Wet Hot Quahog Summer Is LIVE!! Updated & Complete

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to Camp we go!!!

TinyCo have dropped a long, hot, summer kind of Event into our silly lil games and it’s stuffed full of all sorts of goodies to get us all hot and bothered.

So what does this Summer Event have in store for us? Let’s dive in and take a look at Hot Wet Quahog Summer!!


I’m going be updating this as I move along in my game as I don’t have access to any test game info just now, so just keep checking back. I know the comments are seeing a lot questions, I will do my best answer them in this. Likewise if you’re moving along nicely please feel free to share your tips in the comments!!!

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.50.0 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more


Infirmary & Campers 101 – Click Here
Camp Store 101 – Click Here
Camp Wars 101 – Click Here
Camp Mess Hall – Click Here
Main Questline – Click Here


The main Questline for this phase is Welcome To Camp Griffin


Amateur Peter Wood Carving: 200 Clam IconClams, Drops 5x Firewood

Amateur Peter Wood Carving: 400 Clam IconClams, Drops 10x Firewood

Expert Peter Wood Carving: 700 Clam IconClams, Drops 15x Firewood

Skylab Crash Site: 100 Clam IconClams, Drops 1x Firestarter & 1x  a Game Controller

***For buildings purchased with event currency please see the section “Camp Mess Mall” further on in the post***


Camp Mall Mute: 150 Clam IconClams, Drops Care Package

***For decorations purchased with event currency please see the section “Camp Mess Mall” further on in the post***


Counselor Andy (Full character): 280 Clam IconClams, Has a task to drop Participant Badges, and can also man the Cannon in the Camp Defense Tower. He will although you to increase the range and firepower of the Cannon.

Scoutmaster Peter (Costume): You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking him at Welcome To Camp Griffin Pt. 2. At that point you will be able to go to Al’s to see what you need for him. Can also man the Cannon in the Camp Defense Tower.
7 Pocket Knife (Common): Peter Search Junk Closet
5 Bug Repellant (Uncommon): Quagmire Check For Ticks OR Camp Director’s Cabin
6 Fire Starters (Uncommon): Bruce Build A Fire OR Skylab Crash Site (premium)
13 Hiking Shorts (Rare): Chris Make Cutoffs OR Lois Buy Mom Supplies OR Pitch A Tent Supplies

Kid Quagmire (Costume): You will trigger the side Questline to start unlocking him at Welcome To Camp Griffin Pt. 3. At that point you will be able to go to Al’s to see what you need for him. Can also man the Cannon in the Camp Defense Tower.
5 Game Controller (common): Slings N Arrows Archery Range OR Skylab Crash Site (premium)
20 8 Sided Die (Uncommon): Mort Hoard Nerd Junk OR Joe Roll The Dice
12 Zit Cream (Rare): Get from Okay Care Package OR Premium Care Package
8!Braces ( Extra Rare)
: Herbert Visit The Playground OR Chris Visit Orthodontist OR Girls Cabin


Much like past Events, you will see an Event area at the top of your town, this looks a little different than usual, but it’s simple to navigate.

There are 4 functional areas in the Event area currently, and these are, 1 Camp Store, 2 Camp Mess Hall, 3 Infirmary and 4 Tower Defence & Training Area.

You will find more details on each area in sections below.


Firewood: Chance Drop from Okay Care Package OR Premium Care Package OR Camp Wars OR Complete Questline Parts OR Amateur Peter Wood Carving (Always) OR Skilled Peter Wood Carving (Always) OR Expert Peter Wood Carving (Always)

Participant Badges (Always): Drop from Okay Care Package OR Premium Care Package OR Counselor Andy Patch Up His Jean Jacket

Water Balloons (Uncommon): Jerome Fill Water Balloons OR Bonnie Stockpile Water Balloons OR Drop from Okay Care Package OR Premium Care Package OR Complete Questline Parts OR Buy From The Store

