Hey there Guise and Ghouls!

Having fun yet with the Graveyard addition to the game? Well, just like TinyCo… MORE is always better. 😉

We now have even MORE EVIL added into our towns courtesy of another Mini Evil Week Event. This one is timed.


Satan Pop Up

Back with more Evil details in just a bit….


Retep's HouseRetep’s House w/Retep: $250, Build Time 1hr, $60 & 40XP every 12hrs, Chance Anti-CoinAnti-Coin

Tiny Tots SweatshopTiny Tots Sweatshop w/Evil Stewie: $300, Build Time 4hrs, $60 & 40XP every 12hrs, Chance Anti-CoinAnti-Coin

Sober OysterThe Sober Oyster: $250, Build Time 2hrs, $60 & 40XP every 12hrs, Chance Anti-CoinAnti-Coin

McVeggie TownMcVeggie Town: $250, Build Time 12hrs, $60 & 40XP every 12hrs, Chance Anti-CoinAnti-Coin

Channel Negative 5 NewsChannel Negative 5 News Building: $12500, Build Time 16hrs, $45 & 40XP every 8hrs

Ugly People's ClubQuahog Ugly People’s Club: $1000, 4hrs Build Time, $60 & 40XP every 12hrs


Church Of SatanChurch of Satan: 12 Anti-CoinsAnti-Coin, Build Time 1hr, $55 & 35 every 10hrs

Evil Swanson HouseEvil Swanson House: 6 Anti-CoinsAnti-Coin, Build Time 4hrs, $70 & 45XP every 16hrs

The Shaved NunneryThe Shaved Nunnery: 8 Anti-CoinsAnti-Coin, Build Time 4hrs, $30 & 20XP every 4hrs


Alternative Healing HospitalAlternative Healing Hospital: 225 ClamsClam Icon, $40 & 25XP every 6hrs

HellmouthHellmouth w/Satan: 175 ClamsClam Icon, $70 & 45XP every 16hrs

Bank of the Dark LordThe Bank of the Dark Lord: 150 ClamsClam Icon, $30 & 20XP every 4hrs, ALWAYS Anti-CoinAnti-Coin



Defaced Stewie BillboardDefaced Stewie Billboard: $125

Satan's BBQ RoastSatan’s BBQ Roast: $666

Satanic AltarSatanic Altar: $666

Welcome to Evil Quahog SignWelcome to Evil Quahog Sign: $100


Evil Stewie FlowerEvil Stewie Flower: 5 ClamsClam Icon

Vegetable TreeVegetable Tree: 45 ClamsClam Icon

RetepCopterRetepCopter: 125 ClamsClam Icon

HindenRetepHindenRetep: 200 ClamsClam Icon

Frozen ChickenFrozen Chicken: 10 ClamsClam Icon

ATM From HellThe ATM from Hell: 15 ClamsClam Icon


Upscale Hillbilly ATMUpscale Hillbilly ATM: 2 Anti-CoinsAnti-Coin

Defaced Brian BillboardDefaced Brian Billboard: 4 Anti-CoinsAnti-Coin





Love Letters to Meg3 Love Notes to Meg (Rare): Quagmire Drink at the Clam OR Joe Investigate Source of Prank Calls OR Satan Doggie Hell OR Quahog Ugly People’s Club

Razor Blade8 Razor Blades (Uncommon): Mort Swallow Jewels OR Quahog Mini-Mart

Shirley Temple12 Shirley Temples (Common): Jerome Host Happy Hour OR Founding Father OR Drunken Clam

Anti-Coin5 Anti-Coins (Rare): Sober Oyster OR McVeggietown OR Tiny Tots Sweatshop OR Retep’s House OR Bank of the Dark Lord


Evil StewieEvil Stewie


Machete6 Machetes (Common): Chris Get Easily Smitten With Girls OR Herbert Buy Extra-Drousy Cough Syrup OR Lois Shoplift

Yellow Contact Lenses3 Yellow Contact Lenses (Uncommon): Bruce Fret in Line OR Satan Party with Super Devil OR Jerome Trade Baseball Cards

Demonic Hymnal9 Demonic Hymnal (Uncommon): Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs OR Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets OR Quahog National Bank

Anti-Coin8 Anti-Coin (Rare): Sober Oyster OR McVeggietown OR Tiny Tots Sweatshop OR Retep’s House OR Bank of the Dark Lord


Satan 1Satan: 175 ClamsClam Icon



Peter will kick this off as usual…


Pt 1: Place Welcome to Evil Quahog Sign & Peter Spot his Doppleganger (30s)

Pt. 2: Place Retep’s House & Collect from Retep’s House (x2) & Peter Watch Val Kilmer Flicks (10hrs)

Pt. 3 Place Defaced Stewie Billboard & Peter Hang Out at the Clam (1hr)


There you have it, the Evil Goodies just added to our game.

What do you think of it all so far? Enjoying the Spooky Summer Theme going on? What did you pick up already? Let us know.


97 responses to “EVIL WEEK IS HERE! MUHAHAHAHA!!

  1. Grrr!

    What’s with the not having an indicator of how many anti-coins we have?


  2. Yea can’t seem to get any anticoins what a bust 😢


  3. The anti coins don’t seem to be dropping. I’ve harvested all 4 freemium buildings twice (they take 12 hours) and gotten none.


  4. theguynamedsam

    If You want to get Evil Stewie faster then keep building banks they’re not unique plus their build time is 2 hrs shorter than the 8hrs tasks to get the books butwhen you build a new building I think the chances of the item you want dropping are an always so it’s worth doing.


  5. just unlock the Retep from my game about 15 min ago, without any help from the Clams


  6. About $40,000 disappeared from my game. What’s up with that????


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