Peter’s Prohibition Party – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, with prohibition coming to an end it’s time for us to put the brakes on our sobriety and have some fun, and what better for us to do than waffle on about than the event in general. Yes, Peter’s Prohibition Party saw us spend 2 weeks travelling back to the Roaring 20’s, and to be honest it all felt a bit much, something just felt wrong throughout the whole event, I’m not sure why I felt so off during this one, maybe I’ve done too much time travelling recently or it was that prohibition booze ban.

It all started with no hints or clues to what was coming beforehand, after the madness of Quahog’s Excellent Adventure I felt ready for a break, I think the combination of that  full on event collided harshly with me trying to pull info for you guys from only my own game, and frustration started to bite. So the last thing I wanted was a new event starting as soon as the last one ended. But hey that’s what happened so we just had to go with the TinyCo flow.

I could have sworn after the disastrous timers used during our Excellent Adventure, TinyCo would cut us some slack but no, the new event would come in 2 timed Chapters, a little but similar to the format of The Hauntening, which to be honest was a disaster. I immediately hoped TinyCo had learned from that but it soon became obvious not only would this event have a similar feel but it would also have similar glitches and timer issues. From very early on I knew it wasn’t going to be a happy 2 weeks in the comments here, and I was right, I think this was the most maligned event since the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night event.

The unhappiness over the timed Chapter 1 content was heightened by the issue with unlocking Ted in the previous event, a timer combined with poor drop rates had seen many unable to unlock the freemium character of the event, and saw the hatred of timers that’s always been there reach fever pitch. So to then find out in the new event ALL the first weeks content was on a timer did not go down well. And I can understand why. So I get your frustrations readers, I really do!!!

These frustrations grew when Johnny’s timer glitched, a freemium character who should have been available to unlock until the end of Chapter 1 suddenly developed his own timer, which of course was shorter, cutting off unlocking him well before time. The exact same issue that happened with Carl in The Hauntening. Copy and pasting of bad coding perhaps to blame here. But it shows a deeper issue that the mistakes that are alienating core players keep being repeated. Yes, TinyCo tried to put this right by awarding Johnny to those who were close to getting him, but then after all that work we find out .Johnny is completely useless in Chapter 2.

Now admittedly I only made 1 premium purchase during the event, I bought Flapper Bonnie, but only to try move a bit quicker to get details for the site. She probably helped me to unlock Roaring 20’s Stewie so I shouldn’t complain, but hey I’m in that sort of mood so I will. What the deuce to her costume, now I’ll admit I’m more geek than chic, but even I know that Flapper Bonnie’s costume should have looked flamboyant and fabulous, instead she looked like she was dressed for an interview with the women’s guild. C’mon TinyCo, you don’t usually let us down with the animation, but you did on this one.

I did enjoy that much of the new Characters and costumes were from the show, but even that didn’t stop the event from being lacklustre. Although I laughed a lot at Burlesque Peter’s animated tasks, and thoroughly enjoyed Vaudeville Guy’s, one dead man and his dog animated show. They added a hint of fun but not enough to redeem the event.

But now let’s take a more in-depth look at the event, and yes I will say this from the off, a lot of players got frustrated when things got tough very quickly.

A 2 week event that once again had timers, TinyCo must surely realise by now these timers are alienating more & more players. It’s crazy disappointing to miss out on a show character like Johnny this way, and even worse that if you couldn’t play a lot either week you could walk away from the whole event with nothing!

Again I’d like mention TinyCo they need to remember the players who are completing events, there needs to be a reward, a little something for completing the final Main Questline, it was a very popular idea when put forth in our recent poll, and as you ask us to do these polls TinyCo it would be nice if some of the requests made, made it into the game. This was one tough 2 week event and completing each Chapter’s Questline should have been rewarded.

Family Guy content, Johnny & Vaudeville Guy, and some costumes that tie in to episodes. But it all felt a little thrown together.

Some complaints here, although a good range characters were used, one major hiccup was having Lois dropping a rare item whilst constantly being hung over, and there were issues in my game with her not completing her task. The other seemed to be about Axes and Hangover Cures , they just weren’t dropping often enough for many of you.