Okay Care Packages (Always): Camp Wars OR Camp Mall Mule


6 Water Balloons: 54 Clam IconClams

12 Water Balloons: 97 Clam IconClams

20 Water Balloons: 152 Clam IconClams

1 Premium Care Package: 50 Clam IconClams

3 Premium Care Packages: 135 Clam IconClams

5 Premium Care Packages: 213 Clam IconClams


***UPDATE 7/1: Hi guys, I stockpiled a few Water Balloons over last 2 days in order I could test a theory, and please bear in mind this is JUST a theory. I basically suspected the energy meter level seemed to make the difference in whether I won or lost a Camp War, and my suspicions proved correct after I did a few tests battles. Firstly I’m battling with a L2 Camp Prankster, L2 Popular Girl, L1 Campfire Man and Scoutmaster Peter as a Leader. And I only won the tougher Streak 5 and 6 battles and started to push rival campers back towards their camps when I upgraded my energy production button to the MAX, so even although I only needed to upgrade it enough to release Campfire Man at 200 energy in the wars I continued to upgrade it, thus allowing my energy bar to fill quicker and this is what appears for me to have made the difference between being trapped by their campers in my own Camp, and pushing them back and allowing my Campers to invade their camp. On the attempts I only upgraded to the 200 energy bar, I lost, in the battles I upgraded it to Max, I won. I tested this at Streak 5 & Streak 6, and later once I’ve Water Balloons I’m going test it at Streak 7. Is it coincidence or is this the strategy you need, well I can’t say for sure but I think if you’re struggling try it yourself and let me know if it helps, I hope it does – Russian Tigger***

This is the new gameplay feature that TinyCo teased us about in the event blurb, and I’m going to be honest at first battling is as clear as mud. Basically it allows you to use Characters and Campers from the Infirmary to battle a rival camp to win Material drops, namely Firewood and Okay Care Packages.

You will essentially try to send x amount of YOUR Campers from YOUR Campsite across the bridge to the other sides Camp before the rival campers successfully send the same amount from their side to yours. Sounds simple enough, and to be honest I’ve won all 3 wars I’ve undertaken, but how I won them, well it’s hard to tell as the visuals really are poor. But hopefully this info will help any of you who are struggling as this is an essential element of the event.

So firstly in order to be able to participate in Camp Wars you need 3 things Campers, Leaders, and Water Balloons. Although for the first 3 Streaks (camp wars) you won’t need a Leader now, just Campers.


Campers are unlocked in the Infirmary and consist of the above, Camp Prankster, Popular Girl, Campfire Man & Schpupel Player.

Leaders can be created in Al Harrington’s or purchased via Clams, they consist of the above Scoutmaster Peter, Kid Quagmire and Counselor Andy.

And finally to buy into a Camp War you will need 3 Water Balloons and here’s how you get them.

Water Balloons (Uncommon): Random Questlines OR Jerome Fill Water Balloons OR Bonnie Stockpile Water Balloons OR Okay Care Package OR Premium Care Package OR Clam Buy

So now we’re ready to go to war, so let’s look at that quickly.

During Welcome to Camp Griffin Pt 2, you will be prompted to Defend Camp Griffin aka start a Camp War. Go over to the Camp Wars Area and tap on the Water Cannon Tower with the Camp Griffin Badge over it.

The information screen will appear showing all the Campers that are currently available for you to use to attack the opposing Camp Site, the Leaders that will use the Water Cannon, the Team you select (as you tap on each one), the possible Rewards for the Camp War, and the required Water Balloons it will take for the current Camp War. To start the Camp War simply tap on START to begin the Camp War.

Now Once you hit START, the screen will go to a scene showing what current STREAK you are on, the battling Campgrounds (Camp Griffin & Camp Firewood), the amount of Opposing Campers needed to win the Camp War (starts at 4/4), the Level you are currently on (starts at Level 1), the amount of “Lightning Power” you will need to Upgrade to the next Level (Cost is 15 “Lightning Power” to go to Level 2), the Current Level you are at by just waiting (starts at 50 “Lightning Power”), and the Current Camper(s) Participating in the War along with their required level of “Lightning Power” needed to “launch” them to attack. I know, I know… a LOT of info, but don’t get too bogged down in it.  Here’s what I did for my Streak 1, 2 and 3 wins.

