Quahog Historical Society Overview – Glitches & Issues!!!

Hey there Character Collectors!

Just thought I’d put together a little post that will have links to all of the Quahog Historical Society glitches and issues. Just click on the links below   for more information on any glitches.

Can’t complete Questlines as don’t have necessary buildings update.

Can’t complete Questlines as don’t have necessary buildings.

Characters bought for medals disappearing from my game and showing for sale in QHS again.

Characters I  already having showing available to buy in QHS.

Clams not being awarded.

Clams not being awarded update.

Clams being awarded then removed.

Ranks locked even although they should be unlocked.

2 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Overview – Glitches & Issues!!!

  1. WTD?! Each time I visit Ollieland, I am getting hundreds of medals! I have received close to 2000, if I remember correctly what I had yesterday. On the minus side, I lost a bunch of items that I had collected for Stewie, so it looks like I will have to recollect those. To be honest, I think the item recollection will be easier than the medal collection would have been, so I am not sure if I want this fixed.


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