Southern Fried Griffins Character Questline – Redneck Peter

Howdy Addicts!

I’ve always thought Peter had more of a brass neck than a red neck, but that’s all about to change as Redneck Peter has come to town.

Redneck Peter, is a new character costume available as part of the Wet Hot Quahog Summer event. You’ll find his full profile HERE.

At the time of writing this Redneck Peter’s has a 4hr task with a chance to earn Flowers so you’ll probably want to delay his Questline, but here’s what’s waiting for y’all when you get to it.


 Redneck Of The Woods 
Peter Starts

Earn Redneck Peter

Completed Task Rewards:  30  & 45  

 Redneck Of The Woods Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Have Redneck Peter Work On His Six Pack: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp
Have Quagmire Test Drive Pickup Trucks: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp

Completed Task 50  & 75 

 Redneck Of The Woods Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Have Redneck Peter Light Up: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Have Lois Research Road Kill Recipes: 8hrs, Earns $80 & 50xp

Completed Task Rewards:  60  & 90 

 Redneck Of The Woods Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Have Redneck Peter Lounge On The Lawn: 8hrs, Earns $80 & 50xp
Have Bonnie Buy Cowboy Boots: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp

Completed Task Rewards:  60  & 90 

There you have it. The side Questline for Redneck Peter. Did you unlock him yet? If so, how far into his Questline are you? Liking him so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger






23 responses to “Southern Fried Griffins Character Questline – Redneck Peter

  1. So I just got to part 2 of Redneck Peter’s questline, after the event ended, and Lois’s task is gone. Guess that will be stuck on my task list until the next update!


  2. I was holding off on doing this quest line in order for Peter to collect flowers. My problem is that I’m on part 3 and Lois is supposed to research roadkill recipes and none of her skins have that task. Not sure how this questline is supposed to be completed.

    On a side note, earlier I had the Sheamus fireman quest activate and it also requires a task from a Chris skin that I do not have. Now I have two quests with the same dilemma! Frustrating!!


  3. were are the damn clam vids


  4. Fletch from Ga.

    Just saw the place holder update on the android store (no way I’m downloading it I’ve been locked out the last 2 times they put out the place holder update) anyway it’s a combo event of FLASH GORDON! and Men In Black. I’m a huge Flash Gordon movie fan and this should be sweet. Time to unload those thousands of free clams I’ve been hoarding from watching videos….



  5. Out of the summer sale which character(s) is/are the most useful. Many thanks in lieu of your reply. 😜


  6. ok i bought all the decos ..
    sent him on his first task Have Redneck Peter Work On His Six Pack
    but it’s 6 hrs not 4


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