The two things I’m going to refer to in my Battles plans are the Energy Bar, (long bar in the centre of the screen below)  and the Energy Production Upgrade (the box to the left of the energy bar that says LV 1).

Streak 1 – 4 Campers must reach rival Camp to win

Basically I selected my Campers, Prankster Guy was the only one available, then I started the war and simply watched the Energy Bar, that’s the long bar that fills. Whenever it hit 50 and my Prankster Guy icon under the energy bar lit up I hit it to release him into battle. I simply kept doing this and won the Camp War. Really I didn’t have a clue what was going on in the visuals, but simply being vigilant of the Energy Bar filling and releasing Prankster Guys as they showed energised won me the war.

Streak 2 – 6 Campers must reach rival Camp to win

Basically I selected my Campers, Prankster Guy and by now I had unlocked the Popular Girl , then I again started the war and simply watched the Energy Bar, however after releasing my first Prankster a Guy. I knew I needed to Level up the Energy Bar in order to be able to use the Popular Girl as she required an Energy  level of 100 to release, whereas I could currently only hit 50 with my Energy Bar. And this is where the Energy Production Upgrade, the box in the lower left I highlighted above, comes into play. You’ll see its base is LV 1 and to upgrade to L2 it needs energy of 15, basically wait until the Energy Bar hits 15 and hit Upgrade, this will allow you to have an Energy Bar of 100 for the duration of the war, you can keep upgrading it this way as you need but the upgrades ONLY last for the current Camp War, so you need upgrade each time you battle.

When it hit  50 again I released another Prankster Guy as they do good damage, then I let it hit 100 twice and released 2 Popular Girls as they have good health to defend, then I just released a few more of each as the Energy a Bar allowed and gradually I forced back the rival campers and won this Streak.

Streak 3 – 7 Campers must reach rival Camp to win

Originally it said I needed a Leader, but this seems to have been updated and now you can complete this without one. Basically to win this I did exactly the same as Streak 2,

You can probably tell from above I really didn’t have a clue what was going on in the visuals for any of the Camp Wars, but simply being vigilant with the Energy Bar, upgrades and releasing my Campers I won each time. So that’s my advice for now.

Now be aware if THEIR required number of Campers make it to your side before your Campers stop them, they will win the Camp War.

Here are the Camper Requirements for each Streak:

Streak 1- Training:
4 Campers

Streak 2- Training Part 2:
6 Campers

Streak 3- Man The Cannons!:
7 Campers

Streak 4- Watch Out For Coach!:
7 Campers

Streak 5- The Battle Continues:
7 Campers

Streak 6- Tides Of Tuf Of War:
12 Campers

Streak 7 – Take A Hike:
14 Campers

Streak 8 – S’More War:
16 Campers

Streak 9 – Wet Hot Smackdown:
18 Campers

Streak 10 – Put Out Camp Firewood:
15 Campers

After you win at Streak 10, you will get bonus streaks. Basically the same rewards win or lose.

Bonus Streak 
12 Campers

And here are the different levels of Energy required for your Campers to be released…

Camp Prankster:
50 “Lightning Power”

Popular Girl:
100 “Lightning Power”

Campfire Man:
200 “Lightning Power”

Schpupel Player:
300 “Lightning Power”

Now you’re think that’s a lot of info to digest but don’t worry Bunny is back in the game and should have a more detailed post up later today, which will help as it will also cover the Cannon and Leaders element, I can’t help you there as I’m not there yet myself. But here’s a little information to get you acquainted with it.

This is an “extra” element to the Camp Wars. As you unlock Characters (or Clam Purchase) you will have an option to add another person to the Camp War Battle. A “Leader”.