What did I like, well we got 2 new freemium characters from the show. Well that’s if you managed to unlock them that is.  Didn’t like that they used timers again. Johnny was extremely difficult if not downright impossible for some players to get in Chapter 1, I struggled, although I did unlock him eventually  it really shouldn’t have been that tough.  And despite a lot of feedback on the drop issue TinyCo again didn’t act, this is sadly what is further pushing players away. I think many are starting to feel Quest For Stuff is not getting the attention it deserves, instead TinyCo are concentrating more on Avengers Academy and the upcoming Futurama game, and we’re getting thrown some crumbs.

TinyCo promised us some new gameplay and we got it with the Chapters but it was really just the same as the cases in The Hauntening and like then it didn’t work.

There had been improvements in this area, but it seems to be going rapidly backwards. I get it’s a tough shift on the TinyCo support but too many responses really just consist of telling us either things are ok, or yeah we know there’s an issue but we can’t do a thing about it.  Personally I had reason to contact them 3 times this event, regarding 3 different issues and all received the same standard response which neither answered my query or sorted my issue. I think it’s time for a rethink guys!

No real issues arose in these apart from no completion reward.

Completely random drops on items for timed characters should be banned! And building drops seem to be becoming an issue, complete,y stopping for days at times.

So fellow addicts, that’s just some of my thoughts, and I want to stress they are just my thoughts, as Bunny didn’t play the event and I’m not sure what Lotty is doing, last I knew she’d decided to stop playing. So I can’t get their opinions for you.

Anyway that’s my ramblings, now I want you to tell me your thoughts. But please don’t turn this into a roaring session or Bunny will send me off on a one way journey to the 20’s. Please give us your feedback and thoughts in a had a few martinis and feeling jolly sort of way. Tell us what you liked, didn’t like? What you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less off. Share with us everything and anything you think would improve FGQFS, as TinyCo do read this blog and of course Bunny also takes your feedback to TinyCo. And if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll at the end of this  I’d be very grateful.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:

~ Russian Tigger


49 responses to “Peter’s Prohibition Party – Review & How Did You Do Poll

  1. I wasn’t able to unlock anyone.


  2. This event was so awesome that I Nuked my Quahog (/sarcasm)

    Haven’t gotten the new Event to appear for me yet (on Kindle), and don’t even care.

    I might rebuild Quahog… Or I might delete the game and walk away.

    Thanks for running a very helpful site.


  3. So I haven’t got time to write the review I would want to so here are my main criticisms:
    In week 2 Stewie was basically impossible for freemium unless you were really lucky with drops – I think it was the passwords that we the problem as they required an uncommon drop on top of an uncommon drop (hangover cures) – doubling down on harder drop rates is not cool.
    For week 1 Johnny was the difficult one – I had everything but the barrels smashed which, again, was near impossible.for freemium (I think someone else worked out there were barely enough hours in the week for 74×2 drops every 4 hours). BUT when checking the shopping cart for the latest event Johnny was there to unlock for free so TinyCo may have figure that one out – check your cart if you haven’t already!


  4. Agreed. I had to throw clams to finish Stewie. A rare drop from Lois and her being a hangover target…terrible idea. Not enough coffee dropping. I’m with you RT, there is no excuse for them not having overcome these issues after 3 years. There is lots of content that they can give us, so I think there is life in the game still.


  5. Would you please add a “I didn’t contact Tinyco during the event” as a Tinyco contact option? I don’t contact them very often and I don’t think a yes or no answer is a fair answer if you didn’t contact them. Can you leave the answer blank and still submit? Perhaps that’s what I should try next time.


    • RussianTigger

      You just don’t answer the question if you didn’t have to contact TinyCo, it’s not required for you to complete the poll


  6. This event has been a complete failure. Coming straight after the previous one, with not even one day of respite, but then again the game wasn’t working for us Facebook players ! When the glitch had been finally fixed, I only had less than one day before the end of the first chapter, so that meant I didn’t get to unlock any character or costume. It really was the most frustrating event so far, and it’s too bad, because I actually liked the subject and the Vaudeville duo.


