Graveyard District (11) Walkthrough: Wanna Fight About It?

Hey there Clammers!

It has been a while since we have seen a New District in our games, but TinyCo did not disappoint with this one. Ghosts, Spirits, and all things Macabre are now in our Quahogs. THE GRAVEYARD DISTRICT IS HERE!!

With a New District in the game, New Characters come into play too. Many of them with Side Questlines of their own. Like Ghost Paddy Tanniger.

Paddy Tanniger 1

Remember, Districts are here to stay. You have ALL the time in the world… errr… UNDERWORLD to finish this one. Take your time. Let’s take a look at Loretta’s Questline and all you will encounter along the way.

Wanna Fight About It? Pt. 1
Peter starts

Have Paddy Tanniger Play Golf- 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp
Have Peter Chortle- 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp

Completed Task Earns $100, 30xp


Wanna Fight About It? Pt. 2
Paddy Tanniger starts

Have Paddy Tanniger Beat Up Tank- 8hrs, Earns $80, 50xp
Have Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose- 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp

Completed Task Earns $20, 15xp & 1 Building (The Southern Fried Father, Founding Father Skin)

Southern Fried Founding Father

Wanna Fight About It? Pt. 3
Peter starts

Have Paddy Tanniger Fight About It- 12hrs, Earns $100, 65xp
Have Peter Kick Stuff Road House!- 12hrs, Earns $100, 65xp
Collect From The Southern Fried Father- Pays out every 4hrs

Completed Task Earns $20, 15xp & Paddy Tanniger’s Grave

Paddy Tanniger Grave


There you have it. A quick Questline for one of the Ghosts you can win from the Lazarus Portal.

What do you think of this Questline? Have you Resurrected Paddy Tanniger yet? How many Resurrections have you done? Let us know.

49 responses to “Graveyard District (11) Walkthrough: Wanna Fight About It?

  1. I can’t get the skin for the Southern Fried restaurant to stay I select it but it just goes back to default….any ideas????


  2. I got the skin for Southern Fried Father’s and it immediately disappeared. It’s gone from my inventory and it’s not applied to the building. I tried to restart the game but it didn’t help. Ideas?


  3. Got Paddy this morning, but can’t find his grave. It us not in my inventory, in my town, or in the shop. Where do I find it? Thanks Bunny. BTW, haven’t seen posts from Alissa, hope all is well with the pregnancy.


    • Go slowly in the Decorations section of your Inventory when you look for it as it can easily be passed over. Also try the “All” tab. In our games, it wanted me to place the Grave as soon as the task was complete. With it being a small deco, it easily can be overlooked. If you tried everything and still can’t find it, reach out to TinyCo for help in locating it.


    • FYI on Alissa, there are some from her here and there. She is still involved… just more behind the scenes… but mainly it’s me. With her in the “fragile” state she is in, I did not want her having to incur the disrespect, cruelty, negativity, and stress that some people and trolls feel it is OK to direct onto us with this site. (It is sad it happens more here than TSTO). So, she mainly stays on the TSTO site now and I handle this one so she doesn’t have that unnecessary stress bringing risk to her pregnancy. It’s bad enough we have to deal with it on a daily basis as it is, add to that a baby involved and it is just not worth it. Especially when it has gotten to the point we start to debate whether it is worth it at all anymore.


      • Sorry to hear that some people on this site can be so mean. Wow! Why do people want to bite the hand that feeds them? I live for your walkthroughs! I really appreciate you guys putting up with the trolls, so that the rest of us can have some directions. All the best to you, Alissa, and “lil pumpkin”!


        • People get upset and instead of directing it at TinyCo… they seem to think we’re the easy targets instead. It gets quite pathetic. Makes me cringe for the human race that people think it’s OK to act that way because they’re behind a computer screen. Common human decency is becoming lost as the generations move on. Then people wonder why those once friendly turn cold. There’s only so much abuse people can tolerate.

          So I will protect my friend and her growing baby all I can from scum like that. 😉


          • You are a good friend!
            BTW, went over my town with a fine tooth comb (I have all the buildings, and they are really wedged next to each other) and found it between two buildings! Thanks for the help.