Here is a list of the Leaders and the “Damage” they will do with the Water Cannon…

Range: 20%
Power: 150
Cannon Cool Down: 55

Teen Quagmire
Range: 30%
Power: 200
Cannon Cool Down: 36

Counselor Andy
Range: 45%
Power: 250
Cannon Cool Down: 28

Now as for the Water Cannon, it will basically be used to “push back” the Opposing Campers from making it to YOUR Campsite once fired. And Bunny will give full instruction on this in the 101 post which will be up later.

Now finally here’s what you want to know, what do I get if I win a Camp War. Well the  saw in my game as I completed the Camp Wars was:

+15 Firewood
+5 Okay Care Packages

And Bunny has confirmed in her game if you lose you still get something:

+5 Firewood
+1 Okay Care Package

Just going add this video by TinyCo here, due to feedback they’ve released a video demo of completing a Camp War with some instructions, it may help some of you, or it may just tell you what I already have here.


You will find the Camp Store in the Event Area, it looks like the images above. Basically, it is the location you need to go to in order to Open any Care Packages you gain or buy during the Event. For Phase 1, that is the Okay Care Package and the Premium Care Package. You’ll find a full post on this HERE,

Okay Care Package: Get from Camp Wars OR Get from Camp Mall Mule (Premium)

Premium Care Package: Purchase from Store

Once you have an Okay Care Package or a Premium Care Package you need to go to the Camp Store and Unwrap It. Unwrapping each Okay Care Package takes 3 hours, and a Premium Care Package takes 2 hours. You can queue up to 6 at a time.


Here are the current Prizes you have a Chance at getting from unwrapping an Okay Care Package. Remember you will get a total combination of 3 Prizes.

  1 Camp Prankster Card
 1 Popular Girl Card
 1 Campfire Man Card
 4 Firewood
 5 Participant Badges
 1 Water Balloon
1 Zit Cream

And these are the current Prizes you have a Chance at getting from unwrapping a Premium Care Package. Remember you will get a total combination of 3 Prizes.

1 Schpupel Player Card
  1 Camp Prankster Card
 1 Popular Girl Card
 1 Campfire Man Card
 17 Firewood
 10 Participant Badges
 3 Water Balloon
1 Zit Cream

***We’re getting some reports in the comments of Care Packages disappearing when being unwrapped. If you’re game is being impacted by these issues, please use you’re in-game contact to report it to TinyCo, as this is something they will need to look at and fix in your games***


This is where you will go to purchase Event Items. Clicking it will bring you up a screen that you can scroll along to show you  all the items you can purchase this Phase.

These items are what you can get with Firewood & Participant Badges you collect, they are listed below from left to right.

Camp Directors Cabin: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drop X1 Bug Repellant every 6hrs.
Cost ~ 7 Firewood

Pitch A Tent  Camp Supplies: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drop X2 Hiking Shorts every 4hrs.
Cost ~ 10 Firewood & 5 Participant Badges

Campfire Ring: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drop X2 Firestarters every 6hrs.
Cost ~ 20 Firewood & 8 Participant Badges

Girl’s Cabin: $20 & 15xp every 2hrs. Chance Drop 2x Braces every 2hrs.
Cost ~ 55 Firewood & 9 Participant Badges

Blob Jump Swimming Platform:
Cost ~ 25 Firewood & 3 Participant Badges

Slings N Arrows Archery Range: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drop X2 Game Controllers every 6hrs.
Cost ~ 65 Firewood & 10 Participant Badges

Talking Mixed Vegetable Can:
Cost ~ 25 Firewood & 8 Participant Badges

Arts & Farts & Craft Cabin: Animated
Cost ~ 150 Firewood & 20 Participant Badges









This is where you’ll unlock your Campers, these are the guys, gals and eh fire monsters who will defend your camp and fight off rival campers. Before you can use them in Camp Wars you need to unlock each one here. So basically tap on the Infirmary and you will see your camp mates. You’ll find a full post on this HERE!

