Where did that come from? The Founding Father Restaurant

Hello there Quahogians! (Do you like that better than clammers?)

I’m here today to bring you a where did that come from on our brand new Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff game. There are lots of buildings, characters and decorations that have a strong resemblance to the TV show, and I’m going to bring you the history of them. Today, I am going to bring you the history of “The Founding Father Restaurant”.



The Founding Father does not actually appear as much in Family Guy as you would expect. It makes it’s debut in the episode “Finders Keepers” (S12:E11) where the waitor of the restaurant tells Stewie that his placemat is a treasure mat, and Peter stops at nothing to find the “treasure”. When he eventually “gives up” Lois directs him to the Drunken Clam where he finds, behind a painting of Miles “Chatterbox” Musket (the founder of Quahog), an expired coupon for the Founding father. That is the only appearance that the restaurant make is the TV series. Now on to the game.

In the game, The Founding Father Restaurant enters the game with Bruce (A post about Bruce will be covered soon). The message that it gives when you are waiting for the money and XP, is “Microwaing Entrees…” and it generates $30 and 20XP over a four hour period.

I think that that’s all on The Founding Father Restaurant, I can’t wait until next time to bring you another post! In the meantime, Keep Questing!



4 responses to “Where did that come from? The Founding Father Restaurant

  1. Where do you get the skin to make it the Southern Founding Father?


  2. Do the awful person hattery I think it in the same one as laren Conrad episode? …


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