Graveyard District 101- Lazarus Portal

UPDATE 9/19: See info below in Character Section for Update on Mr. Weed

Hey there Tribblemakers!

TinyCo has released ANOTHER New District. WOOHOO!! That means more Characters, Buildings, Decorations, and the long anticipated… LAND!!! YES!!

Now what all is going into this New District? Well… it looks like we will be in for quite the Spooky Ride! So grab your Ghoul-Friends and sit tight as we venture into a land of Spirits n Zombies! Whoooooooooo. BRAIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!

In this post, I will be covering more in depth the Lazarus Portal. What you can get out of it and how to use it in your Quahog.


Lazarus Portal

First, you will need to have finished the District 10 Main Questline in order to open District 11. That means A State of Pure Inebriation Part 6. So if you have not finished it yet, you will NOT see the new content.


Once you are up to date, you will notice NEW LAND in the Lower Left Corner of the game.

District 11 New Land

You first will need to tap on it to pop up the District information, tap on the “LET’S GO!” and it will take you to the new grayed out Land.

The Graveyard District 11

Once you tap on the Land, it will pop up a 2nd piece of info letting you know you Unlocked the New District.

District Unlocked Graveyard

The first two pieces of land showing around the Lazarus Portal will now be available to start to clear. The one Left of it will cost $45,000 and take 36hrs to clear. The one Below it will cost $30,000 and take 24hrs to clear. Clearing the $30,000 one will gain you access to the Lazarus Portal.Unlock Graveyard District Land


Once you have unlocked the Land by the Portal (I went for the $30,000 one) you will see the icon over the Portal has now changed to a Hammer.

Lazarus Portal Land Cleared Hammer

Tapping on that Hammer will instantly give you access to the Portal Info.

The Living Dead

Tap on “GO!”. The Hammer will change to a Check mark. Tapping on the Check Mark will bring the Portal to life. (Once you get to this point, you can actually move the Portal to where ever you want in your Quahog. You can also rotate it left or right.)Lazarus Portal Move Direction

This is the Portal to the Underworld.



In order to use the Portal, you must get Zombie PartsZombie Part. In order to get Zombie PartsZombie Part, you first must Unlock Madame Claude.

So first, get Madame Claude Unlocked and into your game.

Madame Claude




Once you have Madame Claude in your game, go to your Quahog Streets. You will start to see some Zombies Roaming around. (The Questline also walks you through this.) I started out with 12 Zombies roaming right away.

Zombies on the Quahog Streets

Now begin to tap on the Zombies. For each Zombie you tap and clear, you will get ONE Zombie Part.

ONEZombie = ONEZombie Part

Once you have collected a total of at LEAST 5, you can now go use the Lazarus Portal. (You can see the information below by tapping on the “i” next to where it says Lazarus Portal.)

Lazarus Portal i Pop Up



You can have a Total of 12 Zombies Spawn in your town for doing nothing. However, if you “Resurrect” them from the Portal… you can have a Total MAX of up to 100 Zombies in your town at a time.

The time of Spawn is not specific, but it seemed they showed up every few hours. As I have a Ghost currently creating, I can’t confirm right now but will update when I can later.

Lots of Zombies Quahog Streets

Side Note: Zombies will NOT Spawn while a Ghost is waiting to be unlocked in your game and you are gathering Materials for them. They will return once you can access the Lazarus Portal again.



Zombie PartZombie PartZombie PartZombie PartZombie Part

Once you have a total of FIVE Zombie Parts at least, you can go and tap on the Lazarus Portal and bring up the Portal Screen. What you see will depend on how many Zombie Parts you have.

If you do NOT have enough (at LEAST 5) you will see a Yellow Orange Button showing you will have to pay Clam59 Clams to try and “RESURRECT“. DO NOT TAP ON THE Clam59 CLAMS RESURRECT UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY Clam59 CLAMS!