Now you see they all have a padlock on them, indicating none are able to be used as yet, I only mention this as even after I’ve activated some they show as locked. Basically tapping on a Camper will allow you to view their Screen which will give you details on their cost to activate or upgrade, their Health, Damage and Energy Meter. These stats and their importance will become clearer once we discuss Camp Wars. But for now you will start with the Camp Prankster as he’s free to get at Level 1. However the other Campers have requirements before you can use them, they need varying Cards that you can get from opening Okay Care Packages or the Premium Care Packages. These cards are also necessary for upgrading their Levels.

So that’s the basics. You’ll find a fuller breakdown of the Campers in the 101 post which will be up soon.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for Phase 1 of Wet Hot Quahog Summer.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


86 responses to “Wet Hot Quahog Summer Is LIVE!! Updated & Complete

  1. Is there any other use for the zit cream apart from getting kid quagmire, I have got the required amount already but they are still dropping from the care packages, or does they stop when you actually complete him. Just seems a waste of a prize when you don’t need them anymore.


  2. Ha ha, funny TinyCo video – 1.5 million clams, 65 thousand wood, 73 premium care package, etc; all characters and power-ups available. Yet they only reached XP level 28. If this is how they play-test the game, it’s obvious why they don’t have a clue what the experience is like for real players!


  3. Like the idea of different gameplay and generally wasn’t having problems, got to streak 5 with only one loss on streak 4. Have Peter on balloon and all 3 campers but just couldn’t beat other camp. They’re coming out too fast for me to battle them with lvl 3 prankster let alone build up energy for campfire man or popular girl.
    Now when start game i drop first camper then game crashes, anyone else having crashing problems?


    • RussianTigger

      Levelling up the energy meter will help as not only does it allow you to release Popular Girl and Campfire Man, it sees the energy bar fill quicker, letting you release more of your campers quicker – I e won Streak5/6 with L2 Camp Pranskter, L2 Popular Girl, L1 Campfire Man and only Scoutmaster Peter on Cannon, but in the wins I upgraded energy meter to MAX.


      • I appreciate the tip, however upgrading the energy meter has not benefitted me in anyway so far. Stuck on streak 4 having been defeated 3 times now. Wasting so much time and balloons and am using the same characters and technique that you have suggested. Don’t know what else to do. 😭


        • RussianTigger

          This is how I got past Streak 5 so hope it helps you on Streak 4 – I released 2/3 Pranksters but then upgrade the meter enough to release 2 Popular Girls as she has good health for defending, then I upgrade to release Campfire man, upgrade meter to max then more pranksters, popular girls, Campfire man, then as they start get pushed back I just use Pranksters. Hope this helps


          • Thanks again for the tips. I played it out just as you suggested, and this time my game just ended, didn’t even say whether I had won or lost.. but I checked my care packages and only had one, so I guess I was defeated again. I can see from other comments that people seem to be succeeding, it I’ve been stick on this level for 3 days now (having done fairly well up til now). I have to say that this game is slowly making me more frustrated every time I play, but there’s something about it that I sets it apart from others, and I enjoy it. I shall try your method again when I receive the balloons, but if it fails on me again, I think I will just let this mini game pass.


            • RussianTigger

              Yes it seems be working for some but not others. I honestly don’t know what more to suggest to help you guys, it’s frustrating not being able help you all more. And I agree that although this game is maddening at times, it’s different and that’s what keeps me playing as well. Let me know how you get on next battle.


  4. i like how all the buildings to help unlock counselor peter are blocked by buying with wood but u only get wood by doing camp battles with counselor peter… seems like its going to be a LONG event


  5. im seriously hating this event and cant care enough about unlocking peter or kid quagmire or whatever … im just playing cuz im bored .. and not losing sleep over it


  6. Another victim of disappearing care packages here; I have had three care packages disappear overnight!
    I went to bed and had three care packages being worked on in the camp building. I got up this morning and all three have disappeared!
    What is the point of playing this game when I can’t Progress ?
    Glad I didn’t spend 50 clams on a premium package!!
    Have send a ticket to TinyCo but it’s Saturday now so I’ll wait 2-3 days for a generic response shall I?


