netflix already did the WHAS: FIrst Day of Camp prequel two years ago with most of the cast returning. I thought it was “meh.” I imagine the upcoming Ten Years Later will be similar.

    Anyway, we’ll see how this event goes. It is getting more frustrating all the time.


  7. Come on, TinyCo, not tonight! I’ve still got Rufus quest lines from the Excellent Adventure to complete – a one (1) day task for Bruce as he was used for axes the entire Prohibition event….grrrr…Oxford offers the following definition (one of many) of a ‘break’: “A pause in work or during an activity or event.” Give us a break, TinyCo…


    • Hysterical Chris! I was thinking the same thing…..I couldn’t believe the event dropped within hours of the last one ending. I still have Rufu’s questline too that I’m cleaning up.Maybe we have to stop asking for a break…..seems like TinyCo doesn’t want to hear it


  8. Got clams today….gonna get premium character or skin for boost early on this time to since it ensured i finish the past events quickly and in time limit given. Starting to see events as the app equivelant of console game dlc content. Def pay to play lately, but im ok with a few $ here and there for a game i like. Its not all about free content when you like a game. Its about paying to support the developers expanding the games content.


  9. Never heard of this… and I was around at that time. can’t say that I’m enthused with what I’ve heard so far. Maybe I just need a break. Anyone know this movie and want to share what they think? Thanks again for your efforts RT! You’re the best!


    • Why is this still in moderation? Did I somehow offend?


      • There are almost 100 comments sitting in moderation. Why? Because I’m on my own here, trying to pull info from my game to write posts, as well as moderate and answer comments at the same time. On top of this I’ve also got to do my real life stuff. So you’re going to have to show some patience as sadly I’m only human after all.


    • I don’t know much about it either, I’d have preferred a Friday the 13th themed summer camp, lol.


  10. FYI, the Wet Hot American Summer series (“First Day of Camp”) was released on Netflix a couple years ago.


  11. Random misfire

    TinyCo just made me laugh and be angry at the same time. They graciously offered to give me more whiskey barrels and hangovers for the last two hours of the event. Do they think that everyone has an abundance of coffee and axes? We know that everyone is having issues with the drops, so let’s give them one last unobtainable thing before the event ends. Missed out on Peter and Johnny week one. Somehow managed to get vaudeville guy, and still need 16! Passwords for Stewie with 1 hour to go.


  12. If this is anything like the last event I am done with this game. It’s becoming a grind to get anywhere. With ridiculous drop rates we have little chance of getting anywhere without spending a load of clams. I will give it a week or so until I make my final decision.


  13. Sorry for asking here.
    Im sort of new..
    is there a way to cancel a characters action/task?


  14. What do I think of the upcoming event?

    I think it’s going to be like all the other events – frustratingly impossible to complete even the most mundane of tasks. It’ll run 2, 3… maybe 4 weeks and by it’s end, if you don’t spend actual money on clams to help complete tasks to earn characters, costumes, useless buildings and decorations, you’ll probably be right where you are right now with the game. Although you’ll probably be a little more frustrated with it all.


  15. The update seems to be to modify the Clam TV. Now we have the option to do “offers” of various types, some free and some not, for more clams than viewing advertising.


  16. BurningBlaze360

    I’m excited since we are getting yet ANOTHER EVENT based on a movie/film. 2017 is the year of movies!

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  17. I’m sensing more timed characters in the coming event….

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