59 Clam Resurrect

Lazarus Portal Not Enough Zombie Parts


If you have enough (FIVE each try), you will see the Green “RESURRECT” button. Tapping on the Green “RESURRECT” will use the 5 Zombie Parts you have collected each time you tap it until you do not have enough and it switches to Clam59 Clams again. So watch close WHAT you tap. GREEN IS GOOD! 😉

Green Resurrect

Lazarus Portal Enough Zombie Parts



For every 5 Zombie PartsZombie Part you spend, you have a CHANCE to win the following…

COMMON ITEMS (Varies by Player on what you will get)

Zombie1 Zombie

Zombie2 Zombies

Zombie10 Zombies

Zombie20 Zombies

Zombie25 Zombies

Zombie30 Zombies


RARE ITEMS (Varies by Player on which one you get first)

Loretta Young GhostLoretta Brown

Paddy TannigerPaddy Tanniger

New BrianNew Brian

Mr WeedUPDATE 9/19: Mr. Weed is showing up in many Players games in the Lazarus Portal. He was NOT supposed to be there… not in the game anyway… and not yet. So for those of you that DO see him… be careful trying to resurrect him and report any issues to TinyCo.

Mr. Weed in Lazarus Bashley



Once you tap on the “RESURRECT” button…

Green Resurrect

The screen will go to a Letterbox version showing off the Lazarus Portal. Lights spark up to the sky from it as something is being released.

Lazarus Resurrect Screen

Then a Pop Up Box will appear telling you just WHAT you Resurrected from the Lazarus Portal.

You Resurrected 10 Zombies

Tapping on “OKAY” brings that item(s) into your Quahog.



You Resurrected New Brian

If you happen to “RESURRECT” one of the 3 Ghosts, tap on “GO!”. Then they will immediately show up in the front corner of the Lazarus Portal with a Lock Symbol. Tapping on the Lock Symbol will show you all the items that Ghost Character will need in order to be completely Unlocked into your Quahog for use.

Paddy Tanniger Lazarus Portal

Here are what each Ghost Character will need to be Unlocked…

Loretta Young GhostLoretta Brown:

Dinosaur Skull30 Dinosaur Skull (Common): Jerome Play Darts OR Mayor West Launch Cats OR Brian Eat from the Garbage (NEW 8/1)
Bathtub4 Bathtubs (Extra Rare): Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath OR Seamus Emerge from the Shadows OR Cleveland Bathtime OR Barrington Hotel
Cricket Bat10 Cricket Bats (Uncommon): Quahog Playhouse OR Olivia’s Playhouse OR Quahog School of Performing Arts
Blue Earrings5 Blue Earrings (Rare): Speedo Quagmire Do a Special Dance OR Long John Peter Commandeer the Clam OR Sick Burn Crematorium


Paddy TannigerPaddy Tanniger: 

Golf Clubs14 Golf Clubs (ALWAYS): Dr Hartman Test Experimental Drugs OR Jerome Be a Superior Athlete OR Carter Make Money Angels

Anger Management Books20 Anger Management Books (Common): Joe Visit Gun Range OR James Wood High OR Quahog Public Library

Plaid Pants15 Plaid Pants (Uncommon): Rambo Lois Do Target Practice OR Connie Go Shopping OR Bonnie Bake Sale

Tank Helmet6 Tank Helmet (Rare): Mayor West Visit Vinny OR Anime Peter Roll Over Children OR Sick Burn Crematorium


New BrianNew Brian: 

Teddy Bear Rupert10 Teddy Bears (ALWAYS): Carter Spit Out Plebeian Scotch OR Mayor West Hide Out OR Modern Mausoleum
Neck Scarf12 Neck Scarfs (Rare): Stewie Travel Through Time OR Brian Do the Scoot OR Doggy Neckerchief Emporium
Microphone15 Microphones (Common): Meg Shave Facial Stubble OR  Founding Father OR Quahog Dog Park
Flute5 Flutes (Rare):  Peter Dance the Ultra Shipoopi OR Dr. Hartman Test Anesthesia OR Sick Burn Creamatorium



We will have more details on the Ghost Characters Profiles and Questlines in a separate post,  but in the meantime here are some Basic Stats.

Ghost Loretta Brown

Ghost Character: Loretta Brown
Voiced: Not Currently (Voice is coming)
Tasks: Yes. 8 Total, 2 Visual
Questline: Yes. Downtown Loretta Brown
Additional Items Won: You will find these in your Inventory once the game lets you know you Unlocked them via Questline.