    • RussianTigger

      Can I ask were the Care Packages part of 5 you won for a Victory in Camp Wars or were the awarded as 1’s for defeats. Trying see if there’s a pattern to which are disappearing.


  7. If you hit the information tab for camp wars, it explains how it works. Make sure to use the arrows for the full explanation. I’m still not sure I understand completely but it helps.


    • RussianTigger

      Yeah, the problem is some players playing on devices with smaller screens are struggling read the instructions. I’m wondering if I should do a post just with all the info boxes


  8. Anyone else that already has the new Futurama game installed having an issue with the timed task in Family Guy to install the Futurama game?
    Since I already had it installed previously that task locks up my game when I select it to clear it.


  9. Credits to Tinyco for coming up with a new way to play – I actually like the Defend The Camp game. Luckily I have Campfire Man early, and with him in the game, I have now reached Streak 4, and defeated the Coach. He is one nasty player, as I needed to release almost 3 Campfire Man before I was able to fight back. Lost 3 rounds in between Streak 2-3, because opposing camp was releasing players far quicker than I could, even using Camp Prankster.

    So this begs a question, for Streak 4 which is about the Cannon, this means I don’t have to unlock Peter as Leader to use cannon, in order to progress the next streak? I have gone past Streak 4 now.


    • RussianTigger

      No, they’ve taken away the necessity for you to use a Leader, I cleared Streak 4 without the Cannon. Streak 5 I used it, and Streak 6 I just got defeated as there was a hell of a lot of coaches that I just couldn’t fit off. However I’ll be back and victory will be mine.


  10. Attempted to do another battle. Within 10 seconds the game froze and I had no choice but to force close. After I rebooted my iPad and re-entered my game it said I had lost the battle. Three balloons wasted and now Andy can’t be used for another 3 hours. Bad enough I can’t see a bloody thing, now this. Shoddy, poor game mechanics.


  11. Wax Monster X

    THIS IS A MESS! All this confusion and complication. Eeesh. Oh and by the way in this event “Extra Rare ” means NEVER. Herbert and Chris every 2 hours for 3 days easily and over 30 tries and not one braces. C’mon! Playing but not caring. 2017 has been a bad year for FGQFS events.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is the problem with the whole game, everyone has different drop rates for the same items, I have got all 8 braces and only need a few dice and the controller building. Same as the vest for bill&item event that I never got but others got easy. Frustrating, I get different rates, but players should have the same chances.


  12. its virtually impossible to win streak 3 and upwards without the Fire Man … i just unlocked him and he won me streak 3 and 4 … waiting for more balloons to start streak 5 …


  13. i don’t understand all the people here… I do understand the frustration of drop ( especially the water balloons and the extra rare drops. 8!!!!) but to complain that you don’t understand this after this post which explains everything, is just dumb. You just don’t want to understand, just want to hate. Plus this gameplay is so cool finally something that’s fun not just collecting stuff every 4 hours ( which you do need to do if you want to play the minigame ) but this age of war like gameplay is just so fun. It could get stale after a while but rn I’m enjoying it so much. Plus these comments that ” I don’t know what this movie is so this event it must be bad” that’s just so ignorant. Can you people enjoy something for once? Rant about what needs to be ranted about like drops but this lifestyle that you need to hate everything is just so uncool. Try to actually enjoy something in life just once, okay?


    • RussianTigger

      Firstly many people’s comments came in before I had put up the full details in this post, they were trying to play but unable to do so as they didn’t understand the gameplay and the font used in TinyCo’s instructions etc was unreadable on some mobile devices so was of no use to them. Some players just wanted help, they didn’t come to simply hate believe me. As for the event, I do t know the movie but I don’t mind that at all. The gameplay could be great fun if they just made things a little clearer visually, and fix the issue with Okay Care Packages disappearing in some players games.