  7. This is the first time I put a low rating on an event, I am a freemium player so I do not expect to get all of the offered content, nor get finished with the event in time before it ends. I feel that the timed chapter option would work better if they did not require so many items to collect from sources that are rare. When I first started playing in July 2014, they had common or always on items with large amounts required. For both chapters, I was short by 5 or less on the final item needed and I play the game throughout the day from 8AM to 12AM.


  8. ridiculous..basically was ready to collect at any chance and only got vaudeville guy. rare axes, then rare beers, and rare whatever I was trying to get for stewie. rare on top of rare. of course labeled uncommon. THEN TINOCO PUTS OUT A MESSAGE FOR THE LAST TWO HOURS OF THE EVENT THAT THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE MORE HANGOVERS AND BARRELS FOR ME TO CURE AND SMASH! THE ONE THING I DIDNT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH!


  9. This event sucked. Somehow got Vaudeville guy but didn’t even come close on the rest. I don’t feel the hate for this event that some others are showing but at the same time it may have successfully gotten me to quit the game. I loaded up the new event tonight and was in the steps of learning about it and found I just don’t care anymore and quit. I’d been bored for a while now and I think the prohibition event pushed me over the edge.


  10. for those of us on facebook we got completly *******. the event started working 2 days before the end of chapter 1 so no chance for freemium players to get peters outfit or johnny. it would be nice if tiny co would make it up to facebook players but i doubt they will


  11. Single worst event in the entire history of this game, and the first since day one where I managed to unlock NOTHING. Infuriating combination of a rare drop for a timed costume (20s Stewie) and a character with said drop (Lois) who would be out of action for up to 12 hours at a time, often cancelling her task in the process.

    TinyCo just doesn’t care any more, and nor should I.

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  12. I have to agree with many of the others. I have been playing this game since the Valentine’s game in 2015, and I am no longer going to spend any more money on the game, and I am pretty close to calling it quits altogether. The saying used to go you could spend a dime or spend the time, but now, if you don’t spend money, there is no way you can progress very far. It used to be the characters did tasks for drops, now you have to buy buildings, so the only strategy is when they allow you to choose the order of when you buy buildings, but most of the time, you have to buy them in a specific order. There is no real payoff for getting a new character or skin, because they are pretty much useless in the next phase, and you can rarely get them until the very end of the current phase.

    I tried playing the avengers game, but deleted it after a couple weeks, and I have no interest in the futurama game, so if this game doesn’t turn around, it is back to angry birds and words with friends! *chuckle*


  13. Wow! Last couple of events I have had HORRIBLE drops.on the excellent adventure I didn’t finish week 2 until 2 days before the end. But this roaring 20’s event it seemed like everything was always dropping. Completed it and only spent clams to get flapper Bonnie.


  14. Will we ever be able to use cash again?


  15. I’m pretty sure I’m done with this game, just did all that to walk away from the event with nothing….

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  16. Shawn Heidingsfelder

    First event whete I didn’t unlock one costume nor character, and I’ve been playing since launch. I gave up trying with two days left when it nrcame apparent that hangover cures would never drop frequently enough to overcome thr infrequent cocktail drops. If the next event goes like this, I’m probably done. This is a timewaster game, but up until recently I was rewarded enough to keep wasting it. I don’t feel like TinyCo is listening or fixing bad design anymore.

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  17. I think the event was quite frustrating and unfair. I did feel it imporved a little during Week 2. Either the drops were not as bad as in Week 1 or the requirements were less. I did get the Vaudeville Guy, but without Johnny it’s not the same 😦 Anyway, everybody knows about these issues, so let¡s talk about soomething else.
    The ‘best’ for me was a little problem I had with Peter’s outfit. On Sunday I sent him to do the dancing task, and while I was watching the animation I realised he has the same haircut as the headmaster in my school. My helpful brain made it worse by thinking that her dancing would look pretty similar to Peter’s. Now I have to concentrate really hard not to burst out laughing when I talk to her. Thanks for the risk of getting fired, game lol 😛


  18. I got nowhere on this event. I didn’t earn enough to get Peter or Stewie’s costume. I only earned enough tumblers and martini glasses to get 3 buildings per week… so I didn’t get either of the new Vaudeville characters. The drop rates just weren’t very good. It wasn’t even close.