Quahog Sanitarium Hospital SkinQuahog Sanitarium (Hospital Building Skin)

Loretta Brown GraveLoretta’s Grave (Decoration)


Ghost Paddy Tanniger

Ghost Character: Paddy Tanniger
Voiced: Not Currently (Voice is coming)
Tasks: Yes. 6 Total, 2 Visual
Questline: Yes. Wanna Fight About It? 
Additional ItemsYou will find these in your Inventory once the game lets you know you Unlocked them via Questline.

Southern Fried Founding FatherSouthern Fried Father (Founding Father Skin)

Paddy Tanniger GravePaddy Tanniger’s Grave (Decoration)


Ghost New Brian

Ghost Character: New Brian
Voiced: Not Currently (Voice is coming) Now voiced
Tasks: Yes. 9 Total, 2 Visual
Questline: Yes. New Brian, Old Tricks
Additional ItemsYou will find these in your Inventory once the game lets you know you Unlocked them via Questline.

New Brian GraveNew Brian’s Grave (Decoration)



You will have to completely Unlock the Ghost Character you “RESURRECTED” before you can make anymore attempts on the Lazarus Portal. In short, the Lazarus Portal will not be accessible until that Ghost is completely unlocked and walking your Quahog Streets. Tapping on the Portal will only give you this message with the Character Icon of the Ghost you are currently working on.

Don't Disturb the Spirits Loretta Brown

Once the Ghost is Unlocked, you can go back to trying Resurrections again.

Lazarus Portal Open Again



If you Resurrect one of the Multiple possibilities of Zombies (1, 2, 10, 20, 25, 30) you will see a Pop Up telling you just how many you Resurrected.

You Resurrected One Zombie

You Resurrected Thirty Zombies

Tapping on “OKAY” will bring them into your Quahog and they will start to wander your streets. So go tap them and get the Zombie Parts and repeat.

Zombies on the Quahog Streets

Remember you can have up to 100 Zombies roaming, so stop when you get close and clear some before using up the Zombie Parts in the Portal.

Zombie Horde



Here are the Basic Steps for using the Lazarus Portal…

  1. Unlock District 11
  2. Unlock the Land by the Lazarus Portal
  3. Unlock the Lazarus Portal
  4. Unlock Madame Claude
  5. Tap on Zombies to get 1 Zombie Part from each
  6. Collect at least 5 Zombie Parts
  7. Go to the Portal with 5 Zombie Parts, and “Resurrect” the dead. (Zombies or a Ghost.)
  8. Collect Materials for Resurrected Ghost
  9. Go back to tapping Zombie and trying to get all Ghosts.

Zombies go away for good when you get the last of the 3 Ghosts Resurrected.


There you have it. The Basic use of the Lazarus Portal. What do you think of Lazarus Portal? How many times have you attempted a Resurrection? Did you get any Ghosts yet? If so, which one? How many tries did it take? Let us know.


114 responses to “Graveyard District 101- Lazarus Portal

  1. I just want new Brian


  2. I hate this stupid portal. Stolen all my dead zombie meat and gives me nothing but 1 or 2 zombies in return IF I’m lucky. I usually just end up getting 1 zombie. Not unlocked a single ghost. Stupid portal is broken.


  3. Hi Bunny,

    I have resurrected all of the ghosts. Does this mean there are no more quests or characters other than in special events?


  4. I just resurrected mr weeds??
    So serious thou.


  5. I’m having the same issue and sent them the info from in game. They responded that it’s a known issue that they are working on. I have 2 ghosts left and haven’t had a zombie since the prehistoric event ended. I tried to spend clams to resurrect and got two zombies that never showed up 😦
    Sure hope they fix it soon


  6. I have the same issue, I resurrected one ghost completely no zombies since, it says I must complete quests to unlock this feature when i click on the zombie parts info icon. I think its a glitch, as no more quests with my ghost character and still no zombies? 😦


  7. I’m having a problem. I’ve unlocked the portal and Madame Claude. I had 12 zombies spawn. I tapped them and got 12 parts. Used them on the portal and didn’t get anything. I haven’t had any new zombies spawn. I already unlocked mr weed during the Halloween 2014 event, so he’s ticked on the portal menu. I literally haven’t had any since I tapped all my zombies. Help!


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