  14. from all the frustrated comments, im glad i decided to opt out for this event. I thought i would check and see if things got better but i see no it hasnt. i wwill save the 40 or so dollars it would have cost me to continue comfortbly, and hopefully the next one will be more appealing…


  15. Wth?LoosingPatience

    I’m going to be honest and say I genuinely haven’t got a clue what is going on in this event. I’m doing battles for the sake of it but no idea what I’m meant to be doing or why. Seriously badly designed event – several days in and still none the wiser, just fighting blind. Looks very much like a rushed long event release to keep us occupied while they work on other projects. Without RussianTigger n co this game would now be impossible to play.


  16. I’m currently on streak 5 but I am now aiming blind. Ever since I hit streak 4, the battle begins but I cannot see anyone from either side so basically I’m fighting blind, guessing when to fire the cannon or even if my guys are winning in the fight. I only see anyone at the end when I have either won or lost. Any suggestions as this is not really possible to continue on like this.


  17. I didn’t get anything close to 75 wood for a victory. I’ve won 4 times and have only had 100 wood since the event started and that includes ones from care packages.


  18. Just adding my 2 cents worth…
    The drop rate on the water balloons is beyond frustrating.
    Everything for this event revolves around those fights, yet only 2 characters can earn them, and I find the drop rate on Kid Quagmire’s braces (EXTRA Rare) to be better than the drop rate for the (Uncommon) water balloons.
    I know there’s no point in sending them a message, as they will just reply with the standard “drops are working as intended”, but still wanted to vent my frustration.
    Thanks for “listening”. 🙂


    • RussianTigger

      I’m having ok drops on Water a Balloons but no Braces as yet….


      • ive been sending Herbert on 2 hr tasks since yesterday and got ony 1 braces so far … also the matches for peter from bruce i got 1 so far but i just placed the campfire which drops them so we will see …


    • I’ve had just one drop on braces, which is an extra rare item, so give it some time. Also, there are 2 characters able to drop braces for Kid Quagmire – Herbert and Chris. But I am using Chris to do the drops for Peter.

      One character for a chance to drop extra rare item – be patient.


  19. I’ve been able to continue Camp Wars without a cannon leader. 4x so far, but the graffics are jumbled. Most of the time I can’t see anything “in the play space”, other than puffs and the running meters to keep “using campers”. Occasionally I see actual graffics of campers “fighting”. I’ve never seen the counters register an actual hit, on either side, so just keep hitting the screen until the screen comes up telling me I won or not.
    But I’ve purposely avoid “learning about CLs” for WtGC prt 4. Maybe that’s why I can still just send campers?
    Also good news! I finally got badges from the packages. 5 in one drop so I could get pitch-a-tent. (Why TC insist on giving these weird drop/chance rates is soooo annoying. 5 rare, when not disclosing 5 drop is frustrating. Why not just make it 1 drop?)


    • RussianTigger

      Delaying the Questline might be reason you can still do attacks, I’m at Streak 4 and without Leader I can’t battle, so can’t earn Okay Care Packages. So just working on unlocking Scoutmaster Peter at moment


  20. Bought Counselor Andy. Can not believe his 3 hour task to drop badges is rare. For a premium character they should be always. Also I don’t see what effect, if any, the water cannon has. Complete waste of clams.


  21. I’m stuck. All I’m getting from Care Packages are cards to level up campers. No participation badges to help obtain buildings that drop items for Peter or Quamire who I need to do more camp wars.


  22. Hi everyone. I Logged in to my game this evening and I found out all my game progress was reset to a day earlier to the beginning of the event. It is not the regular servet synch issue resulting from closing the apo quickly because during the day i got in and out of the game several times. Did anyone else experience this? Of course i contacted Tinyco but I want to find out if I am the only one with this problem. Thanks


    • RussianTigger

      I’m fine, but if anyone else experiencing the issue they will hopefully respond to your comment


    • Hi, I’ve had this problem and lost all progress / rewards three times now, so frustrating, game crashes constantly. Just crashed again and lost 5 care packages and all character progress reset so another 8 hours to wait for Peter’s items.. Will also report to TinyCo.