    It’s not that I wasn’t playing the game. I was playing it 4 or 5 times a day… every day. But often, after waiting 4 hours to get a coffee pot or axe, I got nothing. And just as often, I got nothing when I opened the keg or cured the hangovers. My first 5 attempts at earning axes yielded 3… with 2 characters (100% would’ve given me 10). The message at that point is… forget it. You can’t win this.

    I want to like this game. I really do. I’ve been playing for 2.5 years now… and over that time, I’ve noticed the game has gotten so much more difficult to succeed without spending money on clams. It’s gotten near impossible to succeed at much of anything now that I’ve stopped paying to win stuff. The thing is, I had to stop giving them $50 or $100 (or sometimes more) per week.

    Thing is, the ONLY thing keeping me from abandoning this game and uninstalling it once and for all… is that I’ve so much cash invested in it (it is really like an addiction at this point). To walk away now really would mean I threw it away for nothing. And I’m not at that point where I can do that yet. I still want to hope this game will get fun again (even though I will never give it money again).

    And with this event, it wouldn’t have taken much. Simply allowing Week 1 to continue through Week 2 would’ve been an extremely easy way to give freemium players a chance to win something… anything. Instead, Week 1 stopped cold and Week 2 left me starting from scratch again. Lessening the requirements to earn the costumes and characters would’ve at least given some of us something to hope for. I would never expect freemium players to be able to finish the whole event and acquire all the costumes, buildings and new characters. But speaking only for myself, allowing us to acquire at least some of them will keep me interested.

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  19. I very quickly realised this event was going to be impossibly difficult for a freemium (but formerly premium) player. I did still log in 4 times a day just to see what I could achieve – which was the vaudeville guy – no idea how really 😆. A long time ago I decided to not spend any more money on this game and just enjoy what I can in it’s current flawed format. No waking in the middle of the night to earn things like King Yeti, no stress about not achieving everything. It’s just a game, if I earn something – great – if I don’t – I’m not bothered.


  20. I played constantly but never got close either week. Drop rates and number of items required killed me. Thanks for the survey, it makes me feel like someone is listening. Timers BAD!

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  21. Agree to all comments.

    You stated 42 weeks long top of your post. Typo error, should be 2 weeks. Lol.

    Had 3 main frustrations from the event, though one is not related to event but happened midway that dented both my progress and enthusiasm. I contacted Tinyco to say that my game crashed frequently starting from time of Chapter One, and additional items from last event dropped into my inventory. Then, they said they reset their cache for my game without informing me that it would rest my game and I’d have to restore. Upon seeing my game starting afresh, I panicked when all accounts tried did not restore my game until I realized the password I wrote down had minor flaw through trial and error. Could be avoided if I was asked if they could reset it so I have a chance to check if game was saved under which account. Took away my motivation for Chapter Two.

    Back to the event. First, Johnny’s timer glitch gave me a huge scare like everyone else. Thankfully, I have this site to know I’m not alone. But still, it was unnerving to see my efforts possibly down the drain as the new timer would expire first. As you say, unlocking Johnny did not give the boost as i thought it would.

    Second, drops for uncommon items still feel like rare. I had problems mainly for passwords which were uncommon. Getting 32 uncommon passwords from uncommon coffee drops exacerbated the problems. By the time game ended, I only had 27 of 32 passwords. Used 60 freaking clams to unlock a costume! Unheard of for me but purely because it’s Stewie and I like his cute dance animation in one of his visual task.


    • RussianTigger

      42 weeks, doh, it felt like we only had 42 minutes. 😀. Thanks for the feedback as always, wish TinyCo would take heed of it all.


      • From past experience, I don’t think they could improve immediately. At least not in the next 12 months when events are pre-planned and tightly squeezed together.

        I did want to say that if there was real and honest feedback, e.g about uncommon drops not dropping or timer glitch, do give the feedback as best as you can. That’s one silver lining for me. Informed about Johnny’s glitch and they fixed it within a day. Can’t complain much unless I’m a big spender.

        Try to be contented with what I can unlock from the game.


