Hybrid Babies Leaving TODAY!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing by to remind you that the Hybrid Babies Mini Event is leaving our Quahog’s today.


Say Goodbye to Hybrids

With the Hybrid Babies Event going all of the Characters, Buildings, and Decorations that were included with it will go too. So take a peek at the items, and make sure you picked up everything you wanted BEFORE 3PM Pacific. I would suggest to not wait until the last minute to do so.


Last Chance Animal ShelterLast Chance Animal Shelter: $600

Chip's Tiny Tennis CourtChip Griffin w/Chip Griffin’s Tiny Tennis Court: $2000

Swole Dog GymSwole Dog Gym: $1000

Quahog Baby StopQuahog Baby Stop: $300

Obedience SchoolBad Dog Obedience School: $3000

Chip's HouseChip’s House: (And this house is REALLY tiny) 80 ClamsClam Icon

Baby Maker 5000Baby Maker 5000: 50 ClamsClam Icon



Ye Old Abortion ClinicYe Olde Abortion Clinic: 30 Tennis BallsTennis Ball

It's a Dog! BalloonsIt’s a Dog! Balloons: 15 Tennis BallsTennis Ball

Maternity Awareness BillBoardMaternity Awareness Billboard: 60 Tennis BallsTennis Ball

Dumpster BabyProm Night Dumpster Baby: 20 ClamsClam Icon

Lake BasuraLake Basura: 15 ClamsClam Icon

Automatic Beer BlasterAutomatic Beer Blaster: $750

Poop Scooping DogPoop Scooping Dog: $1300



Teen Mom StewieTeen Mom Stewie (Character Costume): 150 ClamsClam Icon

Hybrid Baby 1Jack: 60 ClamsClam Icon

Chip HappyChip Griffin: Collect Materials to create

Hybrid Baby 2Finn: Collect Materials to create


Main Questlines linked to the Event usually go with the Event, so if you wanted to complete any of the “Attack of the Hybrids” you will want to do it before 3PM.

Alternate Questlines may stick around after. Still waiting on clarification which ones will continue beyond the Event.

UPDATE: Per TinyCo… the Alternate Questlines should stay. 

There you have it. Some items that dropped into our games for a short lil while are now leaving.

Did you pick up all the items you wanted? Any your favorite? Any you are still working on? Let us know.


52 responses to “Hybrid Babies Leaving TODAY!!

  1. I think mine are gone. Seems like since Finn’s quest line ended and Chip’s was over, the hybrids disappeared. I could be wrong though.


  2. As of 11:30 Central Time, I too keep getting the annoyingly adorable little s**ts . I haven’t tested my theory yet, but since I have the Babymaker5000 still in place, I think that’s why I keep having the snuggly little beasts appear…by the way, I love mutations and variants


  3. I still have hybrid babies roaming my streets (more than during the actually event which is irratating) do you know when they will be gone. I keeping tapping them and more keeping showing up.

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  4. Is anyone else still seeing the tappable hybrids? They are still signing in my game and it is a little annoying considering the event is done and I have no need for the small amount of coins they drop…

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  5. Anybody Else Haus still Hybrid Babies wandering around. They still appear though I am in evil Werk already.

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  6. I’m still spawning hybrids even though the event ended and I’ve begun the new event. Is this happening to anyone else?

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  7. My next mini event has started and I am collecting for Evil Stewie and Retep but I still have hybrid babies wandering about…I thought that finished on 30th?

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  8. I am still getting hybrids.

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  9. I have cleared the hybrids 3 times since the event ended and they keep respawning. :).

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  10. The Problem Child

    And the next mini Event has started.


  11. jade77payne@gmail.com

    Can anyone please help? My game froze up and I was having a lot of issues, so I deleted the game and reinstalled. Now when i try to log in to Facebook through the game, it wont let me! I don’t know how to contact tiny co and I have zero access to my game that I’ve spent the last year playing! I’m curious. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


  12. I bought the building that Finn comes with, for 60 clams and was not able to unlock him before the end of the event and he disappeared, this seems like a scam.

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  13. Ugh! I was one item away from getting Fin and I spaced playing until a few minutes ago and missed out! 😦 oh well at least I got Jack. I loved the hybrids! So cute!

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  14. Do I lose chip if I don’t unlock him?


  15. I enjoyed the event, super chill and relaxing, the clam purchases were reasonable plus I really enjoyed this episode of family guy.

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  16. I got to say I enjoyed this event. Everything was super achievable which made it FUN again. Clams to spend were a great option, being super critical I feel that the Stewie skin was a bit borderline in price, if it was 100 clams would have been an impulse buy, 150 clams had me really thinking before a pass.
    Felt good to pass on a quick note to TinyCo in appreciation, hope this is a sign of things to come.

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  17. I’d just like to say that I really appreciated the Clam price points over this event. Honestly, paying more than $5 for an animated sprite on a cell phone game is just not worth it to me, and so I pass on a lot of premium stuff. But, if I can stretch that $5 over multiple characters/decos/whatever, I’m much more inclined to throw a few bucks at the game now and then. Especially considering how Clams are so few and far between for a lot of us, having something nice under 100 Clams makes it seem less hopeless compared to the 450 Clam characters.

    Unrelated question: did you ever get any answer from TinyCo in regards to the size of the Corleone Mansion?


    • I also found Jack to be a really good price point. Hope to see more like that. 😉

      I did not. I keep harassing…. err… bugging them about it and many other “mini Buildings”. I am hoping they can do an across the board resize of ALL of them to make them more fit with one another… but that will take some time and a lot of changes. 😉


  18. Where’s the update for iOS 9? Tinyco released an update last week in the App Store but that didn’t fix it.


    • iOS is still BETA… it is gonna be a bit… per Matt @ TinyCo “as soon as we can get it out we will”. He suggests rolling your device back to the 8 version if possible.


      • But I don’t want to do that just for the game. It’s ok, they won’t get another user playing for a while then or many who are on iOS 9. One thing that they said and you said in a post that they will soon and they never do. It’s alright.


        • Like I said, iOS 9 is in BETA… therefore not stable. So even if they make a patch, it wouldn’t hold. Just like their BETA version of Facebook for this game. Some can play it, the rest can’t until it is fully compatible. It’s the downside of ANY BETA option. Those that do not own the product are not really able to do much until the actual full programming is available to everyone.

          Testing is that, just testing. You need stability to make something work properly. But… if it’s not worth it to you to play your game, that’s your choice. But this has nothing to do with TinyCo. They do not own or operate Apple and therefore have no control on their testing of their own personal systems. 😉


          • IMO, Apple releasing public betas of new iOS versions should be even more of an incentive for third party app developers to push out fixes for show-stopping bugs sooner. It’s not as if they don’t already have access to all the developer betas from the get-go, which would expose these bugs in third-party apps much sooner.

            Case in point: Facebook’s app crashed for me in iOS 9 every time I went to view Most Recent articles in my News Feed. Within a week they pushed out an update which moved Most Recent somewhere else, and bingo, no more crashes. Everything to do with the app, not the underlying OS.


  19. ashleystar333

    Know it’s a long shot but any chance if we don’t tap all our hybrid babies they’ll be left to roam our towns?


  20. Is there any chance if we don’t tap on all the hybrid babies that they’ll stay walking around?


  21. Do I lose the obedience school if I don’t get Finn? Gonna run out of time, I’m afraid.


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