  23. I think the battle area is down now. I was able to battle a few times and now nothing…… I have tried with multiple people too.


  24. just tried battle 3 and I lost as I am still on level 3 and the kids pushed me back. got one package and some wood. must be a consolation prize for losing. still no idea how to combo the campers to fight the other camp


  25. So far, this is my least favorite event. I’ve been playing since King Butt and have been $$ loyal since. The battles and font are too small to see on my iPhone 7Plus. I don’t get the battles at all. I spent 20 minutes battling with no end in sight and had to end prematurely.

    Now that TinyCo has their new Futurama game, how much longer will they care about FG:TQFS?


  26. i just won a battle .. i have no idea how though … got 5 care packages .. working on them now .. and collecting for peter …


  27. i reloaded the game and got another “defeat” screen with only one care package …


  28. I am getting frequent crashes since this new event update started.


  29. Isn’t this fun? Water balloons are as plentiful as coffee pots.


  30. Is tiny co in charge of the install and run games to get free clams? Ive dowloanded and played for a bit a few games but no clams.


  31. since its a summer camp theme hope they bring back jason voorhees back for all the people that didnt buy him during a halloween event a couple of years ago


  32. Last night I had a care package unwrapping. It was supposed to take 2 hours. This morning, I woke up and it’s completely gone. What happened? I can’t upgrade, or anything.


    • RussianTigger

      They take 3 hours but with regards Care Package disappearing another player is reporting the same, I can only suggest you contact TinyCo, at the moment I don’t have any way to feed back these issues to them so need players to use their in game contact to report issues.


  33. The Camp Wars don’t make any sense. I am trapped in an endless parade of campers — no matter what I do. Should I exit prematurely? Something isn’t going right.


    • RussianTigger

      I just kept releasing Campers as the energy meter hit the required number for them and eventually pushed enough of my campers to their camp and won. I’ve won 2 battles but now appears I can’t battle again until I have Scoutmaster Peter or Kid Quagmire unlocked as I need a leader and I’ve not bought Andy.


      • i kept pressing buttons and more guys kept showing up and pushed the rival kid campers to their camp and the screen said i was defeated but i still got logs and a care package .. which i opened and got smthg that helped me unlock the popular girl .. but i didnt battle again after that cuz there’s a cannon and idk how to use that …


        • i just battled with both camper and popular girl and pushed them back again and i got care packages but when i go to the package crafting page it says 0 … and the timeline “defend peters camp once” isn’t progressed … and i didnt get if i won or lost …


        • RussianTigger

          It’s difficult see what’s happening. I’m in same position can’t battle again until I have a leader to man the water cannon, so no more battles until I unlock Peter’s or Quagmire’s costume as I’be not bought Andy. So not a lot to do but collect from tasks etc


          • Mine said that last night, but this morning I could battle without a leader… but treak4 it says the same, I need a leader! Will try again later….


            • RussianTigger

              Yes I’ve just had the same! Im not far away from Peter’s costume mind you, hopefully get him tonight, so that will help.


          • I was in the same position ( needing a leader before I could battle again) but this morning I’ve checked again and the option that requires a leader has disappeared so I could do another battle.
            Must be on a cool down timer or something?


      • Same here from what I can understand, you can either level up or release campers when the energy level hits their level, either 50, 100 or 200 but you can’t get up to 200 energy until you actually level up, anything else seems a complete blur at the moment.


      • It was the same in my game but its seems they change a bit and it’s possible now to battle 3rd time without Peter.


    • Thank God I’m not the only one! What is going on here. Keep clicking or stop? I just keep going till I can’t anymore. I guess that’s a battle? I get stuff. Lol


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