        • RussianTigger

          I think if the game were only few months old I’d be more understanding of them needing time but that ship has sailed with this being a long established game. Pulling coding from previous glitched events is causing an issue, and I should know, I’m the Queen of copy & paste, lol. But for some bizarre reason I still like this game more than any others I play – there’s obviously something glitched in my coding, must ask my parents where they copied no pasted me from, or maybe I just won’t, lol.


  22. Well, coffee and Passwords didn’t drop any better the last couple of days for me so I ended up well short for Stewie’s costume: 16/32. It might be the furthest I’ve been off when really trying.

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  23. This may seem harsh, but I’m so glad this event is over. I think it was a failure from the start. The timed characters are kind of cool if they are achievable. Usually I am able to get the costume, this event is didn’t get anything. I play freemium mostly, so not getting Peter was a disappointment. Gave up on the event once I realized it would be impossible for me to get him.
    I totally agree with you RussianTiger, with regards to TinyCO giving more attention to Avengers Academy & the new Futurama game. It’s sad to the loyal players. Hopefully the next event will be more like the early times, with a few new things. Not the hard, timed, non-dropping events like recently. Sorry if I was out of line anywhere.
    Thank you for stepping up and guiding us addicts through the game. Addicts rule!!!


  24. Week 1 was ok (even though I had to use clams), but Week 2 was just awful with all the drops that never came. Week 1 was also better as we could buy the buildings in any order we liked, but Week 2 forced us to buy buildings in the specific order. I knew I wouldn’t unlock Stewie so it would’ve been nice to get the car & npc’s instead of more crappy buildings that’ll go straight into storage.


  25. Although I was ‘awarded’ Johnny (being close to finishing week 1) he doesn’t appear in FaceSpace (no 10 clams for me). The clams I did spend were to get Ricardo from the Pride box (still chasing Jasper!). I gave up trying to get 20’s Stewie as the drops were so bad and it soon scams apparent that there would be no chance at all without spending loads of clams. Lots of glitches in the game – such a shame that it’s got so bad. ☹️


  26. i got everything , even that multoscope in the shopping cart for 4 martinis ^_^


  27. One of the worst events to date. My frustration with TQFS is growing. Drop rates and timed characters are making the game unenjoyable. If things don’t change soon, I will have to stop playing. I am a player for over 2 years.


  28. You did a great job, RT, on this event. I especially like the polls no matter when you post them as it’s always good to get a snapshot of the collective addicts during the event.

    For whatever reason, I was able to unlock everything, mostly freemium. Granted, I earned the Stewie costume and Johnny within 6 hours of their deadlines, but I was able to get the Peter costume way before the end of the first Chapter and the Vaudeville Guy a couple of days ago. I did purchase one set of axes at the end of Chapter 1 to get Johnny as I had meetings that day and no guarantee I’d be able get on the game before his timer ran out, but the rest of it was OK.

    It’s just maddening how they seem to change the drop frequencies throughout the event – the last two days, everything seemed to drop…just stop frustrating us, TinyCo, set the drops correctly and let it go…ugh…


  29. Done in by the passwords. Needed 13 more to unlock Stewie’s costume. Tiny Co increased hangovers but not characters dropping coffee. Only got 1 out of 3 for the last shot I had, not that it would have made a diff if I got 3 coffees…just sayin’ if the coffee drops were better it would have helped. So all that time spent and no skin for Stewie. I used to play premium but sadly no more. Would have had to spend 156 clams to get the costume and it’s just not worth it since as we all know it’ll never be used again.


  30. WORST event to date. Don’t even know where to start. Been playing since the start and never done so terrible. Can’t wait to check out the new game tomorrow!


  31. johnnyicemaker

    It’s almost as if this event never happened in my game. I only earned enough for a couple of buildings and decorations that will immediately go into storage. Didn’t earn any costumes or characters. Wow, losing interest fast in this game. Even as a casual player (once or twice a day) I used to be able to earn at least one costume or character in an event. Now none. Might transfer my attention to the new Futurama game for a while, so TinyCo hasn’t completely lost my playing time yet, but I am definitely not going to spend any real money on either game at this point.


  32. BurningBlaze360

    This event actually had a Mystery Box of Father’s Day. It had 2 Decos and 7 Costumes!…. for PETER, one of the two characters with the most costumes (other one being Stewie). Why didn’t you cover it R.T?


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