  4. I love that we get rewards for completing a couple of Paddy’s quests. Would love it if all, or at least if all the clam characters did this!


  5. I’m on part 2 of paddy event and it’s saying collect from southern fried fathers which I’m assuming is the founding fouthers building because that’s were it brings me and every time I collect from it the sequence is over wont reward me


  6. I’ve just start part 2 of this task it has a timed symbol next to it, but I can’t see it properly because I have other tasks in the cue. It’s right at the bottom. Is this timed to get the skin for the founding fathers?


  7. I just got finished with Loretta’s ghost and on her task list she has a gift box beside it. Can you tell me why that is? Thank you for everything you do for the family guy and Simpson game.


  8. I’ve actually had luck getting the ghost seems like everything is dropping almost every time. Although I must admit, I thought I’ve seen every episode. But I don’t recall/remember paddy dying. Any enlightenment? So what! Wanna fight about it?!


  9. Been working on paddy since the day it started – I have 2/6 of the black hats- this game refuses to give me any- really frustrating when these tasks are 12 hours to get NOTHING over and over

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t stress on it. It’s a District. It will take time. It’s here the life of the game. Think headbands, eyeballs, plutonium, etc. There will always be something there that will take a bit longer. But you’ll get it eventually. 😉


      • I’m right with Joe. Had mayor west doing 12 hr task since day 1, and Peter whenever not needed for evil week and still don’t have him just because of helmet drops. Drops are really sparse, same for anti coins. It’s really frustrating when you have 4 chances in a day and get nothing.


  10. Working on Loretta, while my husband works on Paddy. Not sure if I will get far before the week’s out. Been taking care of a lot of stuff since a family member passed.


  11. Anyone else find it weird that the other ghosts don’t have tasks to help unlock these guys? You would think they would want to help bring over their friends. The Ghostbusters should be involved as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nah. Individual Events vs District. Event one is created with only the content Unique to it. A District has to be accessible to ANY Player at ANY time as it is part of the game permanent structure. So won’t use limited time items.


    • oh yeah i agree that would be a pretty cool idea to use the Halloween ghosts to help bring back these new ghosts as well lol! all of my event characters have been jus chilling out in storage(sadd face!😞)…i’m also on the side of if there possibly can be or IS there already a way to make the game as if like let’s say a new player just decided to download this game and of course would be starting new clear from District1 to go thru all the districts up until NOW and ALSO get to play each past event we have all already played and completed you know?! just like games with their gaming consoles: (i.e.old school Spyro games wit PlayStation1 and 2) where those particular games you play of course, you can save your progress, get off then log back in to continue where you left off before, BUT there’s always the option of starting a “NEW” save again wit that memory card… um hope anybody can understand what i’m meaning by this haha!! Bunny or Alissa would you have any input on this idea? jus curious!


      • Interesting thoughts. More for open thread discussion. 😉

        I doubt it would work as the mechanics of “Events” for any game are a massive memory file that is removed when it’s done. To keep that “in the system” for anytime access… I see huge issues. Cool idea, but the execution of it would be more for a gaming consule not limited mobile devices. My thoughts anyway


  12. I got paddy first. So I was wondering does the ghosts go in a order?


  13. I have found paddy and I’ve completed every item except the helmet which I have 0 of and I’ve been trying for 3-4 days now with both Peter and Mayor West. Anyone else having this difficulty?


    • Not difficult… typical. It is a District, that means you will be working on it a while as it is here to stay in the game for the duration of the game. So… no time limits at all. It is more there for “filler” in between Events. So don’t worry. It will take time, but you will eventually unlock him. But don’t expect it to happen quickly for him or any other Ghost. 😉

      Just think back to Headbands, Eyeballs, Plutonium… to name a few.


  14. Wondering if this will bring another chance to get Mr Weed.


  15. Pt 1 was different for me as paddy is the first one i have unlocked.
    Instead of loretta taking bath i had a something else. Unfortunately i don’t remember what it was.

    Safe to say that with the 3 ghosts some of the quests might not match up perfectly if you don’t have one thats needed for a questline, which was good thinking on tinyco’s part.


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