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Servers Down, Scheduled Maintenance

Hey there Clammers!!

There will be a brief span of time this evening that TinyCo will be running maintenance on their Servers. This will be taking place at approximately 7PM Pacific.


What does this mean for you? The app will not be accessible during the time it starts until it ends. So you will see error messages when attempting to enter the game until the Server Update is complete.

What about Phase 5? It is still planned for release tonight too. I am not 100% if it will happen just before or after the Server Update, but I will still provide the information as quickly as I can when I am able to access the New Phase as well.

So this is just more a heads up in case you are not in the game to see the message prior to the Update hitting. Hang in there, it shouldn’t take too long.


It’s the Glitching Hour – In The Zone Pt. 6 Issue

Hey there Clammers!

Jumping in to let you know you’re not alone if you’re experiencing an issue getting Pt 6 of the main Questline In The Zone to complete.

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Glitchy Glitch McGlitcherson

Hey there Clammers!

Jumping in to offer some updates and hopefully a little help on some things going on in the Event and in your games.

Take a peek below to see if the hiccups you have been experiencing are covered.

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MASS GLITCH!! Config empty for id spinnerBuilding in Buildings

Hey there Clammers!

Bouncing by really fast as I am sure many are just now becoming aware of this. A glitch has hit pretty much all the games here and many more I am seeing. TinyCo is seeing the glitch too and working quickly to resolve it.

Just wanted to let you all know you are NOT alone on this and a fix is coming. Hang tight!

In the meantime, what shall we do with our free time?


UPDATE: Some patches pushed, please try to restart your device and let me know if you can get in yet. If not, give it a bit and try again as they will keep pushing patches to assist. 

Glitchy McGlitcherson Has Struck Again

Hey there Clammers!

Bouncing by to try and help with some variable issues I am seeing spread to Players games with Daily Tasks, Game Link, and Game Crashing.

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Guys In Black 101: Help & Ongoing Issues

Hey there Squidlings!

I am bouncing by with some updates on things I am seeing in the comments from Players that TinyCo is aware of/working on at this time. So take a peek below to see if the answer to your inquiries are there.

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Current Known Issues – Version 1.50.5 Update

Hey there Clammers!

With the current hiccups going on in the Event and now the game itself, I wanted to do a quick post to warn you updating to the latest version of the game, 1.50.5 is causing some players to be locked out of their games completely. So if you’ve not updated yet, you may want to hold off doing so.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

If you have updated and are locked out please leave details of the device, operating system you play on and the exact issue you’re having in the comments, in order TinyCo can see this information.

~ Russian Tigger

Wet Hog Quahog “Glitch” Questions

Hey there Campers!

Bouncing on by for a moment to try and get a better understanding of what Players are seeing in there games. There are a few basic “glitches” being reported that I have not been able to reproduce in my test games nor TinyCo in their test games. So I need a lil help from you.

Take a peek below and see if these items apply to you and your game play. Update me if they do. If not, nothing to see here. LOL ;P

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Clam TV – The Videos Are Out There

Hey there Clammers!

Getting a lot of comments still regarding the continued disabling  of Clam TV in many of our games, so thought I’d try to bring you a helpful post that will allow some of you to maybe access the videos that helped earn you some daily free clams.

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